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"Apple" - the famous American company that produces computers, tablets, smartphones, as well as software. The company was one of the first to produce a personal computer and an operating system that has a graphical interface and multitasking.

Innovative technologies and unique design have allowed the company to earn a strong reputation in the field of consumer electronics, it can be compared with the cult. "Apple" is the most expensive company at the moment. The firm's price in January 2016 was $ 537 billion.

Especially popular phones are "Apple." By and large, they brought the company such glory. In today's article, we'll look at models of smartphones and their main characteristics.


"Apple", phones, the price of which is quite high, today are in great demand around the world. However, the first model appeared not so long ago. The first Apple phone was developed under the code name Purple 1, but users did not see it.

Then the company participated in the development of Motorola ROKR, which was launched in 2005. Apple was creating an iTunes player for the device. In general, ROKR was initially positioned as a music player. Mobile phone failed to live up to the expectations of the manufacturer, he bought very badly, did not have a decent functional. Subsequently, he was even recognized as the failure of the year.

Despite the failure of ROKR, Apple's first phone was already in development. It was conducted in an atmosphere of strict secrecy. Even the developers could not really communicate with each other.


The Apple phones are known by all as the iPhone. By the time the first model appeared, many had no doubt that the device would be named that way. Earlier iPod players already earned a good reputation, and the prefix i- became key in Apple products. Phones "Apple" still could not wear a similar name.

In 1996, the iPhone trademark was registered by another company, and in 2000 it was placed at the disposal of Cisco Systems. However, Apple did not abandon the sonorous name and released the first brainchild in 2007. Of course, the owner of the trademark sued. Soon the parties managed to agree on the use of the trademark in common, the terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

The first model

Phones "Apple", or rather the first model, officially announced themselves in January 2007. In the summer, the first lots went to stores. The smartphone was well executed, had an aluminum back cover, from below there was a plastic insert that covered the antennas. "Apple" - phones, the price for the first models of which was 500 or 600 dollars, came in two versions: 4 and 8 GB, a little later there was a version and 16 GB.

However, in the first generation of smartphones, it was not all that good. The first complaint of users was the lack of 3G, without which it was necessary to work with very slow Internet. The second claim was non-ideal protection, which was inferior to the BlackBerry. Therefore, Apple's phone was not actively used in the corporate segment. Of course, users immediately after the release of the first model began to wait for the emergence of a second generation, which should fix all the shortcomings.

IPhone 3G

Information about the new brainchild of Apple appeared in 2008. Soon he went on sale. As you can understand from the name, the novelty has been supported by third generation networks. In addition, the smartphone got a GPS, which allowed to use cards through Internet access. The design has undergone processing. The back panel was now made of white or black plastic, and its shape also changed. The operating system has got iOS 2.0. Along with this, there was a drop in prices for the model - the second Apple 16GB received a cost of 299 dollars, and 8 GB - 199 dollars. The novelty was sold in 70 countries. IPhone 3G was the first model of the smartphone Apple, which could be bought in Russia.

IPhone 3GS

The smartphone was introduced in June 2009. The manufacturer assured that the device was 2 times faster than its predecessor, as evidenced by the letter S (speed - speed). There really was a lot of innovations. A more capacious battery is installed, the camera is 3 megapixels, the processor has become more powerful, there is support for voice control. In addition, it was now possible to buy Apple iPhone 32GB, which made it possible to forget about the lack of memory. There was also a 16 GB version available. However, after the release of the iPhone 4, instead of the 32 and 16 GB versions, a version of 8 GB was released. Four consecutive years, Apple supported the iPhone 3GS: iOS 7 on the model was not released.

IPhone 4

In June 2010, the 4th iPhone was introduced. The name lacked the letter G, since there was no support for the fourth-generation networks. The cost of the 16 GB version was 199 dollars, at 32 GB - 299 dollars. A year later the company began selling "unlocked" devices that could work with any mobile operator. Officially support the iPhone 4 Apple stopped in mid-September 2016.

The model in terms of functionality and design has taken a serious step forward. The diagonal of the screen remained the same (3.5 inches), but the resolution increased significantly - 960 × 640 pixels. It is done by Retina technology, the matrix is IPS. The camera received 5 megapixels, autofocus and the ability to record video in HD format.

The front and back sides are made of a special material, which is covered with a greaseproof coating. The new generation A4 processor is better than the previous one. A new version of the operating system was installed.

Some users have encountered screen defects and a bad network. The second problem was soon fixed thanks to the update from the developer.

IPhone 4S

The novelty was presented on October 4, 2011. The presentation was conducted by Tim Cook, who succeeded Steve Jobs (died October 5).

The model got a chip A5, operating at a clock frequency of 1000 MHz. The manufacturer improved the camera to 8 megapixels, it became possible to record video in FullHD-format. There was also a virtual assistant. The operating system has undergone an upgrade. Installed 512 MB of RAM, which is enough for the stable operation of the system and the launch of programs.

The model quickly gained popularity among users and ranked high in various ratings.

IPhone 5

In September 2012, an iPhone of the 6th generation was presented at one of the exhibitions. Installed 4-inch display, made of high-quality materials. To replace the A5 chip came a 2-core A6, operating at a frequency of 1300 MHz. The capacity of RAM was increased up to 1024 MB. Not left a novelty without an updated operating system. The port was replaced, and Lightning was used. The phone did not stay without the support of the networks of the fourth generation.

However, the company did not manage to avoid minor problems. Some users complained about the flickering screen. Soon the problems were solved. Buyers who got smartphones from the first parties, faced with the appearance of scratches on the case.

IPhone 5C and 5S

The models were introduced in September 2013. 5C differed from the original in that it was made of polycarbonate. You can buy the model in 5 colors. Cell phone "Apple iPhone" 5S received significantly more innovations. The operating system was updated to the 7th version. The processor is installed A7. A fingerprint scanner was introduced , which is located in the mechanical button. Improvements were made to cameras. The range of operation of LTE networks has been expanded, Russian ones have been added. Siri has been updated and learned new possibilities.

IPhone 6 and 6 Plus

The users were shown in September 2014. The diagonal of the screen has grown seriously: the "six" has 4.7 inches, and the 6 Plus has 5.5 inches. The operating system, processor and main camera were updated.

In autumn 2015, the updated models were presented, which received the letter S in the title. The phones got an expansion of RAM to 2 GB. There was a technology 3D Touch, which recognizes the force of pressing the screen. The cameras, as well as the capabilities of the operating system, were improved. The body was now made of special aluminum.

IPhone 7 and Plus

It was introduced in September 2016. The main innovation of the model was the refusal of the input of 3.5 mm. Version Plus received a dual camera. A laser sensor was added, which allows you to control gestures from a distance. Only versions of 32, 128 and 256 GB will be sold. Apple decided to get rid of other memory. Also there will be two stereo speakers, which are placed at the top and bottom of the phone. The minimum cost of the model is 56 000 rubles.

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