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Technical means of teaching as a way to improve the quality of knowledge

Among modern teaching aids, technical and audio-visual teaching aids play a significant role in the process of obtaining new knowledge.

What are the advantages of using technical means

At the present stage, the technical means of training are represented by devices created on the basis of a computer. With their advent, it became possible to model any phenomena and processes. One of the important advantages of these devices is the ability to simultaneously train more students. With the help of TSS the teacher can provide students with the necessary educational information, improve the process of perception and memorization of the received knowledge, their application in practice, monitor the effectiveness of training. Due to the fact that the technical training tools are equipped with special blocks that allow storing and reproducing special information support programs, one can manage the cognitive activity of the students and control it.

Types and purposes of TSO

To date, there are the following technical and audiovisual teaching aids, with which the transmission of information has become possible: multimedia projectors, projectors, projectors, projectors, film projectors, film installations, multimedia boards, audio systems, tape recorders, TVs, video recorders, computers. These technical devices are able to convert information recorded on one of the types of media into a form that is convenient for perception.

Transmission of information, programmed training, knowledge control, the solution of training tasks and exercises - such functions are carried out by technical means of training in school. TCO can be general purpose and specialized. The latter include technical complexes for the study of biology, mathematics, physics and other subjects, language laboratories designed to better assimilate foreign languages.

The use of TCO during training and its features

Before applying the technical means of education, students need to familiarize themselves with their work. During the first lesson, you need to monitor how students perceive new information, remember it, give them cognitive tasks, monitor the progress of their implementation. Only then will the use of technical means be effective during the lessons. Otherwise, students will focus their attention on secondary issues, and the educational information will remain undigested.

The efficiency and effectiveness of the educational process depends on how often the teacher uses the technical means of teaching at school. If this is done rarely, then lessons with the use of TCO will turn into an extraordinary event, will excite unnecessary emotions in children. This, in turn, will interfere with the assimilation of the material they study. In the case of frequent use of TSS students may lose interest in the work. Therefore, it is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of psychology and the age of pupils, the academic subject on which these means will be applied.

The steps in the lesson also affect how effective TCO is. Use more than twenty minutes in a row during the lesson, the technical means of training is inexpedient. Students are already tired, learning new information will not bring necessary positive results.

You can use TCO at the beginning of the lesson. This will shorten the preparatory period to the perception of new material. In order to maintain a steady attention of children for all 45 minutes, one should turn to the use of technical means in 15-20, 30-35 minutes after the beginning of the training session. After all, it is known that during the lesson in students the visual and auditory perception changes from time to time, fatigue appears, and the concentration of attention decreases . Correct and reasonable alternation of different methods of work in a lesson with the use of technical means will help to avoid these phenomena. Tense mental work should be replaced by emotional discharge, weakening the perception of both visual and auditory.

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