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Rain on the wedding is a good sign

Such an important event in a person's life, like a wedding, simply could not be left without attention of people's wisdom. Take, associated with weddings - the sea. They concern all spheres of this event: the rituals of the wedding ceremony, the personalities of the groom and the bride, their clothes, witnesses, rings, the behavior of the newlyweds and their parents, even with the weather on the wedding day all kinds of signs are connected.

Few, probably, such circumstances, which would so marred the wedding of the newlyweds, like the rain at the wedding. The primitive associated with it is rooted in the distant past. Then, when our ancestors were more sensitive to natural phenomena, the wedding was sometimes considered the months following harvesting. Therefore, most of the marriages took place in the fall: from late August to November. At that time, wheat was already harvested from the fields, there was more free time for people engaged in agriculture, and it was possible to engage in festive preparations and the very celebration of the young. Of course, rains were not uncommon in autumn. Any person who is knowledgeable in growing plants knows that rain means a good harvest, the more it is, the better everything grows in the fields. And because the rain at the wedding - a sign for those who grew up in the village, very good. What does she promise future husband and wife?

If the wedding is raining, it symbolizes that the future family life of the newlyweds will be happy and will pass in prosperity. A good rain means a good harvest, and a good harvest is good money, a house is a full cup, a secured family. By the way, the same thing in the signs symbolizes snow falling on the day of marriage. Rain at the wedding is a joyous sign. According to many beliefs, it was believed that he shed tears for his bride, and therefore she would not have to cry in her family life. Therefore, before the wedding for a girl a good sign is to cry the day before. And if it makes it rain - well doubly. But if on the day of the wedding the downpour did not stop for a second, many wise people will say that this is a bad sign: like the sky, the bride will often cry in marriage.

Another exception that does not make such a wonderful rain on the wedding day: signs say that if the downpour turns into a thunderstorm and bad weather during the ceremony, then this is not a good sign - to be a misfortune then. Bad bad luck is also considered, if the future husband comes in a rain puddle, when he will go for the bride - then there is a danger that his alcohol will ruin him.

But whatever the weather on the day of the wedding, the most true about the rain at the wedding is a sign: you need to take an umbrella and try not to wet your feet and dress, otherwise you must be cold at the beginning of a life together. And all the other signs do not always have the property to come true, so do not spoil your mood because of a sudden thunderstorm at the wedding: perhaps it will be one of the most memorable details of such an important day, the most iridescent of your memories, because it often follows the rain Rainbow, do not forget. Therefore, rejoice at your triumph with all your heart!

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