Professional toothbrushes: a review of models, comparison and reviews

After a while after cleaning the oral cavity, tooth plaque gradually accumulates on the surface of the teeth. This is due to the interaction of bacteria with food residues. To avoid such unpleasant consequences as caries, tartar and inflammation of the gums, you need to remove it in time. As you know, the best treatment is prevention, so timely care of the oral cavity will save you from problems in the future. Professional toothbrushes will help to keep a smile snow-white and healthy for many years.

Differences of professional toothbrushes from conventional toothbrushes

On the shelves of pharmacies and shops today are hundreds of toothbrushes. It is important to be able to correctly choose a model that will benefit and not hurt. 5 functions that it must perform:

  • Removal of plaque ;
  • Cleaning along the gum line;
  • Elimination of odor from the mouth;
  • Acceleration of blood circulation and, accordingly, regeneration of microdamages;
  • Teeth whitening, more precisely, the removal of dark spots.

It is especially necessary to choose professional toothbrushes for people with delicate and sensitive skin of gums. It is better to choose models with soft bristles, which excludes the possibility of damage to the epidermis. Dentists recommend renewing the brush at least once every 2-3 months. First, the old brush loses the original properties and does not cope with its functions. Secondly, it accumulates microbes that can harm.

Distinctive qualities of professional brushes:

  1. Maximum number of bristles.
  2. There are short and long hairs.
  3. Optimum cleaning of the oral cavity the size of the cleaning head, allowing to penetrate even in hard-to-reach places.
  4. Soft setae that do not injure the gums.
  5. Effective cleansing and whitening.

Professional brushes from Switzerland

Professional toothbrushes Curaprox - one of the best in the matter of cleaning teeth and mouth. They are effective in the prevention of tooth decay and periodontitis. The main advantage of the models in the material of the bristles, in contrast to the conventional ones, they are made of polyester. This material is 6 times more resistant to moisture, and therefore the elasticity persists for a longer period.

Curaprox brushes have a cleaning head of compact size, which makes it possible to clean out even hard-to-reach places of the oral cavity. Hexagonal handle provides a tilt angle for comfortable cleaning. It is made of safe polypropylene.

Advantages of electric toothbrushes

The best protection against oral problems is good care, and professional electric toothbrushes are one of the best cleaning tools. You can use such devices even at an early age. They work from batteries or built-in battery, which can do without charging until 16 hours. But the models that work with batteries, often have great functionality.

Children's brushes should be chosen with softer bristles, so as not to damage sensitive gums and tooth enamel. When choosing a device, it is worth considering the length of the handle and its volume, the child should be comfortable to hold it. Also pay attention to the intensity of the device.

There are 2 main classifications on which the electric professional toothbrushes are divided. Types depending on the way the cleaning head works:

  • With moving bristles;
  • With a moving cleaning head;
  • Rotating;
  • Vibrating;
  • Vibrating and rotating simultaneously.

Electric brushes differ depending on the mechanism of the device:

  1. Ionic models. They are triggered by an electric pulse that activates positive ions. They, in turn, release the titanium rod, which is built into the brush.
  2. Mechanical products. These are models that perform cleaning with rotations (up to 30,000 per minute) of the cleaning head.
  3. Sound. They work on the basis of a high-frequency generator. This method of cleansing is effective, while it kills germs and acts sparingly on tooth enamel.
  4. Ultrasound. The principle of operation is similar to the previous one, but has one improvement, the radius of propagation of ultrasonic waves reaches 3 mm.
  5. The tooth center. It is a complex of tools for oral care. The complete set includes an electric toothbrush, an electric charging unit, an irrigator, several nozzles (standard, for cleaning in hard-to-reach places, bleaching, for an irrigator), a water vessel. With this set of teeth will receive full professional care at home.

The cleaning head, as in conventional brushes, should be changed at least once every 3 months. This is necessary because bacteria accumulate on the bristles, which can damage.

Basic functions of electric brushes:

  • Gentle cleaning;
  • Cleaning of the enamel surface from the coating;
  • Removal of bacteria from the oral cavity;
  • Cleaning of hard-to-reach places by the irrigator;
  • Therapeutic massage of gums;
  • Cleaning of the tongue.

