Metal detector X-Terra 705 Minelab: information, specifications, reviews

In the work of the digger it is especially important to have at hand not only a reliable and functional device, but also the possibility of flexible adjustment of the instrument to specific conditions. The graduation of metal detectors on the level of productivity, ranges of action and the availability of additional characteristics has long been taking shape on the market. The middle category includes the metal detector Minelab X-Terra 705, which absorbed the advantages of amateur models, and some features of professional equipment of a modern digger.

Device and construction

The general form-factor and layout of external organs are realized according to traditional principles. In any case, this modification in many respects repeated the design of the previous version with the index of 505. But in other parameters we can speak about the serious differences received by the X-Terra 705 metal detector. Minelab is famous for the use of modern technology Vflex, and in this case the developers successfully optimized its function , Eliminating the sensitive analyzer from interference. An updated microprocessor is responsible for controlling the device. As a result, the quality of recognition of metals has improved, the depth of search and the system of differentiation of minerals have increased.

One of the main components of any detector is a coil. In this case, the creators used the universal model DoubleD. Due to this decision, the Minelab X-Terra 705 metal detector has also been optimized, the detection depth of which, for example, can now reach 50 cm when looking for coins. However, if necessary, it is possible to change the rigging by installing a more powerful component instead of the old coil.

Main characteristics

As already noted, the main element that is responsible for the performance of a metal detector is a coil. It is represented by a standard concentric device that has a frequency of 7.5 kHz. The armrest can change 4 positions, and the length of the device in different assembly variants can be from 1,2 to 1,4 m. At the same time this model can be attributed to the semi-professional due to the extended scales. Thus, the discrimination mask provides a corridor from 0 to 20, and the sensitivity is adjusted on a scale of 1-30. And all this with a modest mass, which made the metal detector Minelab X-Terra 705 more ergonomic. The weight characteristics differ depending on the equipment, but in the standard the device weighs 1.3 kg.

Setup Instructions

The main feature of the model from the point of view of tuning was the appearance of a search mode in conditions of mineralized soil. Also, the old formats of the device operation, including manual mode, beach and automatic, have been preserved. The user can count on automation elements and in the tracking format. This search mode is especially effective when it comes to sand beds, the same mineralized soil and other complex soils. Like the previous versions, the X-Terra 705 Minelab has a convenient tool for determining the center of the target. This is the activation of the PinPoint function, which also allows you to capture the size of the target object. Experienced diggers know that the transition from amateur metal detectors to professional ones from the user's point of view is complicated by the overload of the option, in which it is not easy to understand. But in this model, thanks to an ergonomic screen and a balanced output of pictograms, the task of controlling the device was greatly facilitated.

User's manual

The practice of exploitation shows that the initial knowledge of the characteristics of a particular soil and an accurate understanding of the objects of search are of great benefit, rather than the correct adjustment of the apparatus itself. Nevertheless, it is desirable to improve the efficiency of the process by all available means. Work begins with the preparation of the device, which is tuned to a specific type of soil. Next, use the menu with icons to specify the target object or group, and then proceed with the analysis. As the site is researched, the metal detector Minelab X-Terra 705 should be balanced. The instruction notes that the use of automatic mode will completely exclude the influence of soil interference during the search. However, from the point of view of ergonomics this is not always convenient if the detection tasks and the scanning conditions themselves change.

Maintenance Instructions

It is important to check regularly for the accuracy of monitoring and coil signal feeding. From the correctness of its function, the basic performance of the device depends. It is also necessary to pay attention to the structural state of the device. The quality of fixing fasteners, the reliability of the installation of modular groups and the state of the display - the functionality of the device also depends on these nuances. In addition, it is worth noting the importance of timely updating of batteries from which the metal detector X-Terra 705 feeds. Minelab does not recommend the use of old power sources until full wear, since there is a risk of electrolyte bottling. Chemically active substances adversely affect the quality of the operating properties of the device and in some cases act as soil interference. The same applies to some elements of the inventory, not related to equipping the detector.

Reviews about the metal detector

The development of intermediate models with a focus on universality and multifunctionality is given to manufacturers is not easy. And yet this model for the most part causes positive responses. First of all, an effective system of working with different metals is noted. The device has the ability to distinguish the properties of elements in the search process. All the recorded information goes to the liquid crystal display, which provides a metal detector Minelab X-Terra 705. Reviews about ergonomics are key, because this is a weak spot in professional devices, and low-end versions lose budget. In this case, a balance is observed between seemingly contradictory operational qualities.


The only significant drawback of this model can be called cost. On average, the device costs 28-30 thousand rubles, which is not cheap even for semi-professional devices, to which the metal detector X-Terra 705 can be relied. Minelab offers for this money decent technological solutions and optimized functions with advanced management, but the principal differences from The previous generations are still not observed. You can say that the developers collected all the successful developments and compiled them into one model. As a result, it turned out to be an easy-to-use, productive and truly versatile device for a variety of treasure hunt operations.

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