Reviews: Venera Resort Hotel (hotel, Russia, Vityazevo)

Vityazevo is one of the most popular settlements that are part of the resort of Anapa. Here come to rest not only in the summer: often enough tourists can be found in the winter. Anapa is a great city with clean air and really beautiful landscapes. In addition, in the village of Vityazevo, which is a kind of business center of Anapa, businessmen who come to any meetings with partners or similar persons very often stop. In general, hundreds of people come here who want to stay in a modern hotel complex, which are not so many here.

Venera Resort Hotel - hotel (Russia, Vityazevo), which opened recently, but in a short time was able to win the status of one of the best tourist projects in Anapa. It employs highly qualified staff, whose representatives never leave guests without attention. Today we will discuss in detail Venera Resort Hotel (hotel, Russia, Vityazevo), reviews about it, its room fund, we find out the exact contact details, the cost of rent and many other information that may interest you. Let's start!


Venera Resort Hotel - hotel (Russia, Vityazevo), opened not so long ago in Anapa and quickly won the hearts of residents and tourists of a small village who come there. The establishment is in a very convenient place - on the first coastline in the best area of the Black Sea coast.

The resort village of Vityazevo is famous for its mild climate, sand dunes and incredibly clean sea air. In addition, the guests of this tourist complex expect impeccable comfort, an excellent atmosphere of serenity and relaxation, quality service, beautiful and cozy rooms, and most importantly - the reasonable cost of it all!

By the way, due to such unique characteristics, Venera Resort Hotel (hotel, Russia, Vityazevo) has almost 100% positive reviews, but we will discuss this in more detail at the end of our material.


One of the main advantages of this establishment is its location (1st coastline). Also guests of the project believe that a large selection of rooms of different categories is an important advantage. Quite logical, the hotel complex with 5 different types of rooms will be more popular than a somewhat similar institution, where for example, two different categories of rooms are available for the order.

Hotel Venera Resort Hotel (Vityazevo) is ideal not only for families, but also for people who want to turn their short vacation into an interesting adventure.

For lovers of sunbathing and swim there is a special advantage - a clean sandy beach, where not only adults, but also children will like it. By the way, it is also worth noting that from the windows of the Venera Resort Hotel a chic look opens, which even the world-class hotels will envy.

Territory of the hotel

At this stage of its development, the tourist complex is represented by a huge number of various infrastructure facilities. For example, you can visit the large outdoor swimming pool, the area of which is 300 square meters.

For those who like tasty and beautiful food, the restaurant is constantly working here. There you can order a variety of culinary masterpieces, which will be prepared by the most experienced chefs of Russia and other countries.

Adults dream of being children, and their small copies want to be more adults. If you come to the hotel with children or just want to have a great time, then be sure to go to the entertainment zone, in which everyone can enjoy the pastime!

As you already understood, Hotel Venera Resort (the hotel "Venus Resort") never forgets about children, so in addition to them on the territory of the tourist complex there is also a playground, as well as a special room. In this case, choose only you: in the summer you can take your child to the site, and in the cold times it is better to visit the children's room.


The first and most important meal at the hotel is from 8 to 10 am. Breakfast takes place in the form of a buffet, so you can choose any favorite dish among the huge number of really smart culinary masterpieces.

So, most often at this time served a variety of milk porridge, which is not only very tasty, but also useful. For example, in the morning you will have the opportunity to taste wheat, semolina, buckwheat, oatmeal or rice, and for the most electoral gourmets there is almost always "Friendship". No healthy breakfast can do without dried apricots, raisins or prunes (the client adds these ingredients to the dish at his own will). In addition, the ideal complement to the main meal will be yogurt, milk, kefir or fermented baked milk.

If you are a person accustomed to a hearty breakfast, then know that the Hotel Venera Resort (Hotel Venera Resort, Vityazevo) additionally offers you to order a classic European breakfast consisting of an omelet or a classic scrambled eggs with sausages, bacon or other ingredients.

Sweet smokers here will also find something tasty for themselves, because in the main card dishes are presented a variety of pancakes with fillings, syrniki, vareniki with cottage cheese and much more. Also available are corn flakes, muesli and chocolate balls.


The second meal, which many also consider basic, is carried out in this tourist complex from 13 to 15 o'clock in the afternoon. Lunch consists of soups, second courses and salads, each of which is represented by several variations. Fresh berries and fruits are also served, such as pineapples, apples, kiwi, grapes, apricots, cherries, etc.

