TC "Spectrum" ("Teply Stan"): stores, opening hours

Shopping centers in Moscow today turn into whole cities, huge, radiant, full of attractive offers. It's not for nothing that the guests of the capital are the first to go shopping, because here you can find absolutely everything. Today we will not tell you about everything, but we will stop at one of the leading centers located near the metro station "Teply Stan" - "Spectrum". Shops located on its floors are ready to offer you any product at very different prices, satisfying the needs of the majority of visitors.

Main advantages

If a large shopping and entertainment center opens in a small city, it becomes a priori a better one. But in order to deserve such a title in Moscow, you need to try hard. First of all, it is distinguished from the others by a convenient location. Almost every Muscovite or guest of the capital can easily get here and walk around the boutiques. But this is not all. Here, only the most interesting, bright and representative shops enter into lease agreements. "Spectrum" ("Warm mill") is different in that it monitors its image. In addition to making pleasant purchases, you can have breakfast, lunch or dinner, visit a cinema or go to the gym. In addition, household and other services are available for visitors. We'll talk about this in more detail below.

Shares, drawings and sales

This is another integral part of the work of the SEC "Spectrum" ("Teply Stan"). Stores are required to engage in marketing, which today can not be imagined without the development and design of interesting offers for potential buyers. The goal of all these activities is the same - to ensure the maximum attendance of the center and fast turnover.

This deals with all trading houses in major cities. To maintain competitiveness, do not lag behind the stores of the SEC "Spectrum" ("Teply Stan"). Monthly pass seasonal and holiday discounts and sales. And today, clients do not need to go to all boutiques and study offers. It is enough to read all the proposals at home. To do this, you need to open an official website of the shopping center. It contains detailed information about all the outlets of the complex and their features. For this, women are very fond of the shopping center "Spectrum" ("Teply Stan"). The stores of such a metropolis as Moscow are almost impossible to bypass personally, so this information is very useful.

Minute of rest

However, shopping is just one area of the center's activities. If your goal is rest and pleasant pastime, we recommend that you pay attention to the cinema, which has all the characteristics for demonstrating films at the highest level of quality. And if you have children with whom the content of the film is not interested, then take them to the children's entertainment club. In this case, everyone will be satisfied with the weekend.

For business people

This is another category that has its own interest from the study proposals of the shopping center "Spectrum" ("Teply Stan"). Shops are periodically updated. And if there is free space, then this information immediately appears on the site. Of course, it does not remain without attention. The big plus is that the SEC "Spectrum" offers favorable terms of rent without intermediaries. This distinguishes him from most others who transfer their squares to subcontractors so as not to deal independently with the search for landlords and contracting. Therefore, the stores in the Spectrum at the "Teply Stan" are not closed very often, and the release of space has to wait for months at a time.

Grocery supermarket "Carousel"

We gave you some general information that can be useful. And now let's look at specific proposals in the SEC "Spectrum" ("Teply Stan"). Shops - on the floors - are located depending on their specialization, and we will start from the very first. Here is a compact and convenient hypermarket. Every day millions of customers visit it. They are attracted by affordable prices and excellent service. On the shelves there are more than 30 000 items of the most necessary goods for life for every day. This is food and household chemicals.

Buyers' comments say that it is worthwhile to visit regularly. Light and spacious, clean and comfortable, courteous service and a huge range - all this creates the optimal conditions for making purchases. In addition, regular customers note that they sell their own products, which are of excellent quality. You do not need to spend any more time, just buy fresh pastries and salad, bread and stunning meat dishes for dinner.

Cats & Dogs

You can not forget about our younger brothers. We are just beginning to explore the shopping center "Spectrum" ("Teply Stan"). Shops are located according to the needs of the person. Food for the whole family and pets - at the bottom, above the useful little things for the house, and at the very top are jewelry and furs, which we buy much less often. Cats & Dogs is a network known to most pet lovers. Here, only the best quality fodders from domestic and foreign producers are realized. In addition, regular customers emphasize the professionalism of employees working here. You can count on competent advice.

