The "Clever" greenhouse with a recoiling roof is a modern vegetable growing and floriculture

There is a huge variety of types of greenhouses. They are equipped not only in regions with cold climatic conditions. Vegetable growers in warm areas use protective structures to produce early crops. Modern heated greenhouses can provide not only families, whole regions with fresh vegetables all year round. Particular attention is drawn to the design, which today can be called innovative, it is a greenhouse "Clever" with a recoiling roof.

Advantages of the greenhouse sliding roof

The main problems of growing plants in a greenhouse occur in the winter. Constructions require special attention, since moisture accumulates on the surface of the structure, which, with decreasing temperature, forms an ice crust. Snowfall adds to the hassle: constant cleaning of the roof during the cold period and restoration in the warm season. As a consequence - the search for mobile structures that can protect the greenhouse.

The "Clever" greenhouse with a recoiling roof is solved by many winter problems. Unique properties of the construction, plus modern high-quality materials, a simple assembly procedure represent huge advantages to the structure.

New Design Features

Of all the listed technical characteristics, a multifunctional scheme of the greenhouse works:

  • The possibility of regulating the temperature regime inside the protective device by accessing fresh external air flows at any time of the year.
  • Additional natural lighting contributes to a good growth of plantings, since the greenhouse consists of a minimum of details: its main element is the transparent film stretched on the structure.
  • Elimination of snow loads on the surface of the sliding roof.
  • In winter time, in empty greenhouses, the rolling roof is left open, allowing the accumulation of snow in them, the melting of which in spring provides seedlings with melt water.

  • Manufacturing of the greenhouse contour from the metal profile pipe, one of the modern types of building material. The pipes are completely galvanized, which excludes their corrosion and determines a long service life.
  • The availability of self-assembly without the involvement of specialists and additional workers, the possibility of ventilating the greenhouse in the process of growing plants.

Representation of a greenhouse with a sliding roof

The latest models of greenhouses with sliding roofs have characteristics of high strength and reliability, thanks to the introduction of an additional processing procedure in the wind tunnel at a speed of 30 m / s.

The device, which is currently manufactured, is manufactured by the Metal Service plant. Greenhouse "Nurse" with a recoiling roof has become indispensable for vegetable growers and florists not only in the Siberian regions. It is popular everywhere thanks to a unique design that allows the amateur to spend no more than four hours to assemble it.

The "Clever" greenhouse with a recoiling roof differs in appearance as a fragile structure, but the use of high-quality shaped pipes made of the best steel grades gives the product a unique strength. The use for the coating of cellular polycarbonate cloth increases the reliability and strength of the overall design.

A feature of the construction of the greenhouse is the shape of the roof. The outline of the arc was the best solution, increasing the resistance to wind and snow. The cellular structure of polycarbonate complements the uniqueness of the design.

Characteristics of the greenhouse device to users

Greenhouse "Nurse" has won recognition of vegetable growers and continues to be used in garden areas. Its latest, more advanced modification entered the trade network in early 2015. The broad demand for this device is still explained by the merits of its predecessor. Nevertheless, the greenhouse "Clever" with a recoiling roof (reviews confirm its advantages) has the following advantages:

  • Quality construction material.
  • A clear assembly instruction that allows you to build without expert supervision.
  • Easy control of fully opening recoiling roof.
  • Creating conditions for planting in early spring in moist soil.
  • Effective supply of plants with fresh air as a result of ventilation.

  • Access to the greenhouse of summer rains, affects the plants: natural conditions cause their rapid growth and development.

Opinion of experienced growers

Despite the improvement of the design, the addition of protective characteristics: the steel pipes of this model are covered with a polymer film, which protects the device from the damaging effects of ultraviolet radiation, is acceptable at the cost of the "Clever" greenhouse with a recoiling roof. The price was more affordable than the cost of Dutch brands due to the research of Siberian designers.

The cost of the greenhouse "Nurse" 4 meters long, in the design of the ends of which there are two doors and two windows, the device for adjusting the position of the roof and a polycarbonate shell with a thickness of 4 mm, is 22,850 rubles. The price of a six meter device is 30,800 rubles.

The prospect of increasing the area of the structure in the process of use proves to be superfluous, according to users. Often happens that seedlings when diving is greater, in addition, there are proposals for new interesting varieties.

Attracts users and the careful attitude of the plant to its reputation: when defects appear, even with obvious errors of the vegetable grower, the manufacturer replaces the damaged design of the new one.

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