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South Butovo - which district of Moscow? Description and history of the area

Every year the capital of our homeland, Moscow, becomes more and more beautiful. South Butovo is one of its districts, which belongs to the South-West Administrative Capital District.

There are several legends around Butovo. Why did the district get this name? The history of this area is very interesting.

origin of name

At least three legends go about the origin of the name of the district. According to one of them, the Emperor Peter the First gave these lands to the famous General Butov, as his name and the name of the land coincided surprisingly.

The second legend says that for a long time in the region a stone-sandstone boot was mined . From this material, residential houses and buildings were built. Moreover, the laminated stone was transported to Moscow for the construction of boyar chambers, churches and churches.

According to the third legend, the district received the name in honor of the brave Cossack by the name of Butov. Tsar Mikhail Fedorovich Romanov bestowed a vassal of land with the village. Subsequently, she was named in honor of this Cossack. Such a generous gift to Butov went to a petition from the Cossacks for the recognition of the Tsar Mikhail Fedorovich.

District History

In 1339 in the annals appeared the first mention of the area of South Butovo. Which district of Moscow was it in the XIV century? According to research of scientists, initially the territory of South Butovo was covered with impassable dense forests, deep-water rivers and deep ravines.

Gradually, people began to settle in this area, which cut down trees, making room for future housing. Many valuable species of wood have died : ash, oak, pine. As a result, small areas of vegetation remained from the ancient majestic forests. Nevertheless, the South Butovo region still maintains the status of an ecologically clean area.

Gradually, the area grew more and more settlements. These near Moscow lands have preserved the memory not of one battle. In 1606, according to Butov, the army of Bolotnikov, consisting of rebellious peasants, boyars, and Cossacks, traveled to Moscow. There was a bloody battle with the enemy.

In 1812 the partisan detachment of Kudashov temporarily occupied the area of South Butovo. What district of Moscow and from whom did the Kash-Shovtsi defend? The partisans exterminated Napoleon's troops. After the end of the war in 1812 villages and villages in this area disappeared and reappeared.

District of South Butovo - which district of Moscow it was in the XIX-XX century? Russia was divided into counties, volosts and camps. Butovo belonged to Sosenskiy. Until 1966, the terrain was considered a country land, and then received the status of a working village. In Moscow, North and South Butovo entered in March 1984.

Description of modern terrain

South Butovo, which is rather positive, is located in an ecologically clean area. In the district there are no industrial enterprises that pollute the air. In South Butovo there is only a thermal power plant that operates on natural gas.

Near the district is the railway. There are many cottage and holiday villages in the area. In the area there is a forest park. The Moscow Ring Road is divided by Butovo Forest and Yasenevo. The border of South Butovo in the south runs along the Tsyganki river. A new district began to be built to the south-west.

South Butovo - what district of Moscow is it now? The region belongs to the South-West. With North Butovo, the area is connected by only one road. It is located between the Warsaw and Kaluga Highways.


With the development of the Russian capital, the Moscow region has become increasingly populated. And Butovo began to ennoble. In 1961 the construction of housing for wealthy people began. Once, one of the houses belonged to Einemus, the owner of a confectionery factory, later renamed Red October.

In the XIX century a brick factory was built in South Butovo. Now it has developed very much and gained the status of a large combine.

The South Butovo region attracts not only ecologically clean terrain, but also landscapes. In the area there are a lot of famous ponds: Gavrikovskie, Chernevskie, Potapovskie. In the area there is the Butovo Forest Park and the Moscow Sky Defenders Square. Among the rivers are the most famous Checher, Gypsy, Gvozdyanka. Beautiful places on the banks of Smelt and Lopenka.

In addition to all of the above in the area of South Butovo, there are many historical places that have been perfectly preserved to the present day. Among the architectural buildings there are ancient manors.

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