Making Christmas trees from paper: several manufacturing options

To create a festive atmosphere on the eve of the New Year, it is not necessary to cover a chic table, dress up in carnival costumes and give many gifts. Help the guests to catch a certain mystery in anticipation of the miracle will help appropriate interior design. Even small, but unusual trifles will surprise with their originality and will be tuned to the right fret. Make, for example, different in appearance Christmas trees made of paper. Let's consider some variants how to make this accessory by own hands in the simple ways and by means of origami technique.

Choice of colors

Agree that it is more customary to see traditional green Christmas trees made of paper, cardboard or fabric. But it's quite interesting and very stylish look products of other shades. We are talking, of course, not about, say, the purple-red color scheme. White, light lilac, pale blue - amazing and delicate in appearance, crafts with such a color solution will fit perfectly into the most extravagant or classic interior. There is no limit to fantasy. Try to combine several shades, having issued a smooth transition, or create a composition from the change of contrasting strips. The items described below, made in a green color scheme, can be refreshed with new ideas, applying in practice at least something unusual from the above.

How to make voluminous Christmas trees from paper

New Year's crafts can be done in completely different ways. But that the product was voluminous, you can apply the principle of assembly. Let's list the main possible variants of manufacturing, using different techniques of paper needlework:

  • Modeling from cut out contour parts. The simplest way of assembling from individual parts.
  • Simple origami. Crafts are made by folding out of a whole piece of material.
  • Modular origami. Assembly (complex models according to schemes) is carried out from the set of mini parts of one or different types.
  • Quilling. Assembly of original products from small pieces that are obtained by folding thin paper strips in the form of ornamental patterns.

Herringbone from paper is volumetric: assemblage from several tiers

Perhaps, this way of making crafts is the simplest and is accessible for development even for a child. To work, you need color paper, compasses, scissors, a pencil, glue and a straw for a cocktail.

  1. Draw a few circles of different diameter on the paper with the help of a circular. Let us assume that the largest will be 12 cm in width, the next 10 cm, then 8 cm, and so on.
  2. Each circle fold diagonally in half several times, so that the workpiece has turned into a ribbed umbrella.
  3. For clarity of shapes, draw a ruler along the edges of the folds.
  4. Spread out all the circles - the tiers of the future Christmas tree will be obtained.
  5. Carefully make a hole in the center of each workpiece with a plastic straw.
  6. Wrap the trunk of a tree with a ribbon of brown paper, lightly dampening with glue.
  7. After the straw dries completely, string the longlines onto it, placing the widest bottom.
  8. After complete assembly, decorate the top of the product with a large bead or a carved asterisk, and the tiers with any finishing materials.

Crafts of origami

To add more complicated original hand-made articles, you must always follow the detailed instructions. After all, even having a ready-made result before your eyes, it is simply impossible to accurately recreate all the stages of work. After all, the art of origami provides a clear step-by-step construction. Typically, for the manufacture of the most simple models take a single piece of material. A completely different approach for modular modeling. Volumetric handicrafts amaze the complexity of the assembly of many small parts, each of which before this folds separately. An origami tree can be made from paper in the most simple ways. For example, make a small gift accessory - a bookmark.

New Year's mini-crafts

Any given Christmas tree of paper by the New Year will be an excellent surprise. Make mini origami as a modular chain.

  1. Fold the square cut from the paper in half, placing the fold line along the top edge.
  2. Set both upper overlapping angles to the main cloth towards the center line. The dropped edges will protrude slightly beyond the lower edge.
  3. Turn the angled parts underneath so that a triangular outline is obtained.
  4. Fold the workpiece vertically in half so that the lower podvoroty were inside, and the middle part with the joints - from the outside.
  5. Perform several such details. Usually 6-7 modules are enough for one bookmark.
  6. After the mini origami is ready, proceed with the assembly. For this, insert the angle of one folded triangle into the "pocket" side of the other.
  7. Build from the modules a chain in the form of a Christmas tree of paper.
  8. The trunk of a small souvenir tree is made of brown material in the form of a rectangle, and then insert it into the craft from below.
  9. Decorate with rhinestones, sequins, small beads. Bookmark is ready!

In the event that this article is equipped with an upper loop, and the modules and the barrel are attached to each other with glue, you can use the product to decorate the interior or Christmas tree.

Fantasize and invent new ways of making paper crafts, surprising with creativity and novelty!

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