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Modern trends in design of magazines and polygraphy

Polygraphy has been and still remains a powerful advertising tool. Today, printers offer a variety of tools for delivering information to a wide audience, both for a quick result and for a long-term perspective.

Magazine advertising works for a long time and has a great impact on the reader. Magazines are stored for months at any time to return to their reading, are passed on to friends and acquaintances, they are left in cafes and libraries, so that people can pass the time for reading. Attractive headlines, interesting and capacious material delivery, bright graphic content - all this makes them popular and attractive. Logs can not be ignored.

Modern trends and the desire of an impatient audience to receive information quickly and easily required an instant response from publishers: weekly editions with small articles and relevant news helped to raise magazines to a new level. To date, the magazine market is considered one of the most dynamically developing in the advertising field.

The development of the market and changing the preferences of the audience motivate modern printing houses to search for new solutions in the design and production of printed products. To keep up with the times, it is necessary to take into account the latest trends in advertising printing. What should a modern printing house take into account? We will see.

  1. Simplicity and minimalism slowly captures the minds of all designers. Simple shapes, a combination of geometric objects, and a transition from horizontal to vertical orientation are important details of modern design.
  2. Particularly careful choice of colors. The emergence of this trend in the design of magazines is associated with the proven science the fact that color strongly affects a person's perception of an object and the formation of an image. Now they use all the variety of shades from juicy and bright to pastel, but the approach to choice has changed. This condition simply can not be bypassed if it is planned to successfully release the magazine and make a certain impression on the consumer.
  3. Fonts should reflect dynamics and activity. Light, thin, flexible - that you need a boiling energy advertising field. Recently, the trend in printing has become inclined and italic fonts with thin lines.
  4. Unusual manufacturing materials are used wherever possible. Magazines are no exception. Whether it's something exotic or materials from a series of protection and conservation of natural heritage - polygraphy will stand out from a number of its competitors.
  5. And most importantly - the creative. If you want your magazine to be noticed and loved by millions, and the circulation increased, come up with an original creative idea. You will find an unusual solution and use other trends in the design of magazines - think you are above the competitors and all attention is drawn to you.

The use of the latest trends in printing is always effective. However, carried away by the design of the magazine, do not forget about its quality. Quality of used materials, content, execution, printing. Missing some details, you can reduce the effectiveness of the journal as a whole. Do you want your magazine to be read? We do not lose sight of anything.

Another interesting observation - glossy magazines read more readily. Yes, their manufacture is more expensive, but the cost is justified by quality: all images and photos look clear, without distortion, and especially attractive. Advertising in this edition works more efficiently. It's not for nothing that all the world's famous journals are printed in this format. Unlike the changing newfangled trends - it's a classic, time-tested.

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