Tablets from the stomach: without a doctor to take is undesirable!

Pain in the abdomen is inherently a universal symptom. It does not characterize any specific disease, but is a signal of the most diverse disorders in the digestive system. The pain is different in character and strength. One can endure, but from the other one you just want to climb onto the wall. And in that case you immediately begin to think about what to take. Which pills from the stomach can alleviate the condition?

Examination first!

Remember that self-medication is extremely undesirable. Of course, if you know what kind of disease causes pain, before that you were already examined and have a sheet of prescriptions from the doctor, then it's much easier to act. Well, if the pain bothers you for the first time, then it's better not to take risks, and get help from a doctor as soon as possible. And before you do this, try to assess the degree of pain yourself.

To do this, lie on your back and put a hand on your stomach, and press on it with your fingers, not very deep and very soft. Evaluate where the pain is felt most. Also pay attention to the nature of the pain: aching, dull, sharp, oppressive, compressive. If the pain is very strong, it is best to call an ambulance and not take the pill from the stomach yourself. The maximum that you can do is drink a lubricant - the drug "No-shpa" or "Drotaverin." Such drugs will lightly ease your condition and do no harm.

Pain in the abdominal cavity should not be regarded as something frivolous. They are a signal that something is wrong. Therefore, to let things go on their own is not worth it. Gastritis, ulcer, colic are just some serious diseases that can cause pain, and which should not be treated independently.

How to provide first aid

It happens that the cause of abdominal pain lies on the surface. For example, you overeat, you have problems with the stool, you have recently taken antibiotics, you have critical days. In this case, you can try to help yourself first.

So, if you notice increased gas production, try taking Espumizan or Motilium. If constipation, the medication "Motilac", "Dufalac", laxatives will come to the rescue . Tablets from the stomach in the case of overeating can be such: medications "Mezim", "Holenzyme", "Festal", "Digestal", etc. In case of poisoning, the first aid will be activated charcoal. If you know that you have gastritis or an ulcer, and the disease has exacerbated in the form of pain, you can take medications "Omez", "Almagel", "Maalox." After taking antibiotics, the microflora of the stomach may be disturbed, hence the pain, vomiting, and diarrhea. In this case, you can take the money "Lineks", "Bifidumbacterin", "Bifiform". Such medicines are dispensed without a prescription, but even their reception is preferably agreed with the doctor in advance.

What if the stomach is very painful with menstruation? Unfortunately, many women face this symptom. Pain sensations are often so unbearable that even with a bed it can be difficult to get up. In this case, you can take painkillers "Ketonal", "No-shpa", "Analgin", "Ibuprofen" or "Naprosen." Such drugs contribute to the elimination of severe uterine contractions. Take the pill from the abdomen in the case of the monthly should follow the instructions, several times a day.

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