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Lefty's description from the story "Lefty": everything is in order, but the mind is not enough

Millions of Russians are proud of the fact that someone and somewhere the flea has shaken and that has wiped the nose for the Aglitsa masters, and with them and the whole of European civilization. Although Levsha's description of the story "The Left-hander", as described by the writer, does not have any pride. A man who is hammered and carried away by his business, who allows himself to be humiliated and trampled on with his feet, is who the Lefty is.

Fools ... the law is written, and at least read, but not so

But the depth of the work is not exhausted in one way by the ingenious Russian master. It shows, in modern terms, the ineffectiveness of the human resources management system in the country, which has been under the rule of Moscow for 500 years. These high-quality resources are destroyed, kicked, transformed into beings without dignity with a reflex, but not realized, a sense of pride it is not clear why. So the management apparatus is also proud of the fact that Left-hander flew the flea! And this does look stupid. Someone, but they should have understood that the genius granted over was tortured and destroyed, and did not bring even a hundredth part of what he could bring to the country. But this apparatus of loafers and parasites all tallyychit: but our left-hander flew the flea!

Administrative apparatus

Leskov's tale begins with a description of the apartments of the highest official of the country. His foreign ambassadors surprised with a trinket. He asked his officials: is there any people in the country who are equal to the aglitsa masters? And officials do not know anything and answer: "No". Here the image of the Left-hander in Leskov's story appears in the vague belief of the highest official in Russia, because he does not understand what he controls with his mind.

And he calls the representative of the repressive apparatus - General Platov. He easily and without hesitation, answers, they say, there are such, live not far away, in Tula. The top official would immediately disperse the parasites, but he only chided them indulgently: ah-ah, you must believe! Yes, the official should know, and not believe - then he performs his functions, and not without reason he eats his bread, and benefits the Fatherland.

But the country has someone to manage - General Platov knows everything, even though he spent three years on the stove resting: his fists are knobby. Here the character of the Left-hander from the story "The Left-hander" is beautifully revealed by the writer. From the narrative it follows that all masters have the same character - slavish. They were built, torn from the right affairs, humiliated, finally, and they submit the idea that it would be nice to shoe a flea and so surprise foreigners. They are ready to forge the horseshoes, but only Lefty can do the nail, however he is a man of a shrewd nature. "How? - exclaimed Platov, - drag him here! »And all the stupidity instantly disappears when his Pay for the hair and at his feet throws. In this symbolism, Levsha's entire description from the story "The Left-hander" is depicted - this is the slave of bureaucrat-idlers and the repressive apparatus of the state.

Comparison with the masters of Levshy and two management systems

There was a trifle made for slackers, for many years. The highest official was replaced. The ambassadors again came and remembered the flea. They were surprised - this is a genius, that's a master! But why did he shake it, if you just had to change the spring? The answer is Deadly: they (the masters) have not studied anything, they live with God's talents.

And England wanted to look at Lefty. Yes, please, the main person answers and asks officials, they say, where is he? And they do not know. To disperse such servants to the devil's mother, but they call the main one, Platov. Knotted fist will do everything when there are slaves who know how to work.

Trifle in comparison

Lefty's complete description of the story "Lefty" by Leskov is given in the description of his relationship with the Polskieper of Poltki, who knew the Baltic half-way. He understands what an ingenious person is in front of him, and admits that he is a trifle in comparison with the Lefty: only the sex of the Baltic Sea knows, but demands respect for itself, and is still respected. The left-hander is carrying some kind of Platov for his hair, and, plus everything else, he does not have a penny in his pocket either. From the answer the Master creeps run along the back: he explains to the skipper that Platov has some (!) Merits before the Fatherland, about which the Person knows, because he has the right to drag anyone by the hair. And ordinary people are familiar.

In England Levshe is offered to stay and study. He (with his genius) will bring such benefit to all mankind that Lefty's name will remain in the ages. But the Master loves the Motherland and "the Russian women are not the example of the Aglitskian ones". They drive Lefty to the factories, and he immediately grasps on the fly and already gives clever advice. Behind him, three officials (!) Go, these tips write on paper and they are taken to all the aglitsa factories.

Homeland meets his genius

Went in the house Masterova. What to do? See the English - will not hold. They gave him money and asked not to forget, to visit. Too much of a profit he brought to the state of theirs.

Description Lefty from the story "Lefty" on his return to his native land can be printed without a bill in the modern media.

The left-hand man left the bank, the money rings in his pocket. I went to the repressive apparatus to find Platov and tell a secret. And there with all the contempt for it: "Yes you are drunk! Do you know who Platov is ?! "Robbed, beaten and beaten, on the cement floor. The ingenious master was sick, he began to die. But this does not excite anyone. No one remembers him. And he remembered Polshkiper, who brought warships to St. Petersburg.

Lefty's characterization from the story "Lefty" in this place becomes complete - a slave not under compulsion, but by vocation. I found him Polshkiper, bribed the representatives of the repressive apparatus, because they did not understand what they were killing for the person they were. He determined to the hospital. And he dies and asks the friend of his friend to find him Platov. A friend made efforts and through his ambassadors fulfilled the request of a dying person.

Platov arrived. Nothing hid in the general's soul, nothing. It should be so. A Lefty asks him to leave alone with Platov. Remain, and the genius tells the general that they do not clean the guns with a grated brick. The trunks become wider, and bullets dangle in them. As the war (!) With England begins, then they can defeat Rus-Mother. And he died.

It would have been studied without fail by all officials of Russia the story "Lefty", as Leo Tolstoy once advised, then our "lefties" would not have fled to that civilization. We do not appreciate what we have. We start to remember and realize only when we lose it irretrievably.

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