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LCD "European" Rostov-on-Don: reviews of residents

Acquisition of own housing is a crucial period of life. At this time, families have to face a huge number of various difficulties. For example, it is important to find a bona fide developer, so as not to lose not only hopes for the apartment of your dreams, but also your own financial savings. Unfortunately, a huge number of developers today is losing the opportunity to pay for their obligations and bring to completion projects for the construction of which they undertook. Thus, an increasing number of equity holders suffer serious losses. Many can not find assistance from government agencies and outside investors, which means they have to cope with such a difficult situation on their own. To avoid this, it is important to give enough time and attention to researching information about the developer, its current and completed projects. As a rule, it allows to find out whether it is worth collaborating with this developer. For example, this article is intended to inform you about the activities of the GC "Don Alliance" and its major project LCD "European". Details are below.

About the developer

In this article in detail we will talk about everything, concerning LCD "European" (Rostov-on-Don). The developer is the Donskoi Alliance. What can you say about it?

For a long time, the developer "Don Alliance" was known as a company with an impeccable reputation, actively developing, which erected buildings of exceptionally high quality. In a certain territory, the developer became the market leader in its segment.

The main activity of the company in question is the erection of housing complexes and various infrastructure facilities from scratch on the acquired land plots. Construction technology - monolithic-brick. Experts consider it to be the most reliable and durable of the currently used ones.

What are the reasons to apply to the services of this company?

  • Monolithic brick technology.
  • Improvement of the local area.
  • Democratic real estate prices.
  • Possibility of payment without intermediaries.
  • Possibility to get housing in installments.
  • The apartments are finished and ready for living.

However, the situation on the market is changing, and the position of companies in their niches is changing. So it happened with the "Don Alliance". Practice shows that to date the company does not have the financial ability to fulfill its obligations to equity holders. More details on the current situation on the project will be discussed later in this article.

about the project

Let us consider in detail the project itself LCD "European" (Rostov-on-Don). Address: suppression of Baturinskaya Street with the Truzhenikov Street. The project was positioned as a quality property at affordable prices.

The building was designed together with convenient underground parking. All recreation areas were carefully planned and were to contain public gardens, children's and sports grounds. It was also planned to build a comprehensive school together with the stadium and kindergarten, fitness center.

The infrastructure of the district is actively developing. Today there are beauty salons, pharmacies, Apex store and children's development center. Eighteen residential buildings were to be erected.

The apartments of the most varied layouts are planned (including studios, one-room apartments, two and three-room apartments). Used in this case, the technology of erecting a building is a brick-monolith. Improvement of houses near the house was also planned to be given the utmost attention. Communications had to be central. And each building has been decided to equip with an excellent silent elevator.

However, there is something that should be read before deciding on the purchase of housing in the LCD "European" (Rostov-on-Don) - a photo of the progress of construction, which to date has not yet been completed. Detailed information about this is provided later in the article.

LCD "European" (Rostov-on-Don): reviews

At the beginning of construction, buyers were satisfied with the plan he had submitted. Materials should be used high-quality and reliable, which increased the attractiveness of LCD "European" (Rostov-on-Don). The responses of the residents also concerned the beautifully designed adjacent territory, convenient layouts, a large selection of apartments. Indeed, at first everything went perfectly. However, later the situation changed.

Negative feedback

Apartments in the LCD "European" (Rostov-on-Don) are unlikely to soon fall to their rightful owners. The fact is that the developer company does not fulfill its obligations. The project is implemented in general for thirty-seven percent (some buildings - sixty percent, but the majority - ten). Is it worth to believe that the developer will still bring to completion the LCD project "European" (Rostov-on-Don)? Reviews of residents can conclude that they no longer cherish such hopes. Deceived interest holders appeal to higher authorities and the media with a request to pay attention to their problem. Do such actions give any result at all?

