Master class, how to make a bumper on the phone with their own hands

Today you rarely see a phone without a cover. It helps not only to protect the body of the gadget from damage, but also to diversify its appearance. We suggest you to learn how to make a bumper for the phone with your own hands.

Interchangeable pictures

The easiest way to decorate the bumper on the phone with your own hands is to use a ready-made illustration from a magazine, book or poster. Also you can print any picture you like.

To make such an accessory you need to buy a transparent bumper cover for the phone. With your own hands, circle it on a sheet of paper with a pencil or pen. Cut out the pattern. This will be a preparation for further crafts.

Attach the pattern to the back of the desired picture and circle it. Carefully cut out the illustration on the outline. Do not forget to make holes for the camera and speakers, if any.

Now left to insert a picture inside the cover. Everything, the bumper on the phone with their own hands is ready. The main thing is that you can make as many pictures as you like and change them as often as you need it.

Attached items

The second popular way to decorate the cover with your own hands is to glue decorative elements to the bumper. It's pretty quick, and the finished result has an effective look.

Master class, how to decorate the bumper for the phone with your own hands:

  1. Take an old unnecessary cover or buy a new one.
  2. Prepare decorative elements. It can be rhinestones of different colors, sizes and shapes, beads, rivets and spikes, unusual fittings (buttons, small brooches) and so on.
  3. If the cover is not completely covered, but only partially, then take care of the background. Most likely it will need to be painted over. Then you need an acrylic paint or a can.
  4. Spread the decorative elements on the back of the bumper in the order they should be in the end. If you want to lay out the decor linearly, and not in a pattern, then take a ruler and lay out the items on it. So you can make straight lines.
  5. Take the tweezers and the glue-moment.
  6. Gently glue each element, taking it with tweezers.

All is ready. The only drawback of this bumper - if you want to change the cover, you will need to buy a new one.

Coloring with varnishes

The use of nail polish is also a good way to decorate the cover. True, it takes much longer than described above. After all, some lacquer needs to be applied in two layers, and also it needs to be allowed to dry well.

So, for work you will need an old or new cover and nail polish. Come up with a future design. The simplest variant is to make a graphic drawing (for example, zigzags or strips). If you stop at this decor, then you need to take more paint tape.

Operating procedure:

  1. Degrease the cover with a nail polish remover.
  2. Make markings on the bumper with paint tape. To do this, glue it in the necessary places. For example, if you want to draw strips, then glue the parallel pieces of the stack with a small distance.
  3. Take the first color of the varnish and paint the spot free of scotch. Allow the layer to dry.
  4. If you have more than two colors flat, then remove the first cattle and stick a new one in other places.
  5. Take another varnish and draw more stripes.
  6. Thus, make as many colorful strips as you need.
  7. Allow the varnish to dry, and then coat the cover with a colorless topcoat.

The colored bumper on the phone with my own hands is ready. If, after some time after use, the varnish starts to crack or crumble, this can easily be corrected with the help of the same colors.

Pouch with sparkles

Such a bumper on the phone with their own hands will turn out not only stylish, but also very effective. Especially relevant such an accessory will be in the winter holidays, when everything is sparkling.

For work you will need to take any cover, glitter, glue for decoupage or diluted PVA and a brush. First, pour out some of the glue in the saucer and pour most of the sparkles into it. Mix everything with a brush. Then apply a shiny mixture on the cover. Sprinkle the rest of the spangles from above. Allow the cover to dry thoroughly.

In this way, you can make not only solid bumpers. It's very nice to look at the gradient effect - a smooth transition from one color to another.

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