Small-leaved kaprei and small-flowered spray in recipes of folk medicine

Kiprei is narrow-leaved or, as it is often called, ivan-tea, is a herbaceous plant that reaches a height of 150 cm or more. The stalk of the Cyprian is erect and straight. The leaves resemble leaves of willows, they are narrow and elongated. Kipreya is narrow-leafed throughout the territory of Russia. This plant is very photophilic, because of which it grows mainly in places well illuminated by the sun's rays. It is very fond of forest fires, settles on fringes, embankments, along roads and sandy places. After the heat cools down, oblong, green leaves of the spray start to break through the coals and ashes.

Ivan-tea (kiprej) for people is useful, first of all, its flowers and leaves. Medicinal raw materials are harvested at a time when the plant begins to bloom. It is carefully dried in the shade and stored for two years in a wooden, well-corked container. In addition to its taste and aroma, Ivan-tea (kiprei) perfectly quenches thirst and has a calming effect in nervous disorders and insomnia, reduces blood pressure. By its effect this plant is very similar to valerian.

To achieve the maximum effect, the mood from the spray should be done as follows: one art. A spoonful of dried grass should be brewed in 300 milliliters of hot water. Before preparing the infusion, make sure that the grass is well dried. Then it is necessary to insist the resulting mixture for two hours, after which it should be filtered. With inflammation of the throat, ear or nose, as well as with insomnia and nervous breakdown, the infusion obtained should be taken 2-3 r. A day for one or two st. Spoons.

Kipreya is narrow-leaved - a plant that can use absolutely all parts for medical purposes. For example, the roots of the plant are rich in sugary substances and starch. When fermenting from them, you can get vinegar or alcohol, and fresh roots in cooked or raw form, many use instead of cauliflower or asparagus.

Cyprinous angustifolia is widely used to eliminate digestive disturbances. To normalize the activity of the gastrointestinal tract, it is recommended to make tea in this way: 2 tbsp. Spoon the leaves with boiling water and immediately drain it, then pour again with boiling water and leave to stand for 15 minutes. Take the tea you need twice a day in a warm form.

An interesting application was found for such a variety as small-flowered kiprei. It can be used in the form of phytoapplications. To do this, the leaves of the plant are steamed with boiling water, and after cooling they are applied to the skin in places of localization of inflammatory processes or acne. Also it is possible to receive the infusion to treat the skin with copious blackheads. Tincture of the leaves of this plant helps with prostatitis and prostate adenoma. For these purposes, it is recommended to use an infusion of 2 p. A day for 1 glass.

Small-flowered kiprei is also used in the treatment of such a disease as cystitis. Due to the obstacle to inflammatory processes, alcoholic infusion of ivan tea has a pronounced effect in the initial stages of the disease, when the process is acute. To prepare alcoholic infusion, you need to take half a can of (liter) dried flowers and pour 0.5 liters of vodka. Insist for a month, periodically shaking the jar. It is recommended to take 30 drops of 3 r. Per day, previously dissolved in a spoonful of water.

Many folk healers use the flowers of spray for cosmetic purposes. Infusion of flowers is recommended for use in a steam bath before the beginning of cosmetic massage. The procedure is best done daily, 10 minutes per session. To prepare a flower infusion, it takes a little more than one spoon of dried grass and a glass of boiled water.

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