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Teulis (theater of shadows): about the theater, show programs, reviews

Teulis is a shadow theater, which is known all over the world. The performances of this collective combine dramatic art, acrobatics, video projections and optical illusions. Teulis is the finalist of the show "Minute of Fame". Artists touring around the world.

About the theater

Teulis - a theater of shadows, which are subject to miracles. His performances shock the audience around the world. Actors go behind a translucent screen, and magic begins: dark shapes change in size, are transformed into animals and various objects. This theater proves that with the help of the human body it is possible to realize absolutely any fantasies.

"Theulis" exists since 2010. Its leader and creator - Roman Sokolov - an experienced person in the entertainment industry. For a long time he wanted to express himself in some creative direction, and he was looking for a suitable genre. And in 2010 the idea to create a shadow theater was born. The troupe gathered acrobats, dancers, representatives of circus genres. Many forces and sweat were invested in the creation of the theater, and the leaders, directors, and artists of this genre studied themselves.


Teulis (shadow theater) are people who go hand in hand with creativity all their lives, but do not necessarily have a special education.


  • David Sargsyan
  • Dasha Lee
  • Roman Sokolov
  • Victoria Galaktionova
  • Alexey Kolyada
  • Stanislav Mirnyi
  • Yury Lavrenov
  • Olga Bukreeva

and others.

Show Theater

Teulis (Shadow Theater) offers its spectators the following performances:

  • "Cry from the heart".
  • "Winter's Tale."
  • "Lords of the shadows."

In addition to concert show programs, artists perform art miniatures at private events. Their duration is from 5 to 10 minutes. The theater can also create an exclusive unique number according to the scenario or idea invented by creative customers. This performance lasts from 4 to 6 minutes. As an addition to a number or a performance, artists can conduct any interactive with the guests of the event or with the auditorium completely free of charge. Its duration is from 5 to 10 minutes.


The Teulis Shadow Theater reviews viewers about their performances getting the most enthusiastic. According to the audience, all the numbers are perfectly matched. Performances and miniatures take place in one breath and fascinate. The artists work amazingly and perform all the numbers at the highest level. The children watch Teulis performances, holding their breath and opening their mouths with admiration. Adult audiences are no less surprised and delighted. It seems like you are in a fairy tale. After the performances there is a sea of emotions.

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