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Pancake Vari pan: reviews

Pancake pan - a convenient kitchen utensils, which is always useful to any hostess. With its help, you can bake products of ideal shape, thin and ruddy. The flat form of a pancake pan is invented in order to create small culinary masterpieces. Frying pan Cast Vari, reviews about which you can read in this article, has proven itself from the best side.


Vari - frying pan (reviews about it are willingly left by buyers) from the famous Russian brand. The name Vari is not an abbreviation, but a word that everyone understands, which calls for action "Vari!". The manufacturer (the St. Petersburg company "Landskrona") produces non-stick pans since 2002. The assortment of the brand is represented by dishes made of cast and stamped aluminum. Quality coverage is provided by Whirford, a company known all over the world.

The Russian company "Landskrona" was the first in the country to master the production of kitchen utensils with a stable coating of ceramics. In the assortment of the brand there are super ceramic frying pans Dune. This is a new series of kitchen utensils, which is distinguished by its durability, reliability and beautiful design. Producer Vari is famous for its high quality products, innovative materials for frying pans. It depends on it the service life of kitchen utensils.

In addition to the production of pancakes, the brand is engaged in the production of ceramic cookware, a frying pan made of strong aluminum, ceramics, as well as goosefoot unattached without covering with a thick body. The buyer is also available brandware with non-stick coating.

Advantages and disadvantages

The Russian manufacturer of kitchen utensils Vari stands out among other brands. In production, non-stick coatings of known brands are used, which have been tested for quality, safety and durability. Vari - frying pan (customer reviews eulogies) - reliable and environmentally friendly, because it is made without the use of perfluorooctanoic acid. The advantages of a pancake pan and other products of the Russian brand include:

  • Frying pans of the Russian manufacturer meet the European standards, as for their production discs with Italian coating are used;
  • Accessories Variable aesthetically attractive, comfortable, reliable and safe, made by Italian manufacturers;
  • The cover of pancake pans is heat-resistant, so they are suitable for all cooking surfaces;
  • Casting utensils are made of billets of food aluminum alloy AK7P;
  • The goods control system is based on the standard European method, which is used by dish makers around the world;
  • The company has its own research laboratory that monitors and tests the quality of products;
  • Affordable price of frying pans and other kitchen utensils.

The drawbacks include the possibility of counterfeit goods of the Russian brand Vari.


Vari - frying pan, which can be read about in the article, is distinguished by the fact that it uses environmentally friendly, proven materials. All the coverings of the dishes of this brand are safe and high-quality. The peculiarity of the inner covering of the frying pans protects the material from the adverse effects of alkalis, acids, food. For the production of pancakes, pottery and a widespread non-stick coating based on polytetrafluoroethylene are used. Also, the company uses a revolutionary fluoropolymer coating on a water basis, which withstands high temperatures, has a long service life and strength. Innovative materials are applied by spraying methods, for example, Eclipse. This system has three layers, fastened by high-strength solid elements.

The form

Vari - frying pan (reviews help to choose the best model), which differs not only in affordable price and innovative materials, but also in form. The frying pan must be flat, making it easy to turn the dough without damaging it. Deep frying pans are intended for frying meat, potatoes, stewing vegetables and other dishes.


The company produces different models of frying pans. For example, the Vari litta frying pan, reviews of which are mostly positive, has proven its practicality, convenience and high quality. The model is suitable for gas, electric cooker and glass-ceramic. Pans series Dune have a top class cover, which consists of small ceramic particles Eterna. Thanks to these particles the frying pan serves much longer: it is durable, well repels water and fat, is resistant to various defects.

Model pans pancake with non-stick coating Vari - unique. It is equipped with a comfortable long handle that allows you to turn the pancakes comfortably, protects from burns and contact with the hot surface. The thick bottom heats the dough evenly, so pancakes turn rosy over the whole surface. Pancake pan "Vari Scandia 22" is made of black metal with non-stick coating, it has a diameter of 22 centimeters. Plus, it can be washed in a dishwasher, and also used on gas, ceramic, electric, induction cookers and in the oven. Frying pan for cooking pancakes Vari Fresco Ceramica - casting dishes, which has an innovative ceramic coating "Fusion". The model features excellent thermal storage properties, ideal for glass-ceramic plates. Innovative coating of the third generation is characterized by the fact that it is based on a strong ceramic matrix, which prevents the occurrence of chips and erasure. The bottom of the model is thickened, the coating has non-stick properties, the handle is Italian, made of heat-resistant material.

Frying pan Vari pietra, reviews about which are mostly positive, environmentally friendly. Outwardly, it imitates a granite pattern, and non-stick coating with titanium particles does not contain heavy metals. The frying pan material does not come into contact with the products and does not release hazardous substances. Cooking in such a frying pan can even be without oil, as the surface protects the dough from burning. Frying pan is high-strength, resistant to mechanical damage. The bottom is made of food aluminum, resistant to sharp temperature changes.


Pancake frying pan Vari, reviews about which will help you choose the ideal model for the preparation of pancakes, is available to every hostess. Frying pans of the Russian brand are inexpensive. The price range is wide - from 300 to 3000 rubles, perhaps even higher. Everything depends on the purpose of the frying pan and the materials from which it is made. The most expensive pancakes made of ceramic with innovative coating.


Kitchen utensils of the Russian brand are distinguished by high quality, durability and reliability. Vari Mineral - frying pan, reviews about which are mostly positive, comfortable, beautiful, inexpensive, as well as other dishes of this brand. Frying pancakes, judging by the responses of the housewives, they wash well, the dough does not burn, they are light, the handle does not heat up during cooking, they are inexpensive, they are suitable for all surfaces of plates.

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