Activities of defrauded co-investors

Today, all those who have not received their housing, are making every effort to restore justice. In addition to official letters to government officials and attempts to involve the press in the consideration of the case, deceived interest holders go to pickets. This is intended to draw public attention to this problem. So far, unfortunately, these actions do not bring the desired effect. And most buildings remain unfinished. This is the case, for example, with one of the houses of the LCD "European" (Rostov-on-Don) - Letter 24A. It only partially built the frame, although, according to the established deadlines, the construction of this building should have been completely finished as early as the end of September 2014. On the contrary, the other house of the LCD "European" (Rostov-on-Don) - Letter 21 - was completed in 2015 much earlier than the deadline so that those who move from the emergency real estate could settle there. Nevertheless in this building the elevator still does not work and there is no road to the house, and many components are missing. Since the beginning of 2015, large-scale construction of all houses has ceased, and in the period from 2015-2016 the construction of houses is carried out periodically. The general contractor explains this situation by the lack of money, which was used to pay fines and penalties to interest holders for delay in the delivery of houses. Today, defrauded real estate investors demand to recognize them as such and make them in the appropriate register, indicate the real deadlines for completion of construction works and find a solvent investor for a quality completion of the project. To date, unfinished are ten buildings.


The LCD "European" Rostov-on-Don offers a large selection of apartments. Among them there are studios, one-room, two-room and three-room apartments. The area of the studios ranges from twenty-four to thirty-one square meters, and the cost ranges from forty-two to forty-seven thousand rubles per square meter (or from one million four hundred fifty thousand to one million eight hundred and fifty thousand rubles). One-room apartments occupy thirty-seven to thirty-eight square meters, each costing fifty thousand rubles. That is, the price of housing as a whole will be from two million one hundred and fifty thousand to two million two hundred thousand rubles. Two-room apartments have a yardage of forty-six to fifty and a half square meters to fifty-eight thousand rubles for each (or from two million six hundred and fifty thousand to two million nine hundred thousand rubles for the apartment as a whole). Also offered are three-bedroom apartments ranging in size from sixty-seven to sixty-nine and a half square meters. The cost of each meter in this case will be fifty-six thousand, which gives from three million seven hundred and fifty thousand to three million eight hundred and fifty thousand for the whole apartment.


Considered LCD "European" Rostov-on-Don is located in Zheleznodorozhny district. His developer considers the mission of the company the provision of budgetary and practical housing. Therefore, this housing complex will fully comply with the specified parameters. At the same time, the buildings were located in a prestigious area, their design was carried out in a unified style, which makes the building look even more attractive. In this area, a satisfactory ecological situation, which makes the purchase of an apartment in this complex desirable for an increasing number of people. Also nearby are a huge number of beautiful garden and park plantings. The infrastructure of the area is well developed. Here you will find everything you need from small shops to major shopping and entertainment centers.


How is the situation with the transport accessibility of LCD "European" (Rostov-on-Don)? The reviews say that the sufficient capacity of the highway network located near the housing complex in question makes it possible to move freely in private transport, avoiding traffic jams.

Those who prefer to use public transport will also appreciate the excellent location of the quarter. The stops are in the immediate vicinity of the buildings. Here you can take advantage of both taxis and buses. The variety of available routes allows you to freely move around the city.

The housing complex in question is equipped with a number of above-ground parking lots both for residents of buildings and for their guests.


In this respect, LCD "European" Rostov-on-Don is different from many other housing complexes. The developer does not just finish the finish, but brings the repair almost to the end. The apartments have metal-plastic windows, as well as interior and entrance doors.

The walls are covered with special wallpaper, designed for their subsequent staining. The floor is laid high quality and beautiful laminate. Apartments-studios will even be initially equipped with all the necessary kitchen furniture. All the plumbing in the building is very high quality. It was correctly and securely installed.

All this allows you to live unhindered in the apartment immediately after the purchase, without waiting for the completion of the repair.


The developer, engaged in erection of LCD "European" Rostov-on-Don, has all the necessary documents for the implementation of the activities in question. So, in the presence and free access in the Network there is a building permit, as well as for the extension of work, a project declaration and changes to the project declaration.


Is it worth to contact now with the company "Don Alliance"? It seems that the conclusion suggests itself. It is important to make efforts in order to make the right decisions, which subsequently will not lead to a difficult financial situation for the family. It is necessary to be vigilant, it will pay off with interest.

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