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Tattoos in the Slavic style: history, trends and sketches

Tattoos in the Slavic style are very rarely made by chance people for the sake of beauty. Usually they are chosen by real patriots, those who are seriously proud of their origin and belonging to a great nation. Tattoos in the Slavic style can be performed according to various sketches. These are mystic signs, amulets, and images of gods or otherworldly beings, as well as patterns, stylized inscriptions or runes. What is the history of this trend and what do customers prefer to fill in today's tattoo parlors?

General description of the style

Today, the Slavic style of tattoo is considered young and stably developing. The interest of the clients of the salons is growing in this direction. The lack of clear standards only gives room for imagination and creativity. This trend is explained by the fact that the majority of scientists confirm that the Slavs had tattoos, but what exactly and how it was depicted, it is impossible to reconstruct. Too rich culture in this nation, too many different magical signs and protective symbols. An interesting regularity: modern tattoos in the Slavic style are often intertwined with Russian folklore or Scandinavian traditions.

History of the direction

According to official testimonies, King Edward VII of Japan brought tattoos to Europe. While visiting this country, the monarch was surprised and delighted with local culture and traditions and could not resist the temptation to decorate his body. Tattoos in the Slavic style in past centuries met only in some regions of Yugoslavia. Later, some Slavs who consider themselves Catholics, also did not reject the native images. Already in those days there was a female tattoo, the most popular place for which was the décolletage and shoulders. Traditionally, floral ornaments, birds and crosses were depicted. But men preferred anchors, crowns and brief inscriptions, but still they made tattoos less often than women.

Tattoo amulets

To protect against evil forces, unkind people and domestic turmoil, tattoo amulets are used. These are runes, each of which does not represent a combination of sounds, but some fairly large concept. There is also a whole system of magic symbols, the most famous of them: "flower of the fern", "Svarog", "Ladinets", "Sun". The most popular runes for applying to the body are: "world", "alatyr", "stolen", "wind". Such tattoos in the Slavic style should not be applied rashly, yielding to some kind of impulse. It is advisable to consult with a specialist about the correct meaning of the sign, and only after understanding it completely, carry a sketch to the tattoo artist.

Popular Pictures

Often you can see images of Slavic gods in a tattoo. Do not forget that paganism is a religion in which every sphere of human life and the power of nature is patronized by its deity. For example, the thunderer Perun was especially revered by princely families and was considered the patron of warriors, and Veles was the supreme god of fertility and nature. Svarog is the father of everything that exists, the very first god, the creator of the earth and people. Dazhbog is another patron of prosperity, fertility and sunlight. We can not forget Jarilo, the sun-god.

The Slavic style of tattooing involves the use of gloomy images. For example, Chernobog - the god of darkness - is also often found in sketches for application to the body. Tattoo of this category is often supplemented by images of soldiers, princes or peasants in traditional dresses. Sometimes stylized drawings of animals, weapons or symbolic images of natural forces can be used. Floral ornaments are also popular, and sometimes even patterns from traditional Russian folk crafts. Almost any tattoo can be supplemented with an inscription. Use Slavic fonts, colorful capital letters, an interesting technique - adding to the end of "b".

Will anyone fit such a tattoo?

Tattoos in the Slavic style (photo can be seen in the article) look colorful, original and at the same time quite original. Nowadays, many refer to a tattoo without a mystical meaning, judging them only as an unusual decoration. And yet, to make complex Slavic tattoos without having studied the meaning of the chosen sign completely, it is not worth it. The main danger is the same as when selecting inscriptions in unknown languages. It is possible that you will choose something that is not suitable in meaning. In this case, a meeting with connoisseurs of Slavic symbolism is fraught with at least a misunderstanding, and as a maximum - with frank mockery. According to some experts, drawing drawings on the body can correct the character of a person and even his fate. The use of Slavic symbols, the history of which is many centuries old, is an excellent opportunity to strengthen the weak qualities of your character and adjust the features that you do not like in yourself.

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