Electric toothbrushes - a preventive measure against the appearance of caries, calculus, enamel damage. In this case, it is worth remembering the precautionary measures. Children under the age of four can not use this type of brush, because the child is still difficult to explain how to properly handle electrical appliances. If teeth are already tartar or your gums bleed profusely, dentists do not recommend the use of these models.

What are mono-brushes

Monopochkovye - professional toothbrushes, in which the cleaning head consists of a single bundle of bristles. It is used as an additional tool for cleaning angular teeth, as well as use it when wearing braces.

The main difference between a mono-brush and an ordinary brush is in the form of a head, which in this case is round and small in size. Bristles here can not be soft, it is either medium-stiff, or stiff. The handle has a protrusion, and the neck can be slightly curved. Professional single-beam toothbrushes excel at cleaning hard-to-reach places. They are indispensable during the correction of bite. Help if there are dental implants or dentures.

Soundbrush Philips HX6731 / 02

One of the best in its class, a toothbrush - Philips HX6731 / 02. The principle of operation consists in the movement of villi, arising due to vibrations. The model has proved itself to be reliable and suitable for the whole family.

Main advantages:

  1. Presence of 3 modes: standard, delicate, bleaching.
  2. The timer, set by default for 3 minutes, as recommended by dentists. If desired, you can change the settings or completely disable it.
  3. The appliance is charging for 24 hours. After that it works for 40 minutes (in use mode).
  4. The indicator allows you to monitor the degree of battery charge.

The device has several disadvantages:

  1. In the kit there is only one nozzle.
  2. There are no sensors for wear, pressure and massage.
  3. The high price of replaceable attachments.

Professional toothbrushes "Philips" are popular and reviews about the model HX6731 / 02 are positive. Consumers note that it is convenient to use a brush and it holds a charge for a long time (about two weeks). Other buyers describe a nice design, praise the power of the battery, as well as the massage effect.

Toothbrush Curaprox 5460 Ultra soft

Curaprox 5460 Ultra soft toothbrush has a soft bristle that gently cleans teeth from plaque. The thickness of each villi is approximately 0.1 mm. The design of the model is quite simple, but what is important is ergonomic and convenient. The cleaning head is compact in shape and easily cleans even the far corners of the mouth. The hexagonal handle is comfortably placed in the hand. Ultra soft is a professional Swiss toothbrush that always justifies trust.

User reviews are unambiguous - the model is ideal if the sensitivity of the gums goes off scale. It gently, but thoroughly cleans the cavity, while massaging. Improvements are noticed as early as a week after the start of the application.

Monopochkovaya brush Curaprox 1006

The Curaprox 1006 has an unusual shape and is designed for deep cleaning of the oral cavity. Clears the gaps between the teeth and the gingival grooves. The cleaning head is round in shape, and the bristles are located in one bundle. To be able to get to the most difficult places, the shape of the neck is curved. The thickness of each lint is 6 mm.

Curaprox 1006 is a reliable professional toothbrush. Switzerland, however, has always been famous for its tools for cleaning teeth, and this model was no exception. Feedback satisfied customers confirm this. Many noted that already in 3 days from the beginning of use the teeth become smoother and an unpleasant smell disappears.

One of the leading electric brushes is Oral-B Professional care 5000 D34

Functional electric toothbrush, which dentists recommend for the prevention of tooth decay. The disadvantages include a high price, but it should be noted that it justifies the invested funds.

The advantages of the model:

  • 5 operating modes;
  • 4 nozzles;
  • 8800 directed movements per minute;
  • 40 thousand pulsations per minute;
  • The battery is charged for 12 hours, and the operating time is 40 minutes;
  • Built-in timer (it is recommended to brush your teeth for 3 minutes);
  • Pressure sensor;
  • Wear indicator of the cleaning head.

Reviews about this model are extremely positive. Users note that the brush is suitable for people with sensitive gums and enamel. They ceased to disturb the constant bleeding after cleansing, and the sensation of smoothness and cleanliness of teeth is preserved for the whole day.


To smile smiled with health and whiteness, it is important to choose the right cleaning products. Professional toothbrushes carefully and qualitatively clean the oral cavity, saving from such dangerous consequences as caries, periodontitis, the appearance of tartar and other dangerous manifestations.

Remember, it is much easier now to buy good cleansers, than then to run to the dentist with trouble. Take care of your health and shine with a snow-white smile.

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