Side La Grande Resort & Spa 5 * (Turkey / Side): reviews, photo

Hotel Side La Grande Resort & Spa 5 * is a great place for those who want to have a good rest and get a sea of unforgettable and vivid impressions.

Hotel description

The chic Side La Grande Resort & Spa 5 * offers its guests to immerse themselves in the traditions of Turkish hospitality, which perfectly blended with the modern architecture of the hotel buildings. Everything will be comfortable here, regardless of age and preferences regarding rest.

The heart of the Side La Grande Resort & Spa 5 * is its luxurious modern spa, where only the best masters work - the real professionals of their business. Be sure to get stuck in a Finnish sauna or a traditional Turkish hammam, and do not forget about the massage, aromatherapy sessions and other procedures that will help you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of relaxation and relaxation.

While you enjoy the rest, the chefs of the hotel restaurants will take care of your satisfying and high-quality food. But do not just limit yourself to a buffet. Visiting a network of a la carte restaurants, you can appreciate Italian, French, traditional Turkish and many more dishes.

Do not forget the hotel and the youngest guests. They will certainly enjoy the entertainment in the children's mini-club, the pool with slides and a spacious playground.

Hotel location

Side La Grande Resort & Spa 5 * is located in the picturesque area of Kumkai, near Side (its center is only 7 km from the hotel). The nearest airport to the resort is Antalya - it will have to travel 55 km. And the main thing is that the hotel is located only 300 meters from the azure seashore.

Guest Rooms

Depending on how many guests arrive, the Hotel Side La Grande Resort & Spa 5 * (Turkey) can offer accommodation in family or standard rooms. They differ mainly in their spaciousness. In total, the hotel has 387 apartments, which can accommodate 774 guests.

Comfortable rooms of the standard category consist of a small, but quite cozy and bright room. Some of them have a view of the pool, and the windows of the others open the picturesque surroundings of the Kumköy district. The room has a bathroom with toilet and shower, there is a hairdryer. A pleasant moment is the presence of a small balcony.

Family rooms differ from standard ones by the presence of two bedrooms, to each of which adjoins a separate bathroom. In one of the rooms there is a large king size bed, and the second one is equipped with single beds. Additional accommodation is also possible. If you wish, both rooms can be equipped with single beds. As in the previous case, the room has a balcony.

All rooms of the Side La Grande Resort & Spa 5 * are designed in a laconic and modern style. Photos of tourists reflect a good design decision both in terms of aesthetics, and in terms of functionality.

Facilities in the apartment

All the rooms of the Side La Grande Resort & Spa 5 * (Side) are decorated in a modern style and have all the necessary features and amenities to make guests feel comfortable at home. The apartments have the following attributes:

  • One or two bathrooms with shower and toilet, also has a hairdryer, large mirror, cosmetic accessories, bathrobe and slippers;
  • The room has a built-in electronic safe;
  • A modern TV with satellite channels, as well as the ability to play video from a USB flash drive and other external media;
  • A mini-bar, which is filled daily with drinking water and a minimal set of soft soft drinks;
  • Telephone with international connection;
  • Air conditioning system connected to a common hotel;
  • balcony.

Supply system

Hotel Side La Grande Resort & Spa 5 * offers its guests food on all the long-loved all-inclusive system. This refers to the provision of the following services:

  • Breakfast (early and late), lunch, as well as dinner, which are held in the main restaurant in the buffet format (a pleasant moment is that in the morning guests are served fresh orange juice);
  • In all the bars of the hotel, as well as by the pool, drinks and numerous snacks are available all day;
  • On the beach you can have a snack with traditional Turkish tortilla gazleme with fresh ayran and other drinks;
  • A children's buffet is open all day, as well as a cafe with a diet menu;
  • At night snacks and drinks are available in the lobby bar, as well as in the main restaurant;
  • A visit to one of the hotel's restaurants during the rest is available absolutely free of charge provided that the table is previously booked.

The "all inclusive" system does not include foreign and elite alcohol, as well as wines.

