The car "Suzuki Splash". Model overview

The car Suzuki Splash conquered Europe. Frankly, even manufacturers did not expect this from a small model. A viable subcompact was also in demand among Japanese buyers. Using the popularity of a miniature hatchback, the corporation decided not to waste time and update the car "Suzuki Splash".

Splash-2012 and design changes

New from Suzuki Splash 2012 has undergone noticeable changes in the design and exterior of the body. The hatchback acquired a new bumper, a radiator grille of an updated form and lateral extended fog lights. The rear of the car has changed insignificantly. She bought a decorative grille on the bumper and a modified graphics of the rear side lights. The hatchback "Suzuki Splash" is essentially a compact city car, created as a result of the joint work of the Japanese company and the corporation Opel, which already had experience in producing a similar model called Agila.


The Suzuki Splash model can be equipped with a three-cylinder one-liter or four-cylinder engine with a capacity of 1.2 liters. Enumerate the dignity of the new family car can be long, but if you focus on the main, it is worth noting the following: bright design, modern style, compact size, high comfort, ease of management, safety, economy and, of course, Japanese quality. All these advantages and affordable cost are embodied in the compact stylish city car Suzuki Splash. The acquisition of the youth model will not significantly affect the budget of the middle class. "Splash" - that's how Splash is translated from English. The name given to the "small car", quite corresponds to the temperament of the car, which is able to surprise not only with a memorable appearance, but also with its childishly serious character. The car excellently showed itself on the road - it's a maneuverable and obedient model.

Power plants

The car "Suzuki Splash" is equipped with engines of its own design. Manufacturers managed to balance the fuel efficiency and power in small-displacement units. As a result, the developers achieved compliance of the unit with Euro-4 standards. The one-liter "Splash" engine consumes 5 liters of fuel per 100 km of mileage, and a four-cylinder 1.2 liter engine will spend slightly more than 5.9 liters.


The engines of the new Suzuki Splash car work in pairs with both a mechanical five- speed transmission and a four-speed automatic transmission. The small car has one more feature - shock absorbers. Specific adjustment of this mechanism ensures softness and smoothness of the machine's motion, creates a feeling of sliding along an even and smooth surface. Before the developers of "Suzuki Splash" in creating the model 2012-2013 was a difficult task. They had to get a youth model with an outstanding appearance, but at the same time the car should be easily managed in a modern metropolis. These ideas could not be better embodied in the "Suzuki Splash". Comments of many motorists who became owners of the mentioned small car show that the developers have successfully coped with the task.

Parameters of novelty

The car "Suzuki Splash", the dimensions of which allow parking in the very tightest of stops, is surprisingly compact. The length of the model is 3.7 m, height - 1.59 m. In the car interior will be comfortable for a person of any growth. One and a half meter high and unusual design Do not degrade the aerodynamic characteristics of the model. Mini-MPV with 0.32 coefficients of resistance has a stable dynamics. This affects the economy of the machine. The high fit of the driver allows him to have good visibility.

Compact external dimensions slightly affected the interior and comfort, which, however, still remained at the proper level, and not least thanks to the transformable interior. Folding rear seat provides an increase in the volume of the trunk. Free space is enough to be able to easily put a baby carriage inside the "Suzuki Splash". The owners' testimonies also testify that the available compartments in the luggage compartment are convenient for accommodating various trifles, which is so necessary in the way.

Cost Novelties

The predecessor of Suzuki Splash to Russia was delivered in one complete set, with the four-liter engine capacity of 86 l. from. And a volume of 1.2 liters, combined with a four-speed automatic transmission. Suzuki Splash car, technical specifications Which was arranged by Russians in all respects, was sold for 555 thousand rubles. In July 2012, the sale of the modified model started at a reduced price (the cost was reduced by 40,000 rubles). The situation, when the restyling option is cheaper than the previous model, is very unconventional, and yet this happens. In 2012, the Russian market changed Suzuki Splash car with five-speed manual transmission was offered for 515 000 rubles. With the automatic box the model was available for 545,000 rubles. Suzuki Splash, which has a bright design, good maneuverability and excellent handling, as well as high technical characteristics and economy, is the ideal vehicle for traveling through narrow streets. The renewed Suzuki Splash city compact car is the best solution for young people who are demanding and vital, preferring a maneuverable and yet economical car.

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