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Medunitsa: application rules in marching conditions and medicinal properties

Everyone knows that when going on a hike, you need to take with you a first aid kit with medications that you may need in the most common situations. But sometimes it happens that there is no necessary means in the medicine cabinet or it was simply forgotten at home. In such cases, you can use the medicinal properties of plants.

Many medicinal properties have a lungwort. Rules of application in the field conditions will help everyone to improve their health using this plant.

Description of the medicinal plant

Medunica officinalis is widespread in Central and Eastern Europe, the Caucasus, Siberia and the British Isles. This perennial herb is most often found in forests or meadows, and can also grow in urban areas. It grows in separate bushes, up to half a meter in height. The stalk and leaves of the medulla are rough, covered with villi. The basal leaves have a long petiole, an ovate pointed form. They are larger than the stem leaves of a similar shape. Flowers are located on the tops of the stems and have different colors: pink, blue and purple. The plant has long been famous for its curative effect.

Knowing where the lungwort grows, the medicinal properties and rules of application in the field conditions of this plant, any tourist can even take care of his health without even a first aid kit.

Treatment of wounds with a lance

Often in the campaigns people get wounds of varying complexity, and if there is not at hand the right medicine, you can treat the wound with a lungwort. If the scratch is small, it will be enough to treat it with juice from a torn leaf. Juvenile juice has antiseptic and astringent properties, therefore, treating it with a wound, it is possible to avoid infection and accelerate its healing.

If the damage is large, you can stop the blood with the help of a lungwort. To do this, you need to grind the leaves and the stem of the plant into a gruel, which you must superimpose on the wound. Such a compress will also help in case of suppuration. It must be systematically changed until the wound begins to heal. In passing, you should drink tea from the ground part of the lungwort. It will help to purify the blood, and the process of suppuration will quickly disappear.

It is used as a lungwort with insect bites. To localize the itching sore spot, it must be treated with a strong infusion of the plant. Well helps the gruel from the plant to remove the swelling caused by the bee stings.

Treatment with a malignant callus and corns

Usually the most comfortable shoes are used for hiking. But even in this case, on the feet may appear corns or napotypes. To prevent such an unpleasant impression of the trip, it is worthwhile to take advantage of the medicinal actions of medicinal plants, one of which is a lungwort. Healing properties and rules of application in the field conditions of this plant will help quickly get rid of calluses and corns. To do this, you need to lubricate the places of their formation with juice, squeezed out from the ground part of the lungwort, or a strong infusion.

In the same way, cracks on the heels can be treated . The astringent action of the juvenile juice will soften the skin and promote rapid wound healing.

The use of lungwort for diseases of the digestive system

Poisoning in hikes happens quite often. The reason for this may be not very clean water or spoiled food. The medical properties of the lungwort and the rules of application in the field conditions will quickly solve this problem.

For treatment, you need to pour 3 tablespoons of ground ground part of the plant with a liter of boiling water, insist 2 hours and use a glass 4-5 times a day. This infusion will help with diarrhea or ulcers.

The use of lungwort in acute respiratory diseases

Cope with a sudden emerged in the campaign of acute respiratory diseases will help the lungwort. The rules of application in field conditions will help to quickly cure the disease with the help of infusion from this plant, without having medicines at hand. It's very simple to cook: a tablespoon of ground ground part of the lungwort should be poured a glass of boiled, cooled to 20 degrees of water. Infuse should be 3 hours and take 50 mg 4 times throughout the day.

Medunitsa in marching conditions will help get rid of cough. Due to the emollient property, the infusion contributes to the excretion of sputum, and with its help it is possible to cure bronchitis or pneumonia. Also with the help of a lungwort you can get rid of the hoarseness of the voice.

Decoction from lungwort with diseases of the urinary system

In the hikes, very often hypothermia can occur, which is often fraught with diseases of the urinary system. There may also be an exacerbation of already existing diseases. Avoid complications in such cases will help the lungwort. The rules of application in the field conditions of the medicinal properties of this plant will help get rid of acute nephritis and cure kidney and bladder diseases.

For treatment, you need 3 tablespoons of chopped smallweed pour 0,5 liters of boiling water and insist for 2 hours. Infusion is better to keep in a thermos. If the thermos is not at hand, then the container with infusion should be wrapped up to maintain a high temperature. Take the broth for half a glass 4 times a day for half an hour before meals.

The use of this infusion will help with anemia or hemorrhoidal bleeding.

Use of lungwort with headaches

Headaches in campaigns are not uncommon. They are often caused by a change in the environment. The cause may also be excessive nervousness or overexcitation. In any of these cases, a wizard will come to the rescue. The rules of application in marching conditions will help not only to get rid of the headache, using the properties of this plant, but also to put in order the state of the nervous system. Flavonoids in the lungwort contribute to the normalization of blood pressure, and headaches caused by hypertension are cured by decoction from this plant.

For treatment, use a decoction prepared from the ground part of the lungwort. 100 grams of the crushed plant is poured into 0.5 liters of boiling water and held for about 15 minutes on a steam bath. Use the broth should be 50 mg 4 times a day for 20 minutes before eating.

Elimination of beriberi with midship

The human diet under normal conditions makes it possible to replenish the body with vitamins and beneficial substances. In the campaign it is much harder to follow this. After all, when going in a way, people take only what is necessary for survival. To avitaminosis is not a problem, and the body has not been exhausted by physical stress, it is worth using a luncheon in cooking. After all, this plant has a whole complex of vitamins.

Usually young leaves of the plant. Since they are rough to the touch and have a mucous structure, they should be used as an additive to salads. Of these, you can also cook porridge or soups. You can also use the petals of the flowers of this plant, which abound with useful substances.

Who is contraindicated?

The rules of application in the field, summarized in this article, can help many people to improve their health. Medunitsa is a plant that has almost no contraindications. True, it can not be used for constipation and intestinal atony. People who have increased blood coagulability, can use only light teas from this plant. Also, the individual intolerance to this plant may be a contraindication.

Each person who loves hiking, you need to know what properties possesses a lungwort. The use of the curative power of this plant in the field conditions will avoid unforeseen health problems and lead an interesting time on the journey.

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