NPK "EPL Diamond": customer reviews, history, features and assortment

Diamonds mined in Yakutia are known throughout the world for their purity, size and uniform structure.

The company "EPL Diamond" is engaged in diamond mining at its own deposit, and the faceting is done in its own production facilities. This company is among the top three in terms of the number of stones exported abroad.

history of the company

The history of the company began in 1994, when Petr Stepanovich Fedorov founded a production laboratory where the first diamonds were cut. Here, filigree cutting of the most difficult stones was performed.

In 1997, the company "EPL Diamond" was part of the Diamond Exchange of Israel. This is the largest stock exchange, which can be joined only by the most professional participants of the diamond market and the sphere of production. Of Russian companies, no one has been awarded such an honor.

In 2006, the structure of the company underwent major changes. In addition to the fact that the production itself was modernized and completely updated, the staff of permanent employees increased significantly, and a decision was made to open its own trading network. The company's stores opened all over the world.

Holding structure

The company "EPL Diamond" at the moment is the largest production holding and includes several divisions:

  • Mining and lapidary, which is engaged in the direct procurement of raw materials: natural diamonds on their own mines;
  • A factory that produces jewelry "EPL Jeweler" using its own diamonds;
  • A network of shops that sells jewelry products, as well as cut diamonds and other stones.

The main office of the company is in the Republic of Sakha, in the city of Yakutsk.

The production lines use the latest technology of Russian and foreign production, which makes it possible to obtain an accurate and ideal stone cutting.

Assortment of the company

Diamonds NPK "EPL Diamond" are framed in a worthy frame: gold of any colors and platinum. The artists of the plant try to make jewelry with grace and delicacy, so that the metal additionally emphasizes the luxury of the stone. In stores you can buy luxurious rings and earrings, engagement rings, exquisite necklaces, bracelets and much more.

In addition to colorless, the company offers its customers luxurious colored diamonds, which are rare in the deposits. The possessor of such a product can be proud of him and pass it by heredity.

Products with diamonds become more expensive with time, therefore, investing in stones is quite profitable and is in demand among investors.

Quite interesting is the collection with diamonds for children, which is called "My first diamonds". The stone in such products is small, and the products, at first glance, are rather simple and concise. Small fashionistas will appreciate the elegant pendants on the chain or earrings from the company "EPL Diamond". Reviews about the quality of the children's collection are only positive. Many consumers note that the earrings and chains have a reliable enough lock that does not unfasten. Now the child will not lose a valuable piece of jewelry because of the unfastened lock.

Jewelry designer

The company offers its customers to use the designer of jewelry on the official website. The customer chooses the parameters of the jewelry: metal, color, shape and size of the stone, the type of cut and the method of decoration - and immediately sees the cost of the future decoration on the site. Here you can choose the purity and weight of the stone, shade and unique shape. By creating jewelry in this way, a customer can get a unique piece of jewelry, which will not be analogous to the whole world. The service is very convenient, because the client can place an order on the site, and it will be taken away from the store.

Cutting "Burning Ice"

The method of very effective and complex cutting "Flaming Ice" was invented by Yakut masters, employees of the company "EPL Diamond". This cut is distinguished by its unique precision and filigree, and no master in the world could repeat it. This type of cut is the pride of the Yakut company. Not all stones can be cut. Only one in ten diamonds can become the raw material for the "Burning Ice". The cost of such a stone is significantly different from other diamonds, and only real connoisseurs can afford such a product. You can talk about such a product as much as you like, but you need to see the unique cut once and evaluate it with your own eyes.

Customer Reviews

A woman buys items with diamonds not every day, because this purchase is not at all budgetary. Usually a piece of jewelry is acquired on the eve of an event in life, remains with the owner for life, and then passed down from generation to generation as a family heirloom. That's why women are waiting for a special relationship in the jewelery store. For the seller to sell earrings, rings and necklaces - just a daily work.

It's hard to work in the company, but the salary is set rather high by the leadership of the company EPL Diamond. Customer feedback on the store varied. Very often in the network you can find negative opinions caused by improper behavior of employees. Someone was obsessively offered to buy this or that product, someone was ignored, because they wanted to buy a more budgetary product, and someone was refused to do any work, for example, in the request to insert a diamond in the frame, not the diamond purchased in the company, but Own semiprecious stone.

Unfortunately, with such attitude of sellers to the buyer it is possible to meet in any store, but it is especially noticeable when buying is associated with a trembling event in life. Only a few negative reviews about the company's malevolent employees are lost in a stream of enthusiastic, but still there.

On the quality of products from the company "EPL Diamond" customer reviews in the network are only positive. Someone especially notes the long life of the ring without the appearance of scratches on it, someone praises the quality fixing of the stone, which makes it possible to use the products in everyday life, and someone notes reliable locks that are difficult to unfasten even in order to simply take off the decoration . But accidentally lose an expensive piece of jewelry will not work.

The company "EPL Diamond" (Yakut diamonds) reviews are received constantly, and especially the customers allot several related services. Many customers are positive about this service of jewelry stores, which consists in polishing jewelry. Many customers note that the company provides discounts on future purchases in the network of jewelry stores of the Yakut brand on a discount card. After reading numerous reviews about the company, there is a positive impression about the products, and I want to consider it more closely and buy.

Feedback of the company's employees

Employees of the company usually rarely leave feedback about it, it can happen only under the influence of some emotional event. Negative feedback is based on the behavior of higher-level personnel, who allows themselves to connect their own emotions at work. This happens in every company, and the opposition of a stressful situation is one of the main criteria for the admission of a new employee to the state.


Of the minuses of the company "EPL Diamond" reviews of the employer reflect a fairly serious struggle for customers, since wages directly depend on the level of sales. This was especially felt by employees who worked in not very popular shops. The competition among the personnel was very noticeable, and it was quite difficult for them to withstand emotionally dependent people.


Of the pluses, employees emphasize a completely white salary, a comfortable work schedule and a young team. It is very profitable for a beginner to start working in a large company, since there are examples of experienced workers, as well as rather large career prospects.

Especially enthusiastic about the company "EPL Diamond" reviews leave young girls who have just started their work. A fairly decent salary for the trainee, a convenient schedule and the opportunity to be equal to experienced colleagues allowed them not only to start full-fledged work, but also gain valuable experience.

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