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Tourmaline bracelet: useful properties

Tourmaline is a mineral that has truly unique health-improving properties. Note that this gem is actively used in microelectronics and in many modern medical devices. In nature, tourmaline can be found crimson and green, much less often - blue and yellow.

In recent years, have gained immense popularity jewelry based on this stone, namely bracelets. And they are popular not only in women, but also in men. The differences here are only in design. Bijouterie for ladies is more refined and refined. A tourmaline bracelet for men is made in a simpler version. A pretty aesthetic design allows you to wear an accessory at any time, and it does not interfere with the ordinary life of a person, work or study. Such decorations are bought even by children.

Tourmaline bracelet: how does it work?

Tourmaline when heated from the human body begins to emit strong infrared and magnetic radiation. They penetrate even the deepest layers of the skin, destroying the active radicals and many other substances that are not wholesome for the body. As a result, the effect of the so-called resonant absorption is observed. This effect helps to relax the muscles of not only the internal organs, but also the blood vessels. Thus, there is an expansion of blood vessels, the oxygen content in the bloodstream increases, all cells are saturated with energy. Over time, tourmaline bracelet restores and regularly feeds the human biofield, reducing the impact of harmful environmental influences on it.

Experts argue that the impact of the bracelet is a bit like the popular procedures of Chinese medicine (massage, acupuncture).

Tourmaline bracelet: a useful effect

Many people have already benefited from these amazing ornaments. And scientific research only proves that the compounds that make up the stone are capable of beneficially influencing the various physiological processes taking place in the body. All the positive properties are particularly noticeable with the constant wearing of such costume jewelry. So, what is "capable" of both a female and a male tourmaline bracelet:

  • Improves metabolism;
  • The activation of endocrine glands occurs;
  • Muscular pain recedes with time;
  • There is an expansion of the blood vessels, which improves blood circulation;
  • Now you can forget about fast fatigue and frequent headaches;
  • Improves the general condition of certain rheumatic diseases;
  • Blood pressure quickly returns to normal;
  • There is strengthening of the immune system;
  • Permanent protection against fatigue, depression and stress.

Tourmaline bracelet: contraindications

There are not many contraindications, but nevertheless they should be noted:

  • You can not wear jewelry on the spot where there are even the slightest damages to the skin;
  • With caution it is worth using it to those who have a pacemaker implanted;
  • Strict prohibition of wearing at elevated body temperature;
  • If you are addicted to allergies, you need to see if any types of dermatitis appear on the skin;
  • Pregnant and lactating mothers should abstain from using a bracelet.

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