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Tale of a hedgehog in the fog and other interesting stories about this character and his friends

Hedgehog in many people is sympathetic. About this touching animal they composed interesting stories. The tale of a hedgehog, told to the kid at night, will help him to fall asleep in a good mood. If you add a few characters to the story, then the story of the prickly animal can be played by roles, which will make the children even more excited.

I'm sick of a hedgehog - the beginning of a story

Let the first magical story for the family theater will be a fairy tale about a hedgehog who did not want to wear spines. Of course, the main role will be the favorite child of parents.

So, the fairy tale begins. There lived in the forest a hedgehog Stepan. He had a caftan with thorns. But suddenly he began to notice that this attire was hindering him. Stepan plays with friends, no-no, and even touches someone with thorns, so it hurts. Because of this, quarrels began to occur.

In the fall, Styopka became quite uncomfortable walking in the caftan. A whole heap of leaves is attached to the thorns, it is very difficult to throw them off.

The tale of the hedgehog continues with the fact that he once decided that he would now go without thorns. He threw off his caftan and went for a walk.

What happened next?

It was pleasant to the kid to go in such kind. But now he saw a mushroom, he wanted to pick it up, but nothing. But did not worry, but went on. Suddenly a fox is coming towards us. Stepan habitually curled up in a ball and thinks he defended himself against a predator. In time, the kid remembered that he left a fur coat at home. He ran faster to his burrow, put on a caftan with thorns and only then calmed down.

Since then, the hedgehog realized that you can not so thoughtlessly get rid of what his nature gave him. He never took off his fur coat again.

The Tale of a Famous Writer

Many people saw the cartoon "The Hedgehog in the Fog". He was put on the tale of Sergei Grigoryevich Kozlov, who also wrote a script for this Soviet anime.

This fairy tale about the hedgehog tells how the main character walked in the fog. Everything was fuzzy here. At the big white horse, the hedgehog thought it was a duck swimming. He began to wonder if the horse would be drowned in fog, if he went to bed?

The dusk thickened, the spiny forest inhabitant could no longer see his own paws. He did not notice the river and fell into it. It is not known what would happen next with a poor fellow, if someone did not offer him their help. The hedgehog sat on the stranger's back, was on the shore, and then went into the fog on.

This story we learn from the first chapter of the book, which is called "Hedgehog in the Fog". In the second and third we get acquainted with the friends of the main character. There is a fairy tale about a hedgehog and a bear cub, which was the best friend of a prickly baby.

Continuation of a story

In the second chapter, which is called "Autumn Song of Grass", we get acquainted with a bear cub. Friends were interested, closing their eyes, listening to the voices of forest dwellers. Or rather, only the hedgehog could hear them, the cub could not do it.

Friends changed places, but the effect was the same. Apparently, the bear cub could not so mentally represent the singing of the frog, as his prickly friend did.

On this fairy tale about a hedgehog and a bear cub does not end. The book is quite voluminous, there are many small interesting stories. In the next story, friends admire how the sun goes over the mountain, and then again shows up because of it.

But not only these characters are in this book. Once a hare came to friends, the three of them became even more interesting and more fun. If the long-eared inhabitant of the forest likes you, then the fairy-tale about the hedgehog and the hare, which begins right now, will be pleasant.

Other characters

In addition to the hedgehog, the hare, other forest inhabitants participate in this magical story. This story can be played in the family by roles. The child will be useful for a few minutes to turn into a hardworking hedgehog, who learns to play the pipe. Perhaps, after this, the baby will express the desire to also master the musical instrument.

This fairy tale about the hedgehog begins with an introduction to the main character of the work. It was a hedgehog. He lived in the woods and went to bed early in the morning, when the birds sang their beautiful songs. The charming sounds were so popular with the prickly creature that the hedgehog decided to learn how to play the pipe. After all, its sounds are like the singing of birds.

The young musician was engaged in a long and hard work. At first, he did not get much. But diligence always brings fruit. As a result, the hedgehog mastered the game on the pipe and called for a hare, an owl and other neighbors to listen to how he plays music.

Bunny saw the pipe, said that in the forest and so many sticks, and he should go on business. However, as soon as the hedgehog started to play, the hare turned around and listened. The music was unmatched. This is recognized by all. The wise owl praised the studious animal and said that he respected him, for the hedgehog showed so much effort and learned to play. And you must be able to work, it is always useful in life.

In this, children will be convinced, having got acquainted with one more little magical story.

A little fairy tale about a hedgehog and a fox

This story teaches that good in return produces good.

In one forest lived a hedgehog and a fox. Everyone thought they were friends, in fact, these animals did not love each other. Hedgehog thought, how would he fox the lime, her thoughts were the same, she dreamed of getting rid of the prickly neighbor.

Somehow the hedgehog called the fox to take a walk, he said that it's enough for them to quarrel, they will just make up on the way. The red cheat agreed. On the way to the enemies met the river. The traveler asked the fox how she would cross the river if she could not swim.

She said that he would sit on her back and thus they will overcome the water obstacle. The hedgehog did so, and they sailed. When the pair was in the middle of the river, the fox decided to get rid of the enemy, dived, the poor fellow was washed into the water. The fox swam farther, and the hedgehog started screaming to be helped. The fox began to feel sorry for him, she swam up and saved the drowning man.

On the shore, they were already friends. Hedgehog thanked the fox and said that she was a real friend. She said the same as a hedgehog friend. That's how a little fairy tale ended, which contains a deep meaning.

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