Thailand in December: description, reviews of tourists about the rest

Where do the people of Russia and Europe go to rest in the cold season? That's right, one of the most popular destinations is the Kingdom of Thailand. It is a country with a unique and distinctive culture and color, pleasing with a pleasant climate. Winter here is not just warm, but really hot. That's why many of our compatriots and Europeans believe that Thailand in December is an ideal place for an exotic vacation.

Tourist season

The greatest number of tourists come to the resorts of Thailand in the winter months. From November to February in this country the minimum amount of precipitation falls, and the sun shines brightly enough. The temperature of air and water allows you to enjoy bathing and get a natural tan. A trip to Thailand in December can be a real adventure. In the first month of winter, one should not go only to the island of Koh Samui, since the local climate is characterized by heavy rainfall during this period.

December weather forecast

The average daily temperature in the coastal resorts of Thailand for December is +32 degrees. At night here it is quite comfortable - about +20 degrees. In December the sea is warm, the water temperature is +23 degrees. Do not be afraid to go on vacation during the dry season - on the coast the air humidity is moderate due to winds blowing from the sea. It is not necessary to wait for rains at the beginning of winter. For a large territory of Thailand in December, there are rare and short-term precipitation. Attention: many regions of the country are considered to be earthquake-prone. During the rest in such places do not lose vigilance and necessarily learn the signs of the beginning of the earthquake and the rules of behavior in such an emergency.

Popular resorts

A lot of incredibly picturesque places invite to rest those who decided to visit the Kingdom of Thailand in December. Pattaya, Phuket, Bangkok and many other cities and paradise islands await vacationers. Significant popularity as a place for winter holidays this country is gaining, but despite this fact, the tourist infrastructure here is quite developed. Throughout the coast are spread hotels of various classes and levels of service. During the tourist season, excursions to local attractions are offered. Thailand in December is a hot resort on the coast and entertainment for every taste.

What to do during your vacation?

Holiday in Thailand in December will not be boring. On the coast at this time is boiling resort life - with noisy parties until the morning and saturated with a daily program. The weather in the first month of winter has to visit various excursions. In many areas, diving and boat trips are offered. As for attractions, they are enough throughout Thailand. Resting in any corner of this exotic country, you can see something interesting and unusual. Many tourists like trips to local reserves, where you can admire the virgin rainforests and fully appreciate the diversity and richness of flora and fauna. During the rest do not forget to pay attention to the local cuisine, try new dishes and drinks for yourself.

New Year in Thailand

With Russian tourists, this direction is very popular in the New Year due to the long weekend and winter school holidays. Many plan their vacation in such a way that during it to celebrate the coming of the new year. A trip to Thailand at the end of December will be more expensive than at any other time, but believe that it's worth it. In hotels and shopping centers you can see dressed up artificial Christmas trees, and plenty of them, after admiring, return to sunbathing on the beach. On New Year's Eve many restaurants will please guests with themed show programs with the participation of Father Frost and Snow Maiden. This is the case when you do not have to choose between tradition and exoticism. In Thailand, successfully combines both. Transformed into the New Year Bangkok - no matter how strange it may sound, but the main night of the year is most interesting to meet on the street. From midnight until the morning in the Thai capital, fireworks and traditional flashlights are launched. The local population demonstrates incredible hospitality - everyone congratulates each other and treats to drinks and snacks. On the streets of Bangkok on New Year's Eve it is impossible to feel lonely, even if you do not know the language at all. Tourists point out that such a celebration of the holiday is remembered for life.

Celebrations of December

In the first winter month, residents of Thailand celebrate some public holidays. The most important of them are: Birthday of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adunyadet and Constitution Day. If you are going to rest in the Kingdom of Thailand in early December, you have every chance to get to the main events held on this occasion. The program includes a military parade, musical concerts, mass festivities and fireworks. If you are more interested in folk and informal holidays, it makes sense to visit the Day of the city of Ayutthaya. Once upon a time there was the capital of the ancient state of Siam. Today the country has the official name of Thailand, the capital was moved to another city for a long time, but ancient fortresses and other historical sights remained in Ayutthaya. The city's day here is marked by lush fairs, folk dances, hymns and other interesting events.

Memo for tourists

If you decide to visit Thailand in December, warm things to put in a suitcase is not worth it. In their place is more useful to put sunscreen cosmetics. In order for your vacation to pass without incident, always watch your things (especially for money and documents), and also wash fruits and vegetables, try to eat only in respectable restaurants. Local cuisine is quite unusual for Russian and European tourists, so do not try to try everything, but choose the simplest dishes. Many cafes and restaurants work specifically for holidaymakers and offer menus from Europe. Thailand in December is a popular tourist destination. The cost of tours (as well as separate tickets and hotel accommodation) is quite high. Exception - last minute vouchers or bought during pre-sale in advance. If you have an opportunity to relax inexpensively, check in detail all the proposed conditions.

Reviews of tourists

What do the travelers themselves say about the winter holidays in Thailand? Virtually everyone who managed to escape at least once from Russian winter to a tropical paradise, are satisfied. A trip to an exotic country is always interesting, and those who fly away from blizzards and cold winds are twice as pleased with the holiday. Bribes the tourists of the Kingdom of Thailand with its unusual: local traditions and culture, a variety of excursions - from visiting ancient fortresses and temples to trips to crocodile farms and elephant walks. Pleases holidaymakers and local beach holidays: a clean warm sea, comfortable beaches, developed infrastructure.

Those travelers who traveled to Thailand in December, reviews do not always leave positive. Some tourists remain unhappy with the service in hotels or the quality of rooms, others complain about too high prices and obvious deception with excursion service. Someone "is lucky" during the rest to experience all the "delights" of food poisoning or even become a victim of scammers. In order for a vacation to pass without such troubles, one should always be alert, avoid dubious activities and suspicious people. As they say, an exotic country is exotic for that, when you come to rest, you never know what to expect. However, observing the elementary rules of personal safety, you protect yourself from all sorts of incidents. Have a nice rest!

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