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Phantom Assassin, Dota 2: guides. Guide to Phantom Assassin (Dota 2)

In "DotA 2" there are a lot of different heroes, each of which is unique - you can choose a character with distant attacks, or you can make a choice in favor of someone who goes into close combat. There are "Persians" who have excellent knowledge of magic, but have low physical strength, and there are those who are very strong, but in magic they are completely bad. Therefore, the choice depends on you. And if you do not want to shy away from any class, then there are universal heroes. Of course, they will not be strong in absolutely everything - they will simply be more flexible in choosing attacks. For example, you can take a character called the Phantom Assassin. Dota 2-gaday will help you to understand what exactly to expect from this hero, how to deal with it and how to use its powerful skills as effectively as possible.

What is the Phantom Assassin?

If you talk briefly about this character, you should first of all recall what has already been noted above: it is universal. Naturally, he has a slant in agility, but that does not mean that this parameter is the only one that Phantom Assassin relies on - the Dota 2-gage will show it to you. The Fantasy Assassin is famous for his incredible crits - it has already been calculated that this particular character is the most powerful in the game. But once it is worth noting that at the beginning of the game process, this hero has a hard time, because he fully reveals his full potential only closer to the highest levels. And they still need to be docked, given that the strategy may be wrong. In general, success in this case will be achieved only by an experienced player, since a newcomer may simply not be allowed to develop until the stage when the Phantom Assassin becomes a real and intimidating threat. What are the characteristics of Phantom Assassin (Dota 2)? Hyde will tell you about this in more detail. This is done so that you can immediately identify the strengths and weaknesses of the character and build your tactics, based on the information received.

Main characteristics

Each hero in "DotA" has three basic characteristics, on which a number of other indicators depend. This is strength, agility and intelligence. As has been said before, the "charm" we are considering has a slant in dexterity. This is expressed in the fact that at the beginning of the game this indicator is the highest, and also has the largest increase - 3.15 per level. Thus, you very quickly gain points of agility, which allows you to implement all that Phantom Assassin can. Dota 2-gid can not give you a universal answer to the question of how to become a champion, playing for this character, but you can learn a lot of useful information on the basis of which you will build the game, improve your skills in order to achieve the best results. For example, you should understand that you will definitely have problems with the amount of mana - it will be very small, since the character's intelligence gain is one point per level, which is extremely small. The situation is not better with the amount of health at the early levels. In general, the beginning of the game is the most problematic part for the hero Phantom Assassin. Hyde will help you survive this period, reaching levels at which the character will become very dangerous.

Character History

Every hero in DotA has his own story. Naturally, this is not a school or a university - you do not need to know such information. But still it will be very interesting, as it is written in a perfectly harmonious way, combined with the world and with the stories of other characters, and also allows you to understand your hero even better. So, what is the story of Phantom Assassin? Hyde will wait, but you can find out details about one of the proposed characters, or rather - the heroine. Mortred is a member of the Order of the Veil, she is a professional killer, who only lives this way. The order mentioned shows that death is a full-fledged part of life, and Mortred very well gives what she is actually intended: she knows how to kill. Therefore, no one will be lucky who meets her on the way. The same applies to the characters who will confront it directly in the game itself. And so that you can overcome them all and bring Mortred to unprecedented fame, you will be useful guide on Phantom Assassin. Dota 2 is a game where you will need incredibly long time to learn and sharpen the ability to control this or that hero. Therefore, the guide is just a way to speed up the process, especially since all the main work on creating your own tactics will be done on your own - here you only discover all the parameters, strengths and power of the skills Phantom Assassin.

Hero type

All the characters in "DotA" refer to a certain type, depending on what functions they can perform on the battlefield. Naturally, this division is not official, but it is generally accepted, therefore it is possible to navigate freely on it, which allows you to make a guide on Phantom Assassin. Dota 2 is rich in characters of various classes, and among them there are no useless or unnecessary. As for the Phantom Assassin, this hero can refer to both kerry and escape class. The first is not characterized by the greatest strength in the initial stages of the game, but with incredible power at the end. And to the second are those heroes who can leave the battlefield at any moment if they feel that the rates are not in their favor. Moreover, they can also suddenly join the battle, so that you can expect any surprises from them. Regarding Phantom Assassin, Dota 2-guides differ in opinion - some refer this character only to kerri, others - only to escape. But it would be more correct to attribute this hero to both classes, as this will describe him as precisely as possible.

Stifling Dagger

The first, and the simplest skill, is Stifling Dagger. Its use is also a matter that is discussed by all the experts of the Phantom Assassin character. Dota 2-guides are considered in different ways: some argue that this skill is better to use as a long-range weapon, which the Persian does not have, and others - as a peculiar mill. In fact, disputes are groundless, because both that and other use of the ability has the right to exist - just the need for them arises at different stages of the game. Phantom Assassin throws a throwing dagger, which when hit by an enemy slows him for a short while. As you can see, the ability and the damage deal, and the debuff hangs to the enemy - it is useful and pleasant. But not enough to pump it into full on the early levels - you will need glasses for the other. Develop this skill gradually to finish the tenth level completely. As you can see, the best guide to Phantom Assassin is Dota 2-guide. Arkan you hardly need to succeed, but if you have it, then this ability can become much more dangerous.

Phantom Strike

Phantom Strike - this is the most useful skill that this character has. The essence of it is this: you can teleport to the nearest enemy or ally. In the first case, as a bonus, you are given an increased attack speed for four seconds - imagine the effect of surprise! Well, in the second - the whole essence of the hero as an escape appears: you just jump out of the thick of the battle, retreating to your comrades. There is a Phantom Assassin (Dota 2) guide - Navi. There it is advised not to concentrate much on this skill, but this is a pretty big mistake, since in fact it's better to pump it to the maximum by the seventh levele - and use it at any opportunity in offensive and defensive tactics. Where will advise to use this ability for Phantom Assassin Dota 2-guide? The forest is the best solution, since the surprise effect will be much higher, and the retreat is much more effective. However, any location with proper use will do the same.


Bloor is an ability that must be used carefully. Do not rush with its pumping - to the tenth level, you can not even think about it. What is it? With its help, you can blur the contours of the body of your character, thereby increasing the likelihood of evasion from attack up to fifty percent. Why should not it be used at low levels? And unless you will be lying about the guide? "DotA 2" (Phantom Assassin is an excellent confirmation of this) is a set of characters that have their pros and cons, strengths and weaknesses. And this hero at the beginning of the game one of the main problems is health - it is catastrophically small. And if at high levels you can withstand enough strikes, even if you do not get lucky, and dumps will not work, then on low levels with an unused skill you can easily be leveled to the ground. Therefore, be careful with Bloor - this is a useful skill, but only for the top levels.

Beat of Mercy

The Phantom Assassin's guide is coming to an end, since only one skill left to be dismantled is the Beat of Mercy. This is a passive ability that, when studied, increases the chance of a critical hit falling to fifteen percent, and also seriously increases critical damage. Instead of 200%, the enemy will receive 230, 340 and 450 percent damage, depending on the level of ability.


What should I wear Phantom Assassin? Hyde from Hare says one thing, the Navi guide is another. Specific items will not be named here, since you'd better define it yourself. The only important thing is what parameters are better for you to tighten these artifacts. The damage is the most important, because then your crits will be just incredible. But you also need to take care of items that enhance the health of the Persian, its regeneration, speed of movement, armor, and also the second most important parameter - force.

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