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Settlement Madison Park: description, address

More and more residents of the capital - a huge metropolis - prefer to move to a permanent residence outside the city. Some buy apartments in new buildings in some distance from MKAD, others - country houses. For the wealthiest built a cottage community Madison Park.

Location of the cottage settlement

Residents of the village will not have to travel to Moscow for a long time, since it is located on the 24th kilometer of Novorizhskoe highway. Only twenty minutes separates its inhabitants from the Moscow Ring Road, which can be driven along the high-speed highway. Address Madison Park - 24th kilometer Novorizhskoe highway, village Lipki. In the vicinity of the village of Pokrovskoye, it is necessary to turn off the highway to the left and continue along Central Street, which will lead to the village.

Description of the cottage settlement

On the total area of the land plot of 51 hectares were located in a total of 163 allotments. The area of the land plots ranges from twenty to one hundred and fifty hectare. Many of the proposed land in the village of Madison Park directly go to the picturesque landscape park, to the pond or to the forest. The territory of the village also includes a large lake, covering an area of about one hectare.

Cottages in Madison Park embodied a harmonious combination of majestic mansions, built in a modern style, and nature, almost untouched by man. The village is surrounded on all sides by forest, due to which, including the competent design of plots, residents can get to it directly from the plots. Not all country cottages can boast of natural objects, artificially created by developers. For example, rivers. This village is a pleasant exception. Through Madison Park, a river flows, which is man-made by the developer of the project and along which it is so nice to walk in the evening or on a hot day.

Infrastructure of the village

The developer of the village provided for the availability of all the infrastructure necessary for comfortable rest of residents. Small residents will be able to play and play sports on children's playgrounds and sports grounds. Adults at this time will be able to enjoy a full rest in specially equipped areas. Miss you in Madison Park do not have to anyone. Also built a boulevard, decorated with lush green vegetation. For walks there is a magnificent park with shady places and footpaths.

The cottage community is included in the club system Villagio Estate, which gives its residents the opportunity to use all the infrastructure offered by the system. For example, a tennis court located in Madison Park. For small residents, it is possible to visit kindergartens and schools in villages and villages located about a few minutes drive or in the capital itself. In nearby villages there are many restaurants where it is nice to spend an evening. For sports fans, there are several gyms, which are also located about ten minutes' drive from the cottage community.

Novorizhskoe highway

Country cottages in large numbers are available in Novorizhskoye direction. This is due to the recognition of this area as the most environmentally safe zone. What is the cottage town of Millennium Park, where luxury luxury mansions are offered for lovers of a rich life. There are also many other cottage settlements and residential complexes along the highway.

Offered Houses

The housing stock of the elite cottage community of Madison Park is mostly two-story mansions. They are already built by the developer. But you can also purchase a land plot with a building contract and build the house of your dreams on it.

All the constructed mansions are made according to original author's projects, and there are no similar ones among them. Architectural styles in this case are very different: Empire, neoclassic, Renaissance, deco and many others. The finishing of houses is made only of high-quality building materials.

Thus, in a series of elite cottage settlements and offers of capital developers Madison Park takes its place of honor. He is able to provide his residents with that level of comfortable life for which they are willing to pay. And the surrounding nature will give them such a life.

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