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Kwas Starominsky: reviews and description

Many centuries ago, the ancient Slavs discovered the useful properties of domestic kvass. Nowadays, as a rule, people also respect this drink. One of the most famous and often used is the live kvass "Starominsky". We will tell about this tasty and useful drink in this article.

A couple of words about kvass

Kvass is a low-alcoholic drink that improves digestion and positively affects the cardiovascular system. In ancient Russia it was much thicker than beer, and also had an invigorating taste and contained much more alcohol than the modern version. If a person was told about a "kvass", then they meant "a drunkard". In Russia this drink was almost equated with a saint and was often used in all sorts of ceremonies. For example, one of the rituals: the bride was washed in a kvass kvass before the wedding, and what was left was drunk. After the wedding, the young went to the house of her husband's parents, where they were met with kvass and freshly baked bread, and later with salt.

Since 2006, kvass has become more salable than carbonated drinks. Later popularity began to be typed in barrels with kvass, and throughout the country they began to trade on a spill. But many people prefer to buy this drink in bottles or jars. One of the favorites was kvass "Starominsky".

There is an opinion that after the appearance of vodka steel and kvass by other technologies. The main thing in it is no longer a fortress, but a refined taste and lightness. The alcohol content was several times less. Kvass has several subspecies: on berries, on bread, on fruits. Any of these subspecies has irreplaceable qualities: the drink quenches thirst and charity affects the human body.

Live kvass "Starominsky" in bottles and tin cans

The notorious company of the south of Russia "Surf" has been producing non-alcoholic products for twenty years. One of the products produced by them is kvass "Starominsky". The share of this brand will account for a quarter of sales in the Stavropol and Krasnodar region, the Rostov region, as well as in cities such as Astrakhan and the Crimea. Kvass "Starominsky" is produced both in iron cans and in plastic bottles. It is very convenient, because everyone likes different packaging and volume.

Kvass "Starominsky", whose photo is shown in this article, judging by the label on the bottle, is a product of natural fermentation. It is made according to the state standard and its composition is as close as possible to what was made in the old days.

Kvass "Starominsky" composition has a simple: drinking water, granulated sugar, baker's yeast, concentrate of leavened wort.

It is very pleasant to understand that nothing extra has been added to the drink. The manufacturer took into account the norms of the state standard and brought products closer to the one that was in the old days. Many manufacturers use a lot of different additives (not always useful), thinking that buyers do not care. Unlike them, the company "Surf" works in good faith, and you can confidently use the drinks of its production, knowing that they are made in accordance with GOST and do not contain excess ingredients. Of course, they are also very tasty and perfectly quench their thirst during the hot season, since they have such a sales rating.

Reviews about kvass "Starominsky"

Not surprisingly, kvass "Starominsky" reviews are mostly positive. People who had a chance to taste this delicious drink in the heat were pleasantly surprised: it tastes good, invigorates and refreshes. It can be used for filling okroshki, it turns out a wonderful dish. The drink has an average taste: it is not too sweet, not too sour, moderately fizzy. The only downside of it is that it is difficult to get in some cities or settlements, as it is quickly dismantled, but, again, only because it is very tasty.


Kvass "Starominsky" has a positive effect on the body, as it was said earlier, it improves the heartbeat and charity affects the stomach. Undoubtedly, a home-brewed live drink is very useful, but kvass "Starominsky" is practically no worse. It is delicious, high-quality, does not contain anything superfluous. Of course, there are those who do not like this product, but there are not so many such people. "Starominsky" has become a favorite drink of many families, which speaks for itself - this product is very tasty.

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