So, on the first you can order chicken broth with quail eggs or chicken eggs, homemade noodles, borsch, soup with meatballs, okroshka, solyanka or ear. As a side dish to the second dish you have the opportunity to take rice, wheat porridge, buckwheat, potatoes (mashed potatoes, fries, boiled or grotto, that is baked with cheese in cream), stewed vegetables, boiled pasta, vegetable stew or paprika and Cheese.

In addition, additional dishes for side dishes are the following culinary masterpieces:

  • Shish kebab, fricassee, chop, pilaf from chicken;
  • Zrazy, bresol, etc., cooked from fish;
  • Lyulya-kebab, beef stroganoff, azu from beef;
  • Homemade chops, pilaf, chop from pork.

If you want only a snack, the Venera Resort Hotel can offer you a variety of vegetable, meat and fish salads: vinaigrette, Greek, Vitamin, herring under the fur coat, Mimosa, with boiled pork, chicken liver, Olivier and etc.

In addition, we note that to dishes you can take mayonnaise, ketchup, sour cream, adzhika, mustard, horseradish and other sauces.


This meal is carried out between 18 and 20 pm. In this case, the positions in the menu differ only in another set of side dishes and hot dishes, however, their number is not less exactly.

Number of rooms

Venera Resort Hotel offers its guests to rent rooms of 7 different categories. So, each visitor has the opportunity to stay in the economy for 1200-1800 rubles, the standard without a balcony - for 1450-2650 rubles., The classical standard - for 1600-2800 rubles., Comfort - for 1900-3000 rubles, triple comfort - for 1800 -2800 rubles., Studios - for 2050-3150 rubles or a suite - for 2350-3450 rubles.

And now let's discuss in more detail each of the rooms available to order in the Venera Resort Hotel.


In the rooms of this category you will find everything you need for an excellent stay of friends or a couple. The interior of the room is made in light, calm colors, which simply makes you relax and have a good time.

The economy is equipped with upholstered furniture and climate technology, and the room itself is located on the fifth floor of the hotel. The size of the room is 15 square meters, and can accommodate a maximum of two adults and two children.

The economy is equipped with a folding armchair, a double bed, a dressing table, a wardrobe, a padded stool, a refrigerator, a TV set and other amenities.

Standard without and with balcony

Hotel Venera Resort Hotel (Vityazevo), about which we will discuss in more details later in this article, has in its composition classical standard rooms, some of which have a balcony, and others, unfortunately, do not.

In both cases, the standards are decorated in light colors, and their rooms have the same area - 18 square meters. In addition, they can also stay at a maximum of 2 children and the same number of adults.

In the room you can use a double bed or two twin beds, dressing table, folding armchair, padded stool, wardrobe, mirror, bedside tables, TV, air conditioning, baby cot (on request), and other amenities.

Classic and triple comfort

In the first case you will be presented with a double bed and a sofa. In turn, triple comfort has three beds at once, but without a sofa.

Both rooms are beautifully decorated, but have different areas: 22 and 25 square meters. They can stop from one to four people.

The balcony is additionally equipped with furniture, and there is also a dryer for laundry. Other amenities are no different.


The room of this category is very similar to luxury apartments, because its area is 32 square meters. M. It will certainly be comfortable for those who prefer to stay in places with open space and the maximum amount of daylight. The studios are designed specifically for people who want to feel as free as possible.

In addition, this room has a chest of drawers, and a kettle is available for use. In addition, the administration takes care of its customers, so in the studio you are waiting for slippers and a bathrobe.


Tourist complex Venera Resort Hotel has another interesting room with an area of 36 square meters. The suite is a large two-room premise, and also has a balcony, from where the chic sea view opens.

4 people can stay at the same time, and the room itself is ideal for those who like and want to be among the best and do not deny yourself anything at all.

By the way, finally, we note that accommodation in the hotel with animals is strictly prohibited!

Reviews and contact information

The institution is located on the glorious street (16th house) in the village of Vityazevo, the administration works daily from 9 am to 6 pm. You can contact the hotel at the toll-free number +8 (800) 200-10-14.

Hotel Venera Resort Hotel reviews is almost always positive. For a short period of its existence, the tourist complex has become one of the best, so the rest is possible here as the whole family, and alone, because in any case everything will go perfectly.

It is also worth noting that the hotel employs dedicated staff who are available at any time of the day and night to help guests. The rooms are equipped with modern furniture and have everything you need for a comfortable stay. Prices for rent the administration of the Venera Resort Hotel does not overstate, which is very pleased almost all the guests. The average rating of visitors to the complex is 4.5 points out of 5 possible.

In general, Venera Resort Hotel is an excellent modern tourist complex, where you can have a great time!

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