Temperature in the refrigerator, in the freezer: generally accepted standards

With the advent of refrigerators, equipment has become indispensable in production and at home. Without this device, it is almost impossible to get by, since it preserves the freshness of many products. You just need to adjust the temperature correctly, which should be low.

The use of the device will be when the operating mode is normal. But each manufacturer's equipment may differ in performance. Still, there are rules on which to set the temperature in the refrigerator in the freezer.

Because of what indicators everywhere are different?

According to technical standards, the equipment has temperature standards used by all manufacturers. It turns out that the consumer can independently set the regimes, but only in reasonable terms. Everywhere there is a minimum and a maximum, within which the regulator does not work. What temperature in the freezer of the refrigerator will be determined by the brand of equipment.

Why is this necessary? This is due to the fact that each product has a temperature at which it will be fresh for a long period. In this case, the mode should not be violated. For any product there is a suitable atmosphere, so the temperature in the fridge, in the freezer is different. As an example, you can take the following products:

  • Milk: from +2 to +6 degrees;
  • Eggs: from +2 to +4;
  • Vegetables: +4 to +6;
  • Fish: -4 to -8;
  • Meat: from +1 to +3.

Each product has its own characteristics and storage temperature. This will keep the freshness for a long time. Manufacturers equip refrigerators with different departments, where each has its own regime.

Temperature in the freezer

What is the temperature in the freezer of a home refrigerator? Depending on the type of equipment, this figure is from -6 to -25 degrees. That is why the department places products for long-term storage. The minimum temperature in the freezer of the refrigerator is used for a strong frost. The optimal indicator is within -18 degrees, so it is installed by almost manufacturers.

What temperature in the freezer of the refrigerator is set, depends on what will be there. Identify the lowest possible indicator is not difficult. Almost on each equipment on the regulator panel there are snowflakes or stars, with the help of which the temperature in the freezer is fixed. Each of them has an indicator of 6 degrees. Counting the number of snowflakes, you can determine what temperature in the freezer can be.

Zone of freshness

Such a department is not present in every refrigerator, it is usually present in new equipment. The freshness zone is located in the cooling chamber. There the temperature is set around zero, which allows to slow down the development of microorganisms in products. Therefore, they last much longer.

There are 2 types of freshness zone:

  • box;
  • A chamber in which there is a temperature and humidity.

Usually there is not more than +1 degree, because of what products are not frozen, but retain valuable properties. Here put fish, meat, cheese, sausage, milk. This department is intended for cooling beverages, except beer and kvass, since they are stored at high temperature.

Other departments

The upper shelves and the section near the freshness zone have a temperature of +2 to +4. They are used for storing eggs, cakes, cakes, semifinished products, dairy products. Meat and fish can also stay there, but not more than 36 hours.

The average shelf has an indicator from +3 to +6. It serves for soups, sauces, ready meals. The lower compartment is for vegetables. There it is set from +6 to +8 degrees. The department serves for long-term storage.

Types of adjustment of equipment

All refrigeration equipment has control methods. Depending on the brand, such devices can be divided into:

  • Electronic: on the refrigerating chamber there is a touch panel, serving for setting the necessary parameters;
  • Mechanical: inside of any camera there is a shift knob, which is twisted to get the necessary mode.

If there is no confidence in what temperature in the refrigerator (in the freezer) should be installed, then you need to look at this information in the equipment certificate. There are all the modes necessary for a particular brand of equipment.

Proper use of the refrigerator

After the temperature in the refrigerator (in the freezer) is set, you do not need to switch anything. The modes indicated in the hardware documentation are automatically supported. If the indicators change independently, this indicates a malfunction of the equipment. To avoid this, you must follow simple rules for the use of equipment:

  • Do not put warm and hot foods, they should cool to room temperature;
  • It is necessary to regularly clean the equipment, so that microbes will not start inside;
  • Products in open packages should be used faster;
  • Should pay attention to the shelf life of products;
  • It is necessary to close the doors of the device tightly, and also to monitor the quality of the seal, which is located along the perimeter of the doors;
  • Do not put a lot of food at once, because the air circulation should be free;
  • It is desirable to put packed food in the equipment, which will protect against the appearance of unpleasant odors, drying out, or even better use plastic or glass containers.

Compliance with the rules for setting the temperature will avoid spoilage of the products. Equipment will operate normally, which will ensure its continued operation.

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