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Olga Shukshina: biography of the youngest daughter of a great man

Lydia Fedoseeva-Shukshina, Maria Shukshina - these names are known to almost everyone who watches TV. Undoubtedly, these women are uncommon, talented and active in the sphere of national culture and show business. Perhaps someone thinks that there are no other heirs of the glory of the great Russian writer, director and actor ... But they are.

Different daughters of Shukshin

Firstly, this is the eldest daughter of Catherine. Little is known about her, her mother is Victoria Sofronova.

There is one more daughter - Olga Shukshina. Biography, the personal life of the genius chronicler of Russian life was rich in events, which his contemporaries exert. In the past era, it fit organically, was part of it. Today Vasily Shukshin is difficult, almost impossible, to present among modern party-goers, surrounded by a false tinsel of popularity and a false ugliness of ratings. Such is Olga Shukshina, whose biography has been associated with the church in recent years. They said that she allegedly went to the monastery. Others claimed that she was not a nun, but a novice. Both that, and another - a lie. She's just an Orthodox church person: he believes in God, loves him and works in the Nikolo-Shartomsky Monastery. It was her destiny, and this fact does not indicate any kind of religious fanaticism or hermitage.

The second birth in an acting family

The third, the youngest daughter of Vasily Shukshin, is Olga Shukshina. Her biography takes its roots in 1968. July 29, her father, while on the set, received a joyful news - a telegram, which spoke of the birth of another member of his family. Like Maria, the youngest is very much like her mother, but her eyes are father's. Birthdays are also close, the difference is only four days.

As a child, Masha and Olya appeared on the set. By the way, they can be seen in the movie "Stoves-benches."

Growing up

The second husband of Lydia Fedoseyeva-Shukshina, cameraman Mikhail Agranovich, tried to replace the girls with his own father. It turned out he was not always successful: he was embarrassed by the children, and the girls did not experience the usual warmth of their fathers. In the meantime, her mother plunged into the creative process.

The girls grew up thinking about their future. Usually the children of artists, not paying attention to parental objections, want fame, and choose the same profession. Entered the VGIK and Olga Shukshina. Her biography as a movie actress did not want to come together. She starred in good pictures: "Eternal Husband" (according to MF Dostoyevsky), "Tired" (adaptation of the drama Adel Al-Hadad) and "Mother" Gleb Panfilov. She managed to successfully carry out the tasks set by the director, but she felt great traction towards literature. Publicity of the acting profession did not like Olga, she aspired to the writer's thoughtful work. As a consequence - admission to the Literary Institute. Now she writes autobiographical essays, which many really like. So the writer Olga Shukshina was born. Photos in print publications and the Internet, interviews and other attributes of popularity are in the past.

Olga and the Church

The reasons to believe that Vasily Shukshin's younger daughter "hit the religion" were. The climate of North Palmyra is not suitable for everyone. Her son Vasya was often sick, and doctors advised him to live for several years where the climate is milder. Lydia Fedoseyeva-Shukshina, being a secular man, but visiting the temple, once asked for advice to his father Nikon, the abbot of the Nikolo-Shartsky monastery (Shuya) and his confessor. He immediately rendered assistance, having lodged the daughter and grandson of his famous parishioner at the dacha in the Crimea, not far from Simferopol.

Many are imbued with the charm of Orthodoxy through the beauty of church rites. She was fascinated by singing and prayers and Olga Shukshina. Her biography in the next decade and a half is connected with the monastic life, where the woman found application of her natural kindness, intellect and abilities: she taught children at school at the orphanage. There, among the children-peers, her son also felt great. Olga did not shy away from any work, if necessary - she washed floors or helped in the kitchen in the refectory. She does not have a profile pedagogical education, but due to her righteous character and humility, she got the right to deal with children. According to Olga, this was the most interesting and wonderful period of her life.

Memory of the father

In the Vologda region, where a wonderful film "Red Kalina" was shot, Olga Shukshina also visited. Biography, children and grandchildren of the great son of the Russian land are always under close scrutiny. The way they met the daughter of the writer, actor and director, deeply touched her soul. Who was the father, she realized at the age of twenty, and realized that her duty was to meet the high moral principles that permeated his works.

Now she is engaged in creativity, living in her own house, spending the summer at the dacha near Moscow. Relations with relatives, at one time uneasy, began to improve. She is an independent person, including material. She lives simply and freely, in accordance with Orthodox traditions, the daughter of the famous father - Olga Shukshina. Her biography, her personal life and everyday details do not serve as a material for sly reporters, greedy for sensations, and she likes it.

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