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Roxy backpacks - quality accessories for any girl

Not every girl prefers to carry a small purse with her . On the contrary, the trend leads to the fact that large and capacious accessories are popular. But the more such a thing, the heavier it is, and that's why the girls have a new problem - walking with such a bag full and heavy is not always convenient, and using some things is simply necessary, and it is impossible to remove them for the sake of lightness. In this case, backpacks came to replace. Roxy - the most popular firm, whose activities are associated with the production of products for active girls. This company has long positioned its products among women and has considerable success with consumers, and in various lines and directions - clothes, accessories and so on. But what is the special feature of this company's backpacks? What are their main advantages and for what they so fell in love with the girls?

Roxy: years of experience and impeccable quality

The brand started its history in 1990. At that time, the company introduced clothes to the audience for swimming. But after the first successful season, the company is rapidly expanding its range and every year offers consumers new copies and types of clothing and accessories, including backpacks. Roxy produces the first models of stylish and feminine bags in 1999. And they deserve special attention among the whole range of products from this company.

The most indispensable part of the female image is a handbag, but the usual standards of one shoulder bags seemed manufacturers impractical. Girls sometimes had to wear men's backpacks just to feel comfortable, and that's what gave the impetus to produce something else that was already known at the time, the company Roxy. Backpacks women have become not just a rescue for active girls, but also stylish accessories for every day. All the products of this company, from luminaires to perfumes, are aimed at a young audience, which is why all models show a special style: bright, contrasting and unusual. The young audience obviously had to taste it.

Types of backpacks

Roxy is an experienced company that produces products for every taste. If you look at the company's products, you can divide all backpacks into several groups:

  • Sports;
  • City;
  • Teenage;
  • School;
  • Everyday.

The most widely represented category can be considered backpacks for teenagers. Roxy - a company with experience, because the designers in it tried to take into account the wishes of teenagers when creating such models. The specimens of this group have brightness, contrast, and comfort. That is why schoolgirls especially enjoy the practical and comfortable backpacks "Roxy".

Quality and design above all

If we consider the products of this company, for example, from a technical point of view, then they are convenient and fully functional backpacks. Roxy provided all the wishes of women of fashion: to be easy, comfortable, feminine and elegant. So that you could put everything you need with you, and the accessory looked compact and practical. The company took all this into account and developed a huge number of models that meet all the requirements.

Features of backpacks

So, the peculiarities of the manufactured models of the company are the materials used for sewing - these are high-quality and durable fabrics. Depending on the category (sports, urban, everyday) different materials are used, but polyester and cotton prevail. These fabrics have long proven themselves on the positive side, as they meet all the requirements of safety and environmental friendliness. And, of course, the company pays special attention to the firmware of products, because such backpacks are very strong. Roxy has a distinctive line, firmware accurate, and on the original models it is impossible to find even the fallen thread. As for the buckles used, they are available for every taste: riveting, locks, zippers, puffs, velcro and so on.

Consumer opinion

Each element used is tightly and securely attached to the product, which makes Roxy rucksacks as strong as possible. Reviews about the company's products are very impressionable. First, clients often note the fact of comfort. Purchased bags are very light and roomy, and the hangers are everywhere soft, do not rub the skin even with long walks. Secondly, buyers mark a special design. All models look very feminine and youthful. Design can be matched to any footwear or cap - the company Roxy here tried its best. Thirdly, necessarily the owners of accessories of this company mark the longevity of the products. Models serve a very long time and do not lose their initial qualities. If necessary, backpacks in general can be washed in a typewriter on certain modes, and thus with a cloth and with all other objects nothing happens.

Roxy has established itself for a long time with a positive side, and precisely as a manufacturer of products for the female audience. High quality, special youth design - these are the main advantages for which the firm has become so fond of many customers.

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