Hotel Restaurants

In addition to the main restaurant, where the main food for tourists is made, there are several other institutions on the territory of the hotel that are classified as "a la carte":

  • La Grande is a unique restaurant of its kind that offers guests an amazing symbiosis of Italian and French cuisines. Here you can try both traditional for these peoples dishes, and innovative masterpieces in the style of fusion from the chef.
  • The Far Eastern restaurant will acquaint you with all the traditions and subtleties of the national Chinese cuisine. Immerse yourself in the mysterious atmosphere will help you a colorful interior, as well as musical accompaniment.
  • Mediterranean restaurant - this is the real kingdom of seafood. Here you can see both quite traditional dishes, and real culinary masterpieces from the most exotic ingredients. It is worth noting that they cook here only from the freshest products that were caught only in the morning from the sea.

All restaurants of the hotel (except the main one) open for visitors in the evening. It is worth noting that the important point is that you can have dinner in one of the establishments only on condition of preliminary recording. It is worth booking a table at the reception.

Free services and entertainment

The cost of the tour to the Side La Grande Resort & Spa 5 * (Turkey, Side) includes the possibility to use free of charge the following services and entertainment:

  • Participation in the animation program, as well as viewing entertainment shows;
  • Regular or aqua aerobics classes with a qualified fitness instructor;
  • Lessons in gymnastics and step-aerobics in the building of the fitness center;
  • Beach volleyball court;
  • Use of tables and equipment for playing ping-pong;
  • Three times a week on the terrace or in the main restaurant of the hotel you can listen to live instrumental music and singing;
  • Participation in the disco;
  • Every day a few hours are allocated for free skiing on the water slides;
  • Visit the sauna, as well as the Turkish hammam.

Paid services and entertainment

At an additional cost, the hotel offers the following entertainment and leisure facilities:

  • Services of the spa, including several types of massage (only qualified masters with medical education work);
  • A game of billiards (hourly table rent and equipment rental);
  • A computer club with the Internet, games and consoles "play-stage";
  • Hookah, decorated in the traditional oriental style and with Turkish music (you can also order local drinks and national snacks);
  • A private company operating on the beach, provides training services to marine sports, and has great opportunities for water activities.

Children's rest

Organizing a quality children's holiday is much more difficult than it might seem at first glance, because young tourists are much more demanding and more choosy adults. So, the youngest of its guests the hotel offers the following services:

  • In the main restaurant there is a special children's playground with a lot of toys, entertainment, and also a buffet;
  • Mini-club provides kids with a lot of opportunities for games and entertainment in the company with cheerful animators (it is worth noting that this object is divided into three age categories, so an appropriate entertainment program is prepared for each subgroup);
  • Several children's pools with safe water slides;
  • In the restaurant for the youngest is provided comfortable children's furniture (namely - high chairs);
  • An orthopedic cot can be installed on request;
  • There is an opportunity to rent a buggy.

Positive reviews

The highest expert ratings are the hotel Side La Grande Resort & Spa 5 *. Reviews of tourists fully confirm this fact. On specialized resources, you can find the following positive comments about this hotel complex:

  • Beautiful spacious rooms;
  • In the bathroom there are new multi-functional shower cabins;
  • Good quality of cleaning (it is important that the schedule is coordinated with the guests of the room);
  • Tasty and varied food;
  • A large well-groomed beach with a chic bar, where for lunch you can enjoy traditional Turkish dishes;
  • Friendly, helpful, diligent staff;
  • Chic interior of the lobby bar;
  • Despite the fact that the distance from the hotel to the beach is small enough, the hotel offers a free shuttle service;
  • Good entertainment program - there will be no time to be bored;
  • Large amount of fruit in the restaurant;
  • Every day, towels are changed, bed linen is often restyled;
  • Free wireless internet;
  • For a small surcharge, you can get a number of significantly better category than prepaid to a travel company.

Negative feedback

Unfortunately, there are some shortcomings in the work of the hotel Side La Grande Resort & Spa 5 * (Turkey). Reviews of tourists contain some comments:

  • The furniture in the rooms is a bit shabby;
  • The ventilation system in the bathroom is not working well, because of which there is always high humidity and condensation accumulates;
  • Tasteless coffee from the vending machine in the dining room;
  • Because of the small area there is too little space for walking;
  • Animated show programs are only available in English and German;
  • Unhurried staff in the restaurant.

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