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Spanish football. Famous clubs and football players

Spanish football constantly demonstrates to the whole world amazing matches. Teams of this country are regularly improved, and in international competitions become favorites. Spanish football boasts a huge number of fans all over the world.

general information

The professional league in Spain is represented by La Liga, which is one of the best in the world. The Spanish championship by the results of 2015 ranks first in the rating of national football associations.

The last two years, the Sevilla team won the Europa League. "Real Madrid" and "Barcelona" annually become the main contenders for victory in the Champions League.


For the first time the idea to form a Spanish football championship came to a head in 1927 to the head of the Arenas team. At this stage, there was much debate about how many participants should include the league. In the end, it was decided about ten clubs in the top division. By the way, in the lower leagues did not fall just three teams: "Barcelona", "Real Madrid" and "Athletic Bilbao."

Famous football teams

Spanish football boasts many famous teams that attract millions of fans to their game. The most famous, of course, are Barcelona and Real Madrid. Basically, these teams act as the main contenders in the struggle for the title, which plays the Spanish football championship. However, from time to time there are clubs that challenge grandees. So, confidently forced to fight "Atletico Madrid", which is the third most won championships. In the 90's and early 2000's, serious competition to the grandees was able to impose "Deportivo La Coruña", which showed great football. The Spanish Premier League is full of teams, but two teams have always been particularly strong - Real Madrid and Barcelona. The first took the title thirty-two times, and the second - twenty-three. "Atletico Madrid" won the championship ten times, "Athletic Bilbao" - eight, "Valencia" - six, "Real Sociedad" - two, "Deportivo La Coruña", "Real Betis" and "Seville" - once.

However, in the European Cup matches clubs from Spain are formidable contenders for many foreign giants. Sevilla managed to conquer the Europa League four times and thus become the most titled team in this competition. In addition, Spain twice brought this trophy "Real Madrid" and "Atletico Madrid", as well as once "Valencia". Nine times Spanish clubs were able to win in the finals, and five flew at this stage.

In the Champions League, teams from Spain also show tremendous results. Ten times the trophy took away "Real Madrid", he is the club that in this tournament won the most in the final. "Barcelona" can boast five victorious finals of the Champions League. In addition, twice reached the final stage of "Atletico Madrid" and "Valencia". Also the most scoring players in this tournament are representatives of the Spanish teams - Cristiano Ronaldo (ninety goals), Lionel Messi (eighty-two goals) and Raul (seventy-one goals).

Famous footballers

Not deprived of the Spanish football league and famous players. Among the goalkeepers I can especially highlight Iker Casillas, who spent a long period in the career in the ranks of the "Real" and most recently left the team and moved to "Porto". Among the scorers, who are still performing, stand out Ronaldo and Messi. For many years these players compete with each other, but it is difficult to say which of them is the best. Nevertheless, the greatest number of goals in the history of the championship of Spain on account of the Argentine. Many people know Spanish football on the game of the legendary Raul, who spent sixteen years in the "Real". It is he who is the champion of the national championship on the games, they are on his account 550.

Football in Spain is the most favorite sport. In different divisions, more than eighteen thousand professional teams take part. One third of the population of the state is playing football. About twenty percent of citizens watch constantly for the games of their favorite teams. Football in Spain is a serious business, which brings huge profits. Many clubs annually conduct multi-million transfer transactions. The majority of matches are collected at stadiums by thousands of fans, and for matches, "El-Clasico" is watched by a huge number of football fans around the world.

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