Nicholas II's mistake and the shooting of the Romanov family

Nicholas II - the last Russian emperor. He took the Russian throne at the age of 27 years. In addition to the Russian crown, the emperor also received a huge country, torn by contradictions and all kinds of conflicts. He was in for a heavy reign. The second half of Nikolai Alexandrovich's life took a very difficult and long-suffering turn, the result of which was the execution of the Romanov family, which in turn meant the end of their rule.

Dear Nicky

Nicky was born (his family name was Nikolai) in 1868 in Tsarskoe Selo. In honor of his birth in the northern capital was given 101 gun volleys. At the christening the future emperor granted the highest Russian awards. His mother - Maria Feodorovna - from her earliest childhood she taught her children religiosity, modesty, courtesy, good manners. In addition, she did not allow Nicky to forget for a moment that he was a future monarch.

Nikolai Alexandrovich sufficiently heeded her demands, having mastered the lessons of education is excellent. The future emperor has always been tactful, modest and good-natured. He was surrounded by love from relatives. He was called "dear Nicky."

Military career

At a young age, the Tsesarevich began to notice a great desire for military affairs. Nikolay with great desire took part in all parades and reviews, in camp camps. He strictly observed the military regulations. Curiously, his military career began in ... 5 years! Soon the crown prince was promoted to second lieutenant, and a year later was appointed ataman in the Cossack troops.

At the age of 16, the czarevich swore "on loyalty to the Fatherland and the Throne". He served in the Transfiguration Regiment. I rose to the rank of colonel. This rank was the last in his military career, since, being an emperor, Nicholas II believed that he had "no quiet and no quiet right" for independent assignment of military ranks.

Accession to the throne

Nikolai Alexandrovich took the Russian throne at the age of 27 years. In addition to the Russian crown, the emperor also received a huge country, torn by contradictions and all kinds of conflicts.

The Coronation of the Emperor

It took place in the Assumption Cathedral (in Moscow). During the solemn event, when Nicholas approached the altar, a chain of the Order of St. Andrew the First-Called flew from his right shoulder. All who were present at that moment at the ceremony unanimously took it as a bad omen.

The tragedy on the Khodynka field

The shooting of the Romanov family today is perceived by everyone in different ways. Many believe that the beginning of the "tsarist persecution" was laid on holidays on the occasion of the coronation of the emperor, when one of the most terrible crushes in history appeared on the Khodynka field. In it, more than half a thousand (!) People were killed and wounded! Later, from the imperial treasury, the families of the deceased were paid considerable sums. Despite the Khodynka tragedy, the planned ball was held the evening of the same day.

This event caused many people to speak about Nicholas II as a heartless and cruel king.

Nicholas II's mistake

The emperor understood that the government needed to change something urgently. Historians say that is why he declared war on Japan. That was in 1904. Nikolai Alexandrovich seriously counted on a quick victory, thereby stir up patriotism in the Russians. This was his fatal mistake ... Russia was forced to suffer a most shameful defeat in the Russo-Japanese War, losing such lands as the Southern and Far Sakhalin, as well as the fortress of Port Arthur.

A family

Shortly before the shooting of the Romanov family, Emperor Nicholas II played a wedding with his only beloved - the German princess Alisa Hessenskaya (Alexandra Feodorovna). The wedding ceremony took place in 1894 in the Winter Palace. Throughout his life, Nikolay and his wife remained warm, tender and touching. They were separated only by death. They died together. But about this - later.

In akkurat during the Russo-Japanese war in the family of the emperor was born heir to the throne - Tsarevich Alexei. This is the first boy, before that Nikolai had four girls! In honor of this was given a volley of 300 guns. But soon the doctors determined that the boy was sick with an incurable disease - hemophilia (blood incoagulability). In other words, the prince could bleed even from the cut of his finger and perish.

"Bloody Sunday" and World War I

After the shameful defeat in the war across the country began to emerge unrest and protests. The people demanded the overthrow of the monarchy. The discontent with Nicholas II grew with every hour. On Sunday, January 9, 1905, crowds of people came to the Winter Palace with a demand to accept their complaints about the terrible and difficult life. At this time, the emperor and his family were not in the Winter Palace. They rested in Tsarskoye Selo. Troops who were in St. Petersburg, without the order of the emperor opened fire on civilians. Everyone died: women, old people and children ... Together with them the people's faith in their king was killed for good! In that "bloody Sunday" 130 people were shot and several hundred were wounded.

The Emperor was very shocked by the tragedy that had happened. Now nothing and no one could reassure public discontent with the whole royal family. All over Russia, unrest and rallies began. In addition, Russia entered the First World War, which it announced Germany. The fact is that in 1914 military action began between Serbia and Austria-Hungary, and Russia decided to protect a small Slavic state, for which it was called "to a duel" by Germany. The country simply faded before our eyes, everything flew into tar-tarars. Nikolai did not yet know that the price for all this would be the execution of the royal family of the Romanovs!


The First World War dragged on for many years. The army and the country were extremely unhappy with such a vile tsarist regime. People have lost patience. In the northern capital, the imperial power actually lost its power. The Provisional Government (in Petrograd) was created, which included the enemies of the tsar - Guchkov, Kerensky and Milyukov. The tsar was told about everything that is happening in the country as a whole and in the capital in particular, after which Nicholas II decided to abdicate from his throne.

The October Revolution of 1917 and the shooting of the Romanov family

On the day when Nikolai Alexandrovich officially abdicated, his entire family was arrested. The Provisional Government assured his wife that all this was done for the sake of their own safety, promising to send them abroad. After some time, the most ex-emperor was also arrested. He was taken with his family to Tsarskoe Selo under guard. Then they were deported to Siberia to the city of Tobolsk, to finally stop any attempt to restore the royal power. There, and lived the whole royal family until October 1917 ...

It was then that the Provisional Government fell, and after the October Revolution the life of the royal family deteriorated sharply. They were transferred to Yekaterinburg and kept in harsh conditions. The Bolsheviks, who came to power, wanted to arrange a demonstrative trial of the royal family, but were afraid that it would rekindle the feelings of the people, and they themselves would fail. After the regional council in Yekaterinburg, a positive decision was made on the execution of the imperial family. Uralspolkom granted the request for execution. It remained less than a day before the last family of the Romanovs disappeared from the face of the earth.

Shooting (photo is for obvious reasons missing) was committed at night. Nicholas and his family were taken out of bed, saying that they were being transported to another place. A Bolshevik named Yurovsky quickly said that the White Army wanted to liberate the former emperor, so the Soviet of Soldiers 'and Workers' Deputies decided to immediately shoot the entire royal family, in order to put an end to the Romanovs once and for all. Nicholas II did not manage to understand anything, as immediately there was a random shooting of him and his family. So the earthly journey of the last Russian emperor and his family ended.

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