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Swelling of the feet: treatment with folk remedies

Edema is the excessive accumulation of fluid in the organs, as well as in extracellular tissue spaces of the human body. Edema is divided into the following types:

  • Cachectic: appear in cardiovascular diseases or due to exhaustion of the body.
  • Hydremic: caused by the accumulation of fluid in people with kidney disease.
  • Mechanical: caused by trauma, also appear with tumors and pregnancy.
  • Allergic: in the form of deep swelling of the skin.
  • Stagnant: occur with pressure in the capillaries, impaired vascular permeability.
  • Neuropathic: edema is caused by alcoholism and diabetes.

Basically, the swelling of the legs in the elderly is manifested. Treatment of this illness at home is quite simple, because there are many folk methods that are absolutely harmless at this age. It is this age category of the population that medicines are prescribed with great care, but herbs, baths and massages have no contraindications.

Swelling of the feet. Treatment with folk remedies

There are certain non-drug ways that can help get rid of swelling at home. Among them, the most effective are the following:

  • Legs are ground with a mixture of one egg, 2 teaspoons of castor oil and 2-3 tablespoons of heated turpentine. During this procedure, a foot massage is performed , which facilitates the activation of the lymph flow and the removal of stagnant fluid. After this, it is necessary to put on high socks or knee socks, preferably of natural fiber (woolen or cotton).
  • Effective is a method such as baths: you need to add sea salt to the water, which relaxes your legs well and helps with swelling. The legs are lowered into cold water, after which, using the tweezers, the swollen areas are massaged, performing manipulations from the bottom up.
  • To activate lymph, it is useful to knead the feet with a rubber ball. To do this, he will need to roll on the floor, pressing it with his feet.
  • A constant companion of puffiness is varicose nodules. For prevention, as well as in dealing with already appeared changes, use steamed elder leaves, which are superimposed on problem areas.

People prone to stagnant phenomena and kidney diseases, it is not recommended to drink a lot of liquid after 18:00. This often provokes swelling of the legs.

Treatment with folk remedies: a set of exercises

For people who have swelling of the legs with diabetes, treatment is done only with the help of exercises. The main complex looks something like this:

  • A couple of minutes it is necessary to walk on the toes;
  • Bare feet, connecting feet, raise from the floor a tennis ball or pencil;
  • Spread out and squeeze your toes;
  • To stand on the toes, after standing for a few seconds, do a half or two dozen jumps;
  • In the sitting or standing position, do rides from the heel to the toe and back.

Prevention of swelling

Often, edemas appear due to severe overwork or long-lasting wear of uncomfortable shoes. You can not allow you to wear a high heel in everyday life, but a flat sole will not be the best option. Heel should definitely choose small, and shoes should not be too narrow. If swelling of the feet is observed during the wearing of uncomfortable shoes , treatment with folk remedies is more effective and timely than ever. Well, the best way to deal with this ailment is by yourself only after finding out the root cause of its occurrence. If there are no obvious reasons - fatigue, pregnancy, hot weather - it is better to consult a doctor.

First aid for swelling

Recipes passed from generation to generation are economical and effective methods that bring quick relief by eliminating leg swelling. Treatment with folk remedies has no contraindications, it is affordable and does not require much time. The most effective way is to wipe your feet with ice cubes, cooked from decoctions of medicinal herbs, or taking a bath with sea salt and the same decoctions.

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