The design of black nails: ideas, combination and technology. Black and white nail design

A good manicure can tell a lot about its owner. As well as his absence or irrelevance. Therefore, many girls pay special attention to their nails. The design of black nails can also be beautiful, appropriate, stylish and fashionable. And most importantly, you can do it yourself!

Is black appropriate

Many girls refuse black lacquer, because it is too provocative. But with the right frame and pitch, it becomes not only appropriate, but also a wonderful addition to the image of a businesslike, playful or romantic lady. The design of black nails can be made in a variety of technologies. And in this the fantasy is important - it first of all.

Starry sky

Quite good design of nails. Black with gold or silver - this combination is in great demand among girls. And if everything is done correctly, the result is really enchanting. So, for example, you can paint marigolds the same way as in the photo below. This requires only two varnishes - black and silver (or gold, at the discretion), as well as the basis for manicure and a fixer for it.

First, the nail plates are covered with a transparent base, which usually dries very quickly. After that, a black lacquer is applied. If he strips and does not lie flat, you need to repeat the manipulation. After it dries, a brilliant silver or golden lacquer is applied to the selected nails. In this case, the cuticle should be denser than the free edge. Such a design in black will be appropriate on holidays and on weekdays. It gives the image brightness and a twist. Naturally ready manicure is covered with a fixer to last longer.

Water manicure

This method is known to many, because it gives a really unexpected and original result. And especially beautiful black-and-white design of nails. To perform, you will definitely need warm water in the tank, a greasy cream and a needle. And, of course, two varnishes - black and white. They drip drop by drop into the water. First one color, then the other. After this, using a needle, the varnishes are stretched into an unusual pattern. It is important not to tear the picture, otherwise the manicure will not work. On the cuticle and side rollers, a fat cream is applied, and the marigolds are launched into the container neatly under the pattern, after which they are removed together with it. Surplus varnish is quickly removed from the skin. Thanks to the cream, he does not have time to absorb it. Black and white nail design is ready! The procedure is performed on all nails in turn.

Thematic pattern

Not so terrible look nails black. Gel (the design in this case is just as simple as using a conventional varnish) is also quite in demand when doing a manicure. However, the lacquer version is still more familiar to most girls, since it is more common. And the varnish dries easier, than gel or gel-varnish, in house conditions. If you draw on nails too hard, and the patterns do not turn out even and neat, you can resort to a little trick. Namely to the use of stickers for nail art. For design, you will need: black and white lacquers, sliders, fixer and base.

First the base is applied. This is the basis of the fundamentals in manicure and an indisputable rule. Then on all marigolds, except for one, put a black varnish. The chosen color (most often anonymous) is white. After completely drying on the middle finger, it is possible to apply a frosted fixing coating, if desired. This will make the design of black nails even more interesting and original. On the white dried lacquer paste stickers with the chosen pattern. Most often it is thematic. For example, in the form of a treble clef and notes, in the form of a kitty and an imprint of paws or in any other style. Ready manicure must be fixed.

Execution with gel-varnish or gel

These technologies, as a rule, are similar, as the materials dry solely in the rays of the ultraviolet lamp. However, their use is not much different from the usual method. To get a beautiful nail design with a black gel-varnish, you will need:

  • Black gel-varnish;
  • White gel-varnish;
  • Thin brush for drawing;
  • Fixer (top);
  • Base coat for gel-varnish;
  • Ultraviolet lamp;
  • cuticle oil.

Pre-marigolds are prepared. Most often this involves removing or moving away the cuticle, cutting the free edge to the desired shape, a small grinding of the nail plates. After all is prepared, the base coat is applied - as thin as possible so that it can dry out faster in the rays of the ultraviolet lamp. After drying, the nails are stained with a black gel-varnish. With him, too, it is better not to be too zealous, because the material of a dark shade itself dries for a long time, and a dense layer - even longer. There are cases when a black gel gel even foams and baked in the rays of an ultraviolet lamp in just a few seconds. Therefore, the layers must be as thin as possible. Let them be better than a few.

Drawing a Pattern

When the main black color dries, you can start creating a design. A fine brush is drawn with a white gel-varnish pattern. For example, curved lines, as in the photo above, or any other drawing. It is worth remembering that the vertical strips visually make the nails longer and slimmer, and the horizontal ones - wider and thicker. The pattern with a gel-varnish is applied simply: first one element is drawn, it is dried in an ultraviolet lamp (5-10 seconds), so that the material "grabs" and is not smeared. Then the second, third and subsequent elements are applied, using the same technology. Completely the picture is dried when it is completely ready. The design is covered with a top in a thin layer, which is also dried in a UV lamp. On the cuticle and lateral rollers, apply nutrient oil, carefully rub in circular motions. Manicure is ready!

Variety of designs

There is a huge variety of all kinds of nail art. And choose among them some one - very difficult. But it is worth remembering that the design of black nails looks especially effective on a French manicure. To make it simple, because it differs from the classical only in color: instead of the white free edge, it is black. For a change, you can decorate the jacket area with a pattern or a simple painting. A vivid example is the photo below. To make the smile line look more elegant and neat, draw it better with a fine brush, and do not cover the nail bed with any camouflage varnish (beige, pink or natural). So the lines will be more even. For those who do not know how to work with a fine brush, you should pay attention to the finished strips for the French manicure, which are easy to use. The ready jacket is always covered with a fixer. The design of nails in black in this technology is stylish, fashionable, practical.

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