For the soul and creativity

Think what to do with the weekend? Everything has already been planned for Spectrum shopping center on Teply Stan. Shops that specialize in products for home creation can not always offer such an assortment that will satisfy your taste. But in the center there is a huge hobby-hypermarket "Leonardo". Here, every buyer can buy for themselves goods for painting and drawing, embroidery and beading, paper crafts and much more. Creative personalities who regularly replenish their stocks of ribbons, patterns and colors, are very fond of being here. Judging by the reviews, you can buy everything that interests you, and without extra time.

For sports and creativity

And we rise higher, considering the SEC "Spectrum" ("Teply Stan"). Shops for sports and recreation are gaining popularity among Muscovites. This is a great trend, which suggests that society is moving in the right direction. So, on the second floor there is a showroom Speedo. Professional athletes are well aware that this is the world's leading brand of clothing and accessories for training. The newest technologies, modern design and unique technical solutions determine the quality of products. A store with a world-wide name presents a huge selection of sporting goods. Many professional bodybuilders come here to purchase the best at affordable prices. Affordable prices and regularly passing events warm up this interest.

beauty and health

Every woman who watches herself will find everything she needs. And, after visiting here one day, you will no longer want to walk on small shopping outlets, because here you can buy everything at once. Let's briefly consider the proposals that the third floor of the SEC "Spectrum" ("Teply Stan") has prepared for you. The list of stores will let you navigate and select the most interesting offer for yourself:

  • COSMETIC24 is a multi-brand store of professional cosmetics;
  • HAIR-STAR - everything for the beauty and health of your hair;
  • MIRRA - the store offers unique cosmetic products that work at the cellular level.
  • "IV ROSHE" - a store of decorative cosmetics and skin care products.
  • Beauty Salon Lucky - a great nail studio and hairdresser, recording at a reception in which sometimes have to do in a few weeks because of the large number of people who wish.
  • Beauty studio "Charge" is located on the territory of the fitness club of the same name. Here you can not only do sports, but also visit the nail studio, massage room and beautician.

Women's secrets

Here, on the third floor, you are waiting for lingerie stores. And what else is necessary for a woman after she visited a beauty salon and put herself in order? And the most popular store is the corporate department of Women'secret, the undisputed leader of the international underwear market. Constant clients note that not only the necessary wardrobe items are sold here. Each set has its own style and philosophy. Each season the assortment completely changes, which allows you to regularly delight yourself with novelties and always be in a trend.


The third and fourth floor is a paradise for shopaholics. There is a myriad of boutiques with clothes and shoes from the world's leading manufacturers. TRC "Spectrum" is characterized by spacious corridors and huge boutiques, which provide everything for the convenience of customers. Spacious fitting rooms and a small podium, this is a nice addition to shopping. There are also shops for expectant mothers, as well as luxurious departments of the Snow Queen.

Very close to you can see colorful and bright shops with goods for children. This brand clothing and shoes, in which the baby will feel like a real prince or princess. Buyers emphasize that this is extremely convenient. For one trip you can put all your family at once and forget about this troublesome business.

Recreation and entertainment

We have already said that here they come not only to make purchases. Fitness club "Charge" invites big and small. This is a place where sports and entertainment, recreation and modern technologies have united. If you do not know where to go, then come here. You will find a gym and five halls for group programs, a climbing wall and a children's club, as well as a bath complex. No one will remain without work.

In addition, you can visit the ultramodern 8-hall cinema "Kapo", where you can watch the best films. And children are waiting for the entertainment center "Island". This five-level labyrinth and air guns, a hall with machine guns and carousels, bowling. Here there are professional animators, clowns and jugglers that will make your holiday unforgettable.

The best time to visit

And how he receives his visitors "Spectrum" ("Teply Stan"). Opening hours (hours are unchanged for weekdays and holidays) - from 10:00 to 22:00 daily. You can get here by public transport to the above-mentioned metro station. If you are traveling on your own car, the entrances will be from Profsoyuznaya Street to the center, or from Novoyasnensky Prospekt to the side of the same Profsoyuznaya. You will find convenient parking. Judging by the reviews, even on New Year's holidays, it is not completely crammed.

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