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Jam from zucchini with orange: recipe for choice

Jam is an ancient dessert. It is invented not only for the purpose of indulging your loved ones, but also as a good way to keep food for long-term storage. Most often, fruits and berries are used for cooking. As it turned out, the vegetables show themselves well in this field.

We offer to your court zucchini jam with orange. We offer not one option, but several. By the way, you can safely replace an orange with lemon, vanillin, cinnamon or cardamom, any natural flavor that you like is suitable. Sugar is taken in a 1: 1 ratio (vegetable: sugar). Vegetable variety does not play a big role, the only condition is that the product should be put into business without peel and cores with seeds, except for one single case, when the recipe of orange juice and jam includes young vegetables, no more than ten centimeters in size. We will begin with him.

Jam from zucchini with orange. Recipe # 1

Young zucchini up to ten centimeters are washed and thoroughly dried. While the vegetables dry, it is necessary to prepare the syrup. To do this, for each kilogram of sugar squeeze out the juice of one orange, put on a slow fire for boiling. The remaining orange peel should be put in the syrup for flavoring. At the end of cooking it is thrown away. When the sugar dissolves and starts to boil well, zucchini is dropped into it and allowed to simmer over low heat. The lid is not covered with a lid, as the purpose of the process is the digestion of excess liquid from it. From the moment of boiling, it should take fifteen minutes, after which the jam is allowed to cool at room temperature, without covering, only by covering it with clean cloth. The procedure with slow boiling is repeated three times. Then add the orange peel to the boiling jam and pour over sterile jars for further rolling.

Jam from zucchini with orange. Recipe # 2

Brewed exactly the same as the previous version, with the only difference that zucchini are taken ordinary, cleaned from the peel and internals with seeds, are divided into small portioned pieces and only in this form are sent to the syrup.

Jam from zucchini with orange. Recipe # 3

This variation on a given topic implies the use of small cubes or grated zucchini, mixed with pectin (for example, "Zheliks"). This combination of products is sent to medium heat for boiling. Slightly otkemptiv vegetable with pectin, it is sent to the prescription sugar and orange peel. Give to boil and cook for no more than five minutes. After that, pour on sterile jars and roll.

Jam from zucchini with orange. Recipe No. 4

The last recipe also has the right to exist, although it uses a non-jam-specific thing - gelatin. To do this, you will need to finely chopped or grated vegetables mix with sugar and cut quarters orange and leave until the appearance of juice. Then the jam is put on a slow fire and cooked until ready. At the last minute an orange is removed from it, and instead of it a packet of orange jelly is poured out. A packet of jelly is calculated for half a liter of liquid, although it can be done with a lower concentration. Let the gelatin dissolve, then pour over sterile cans and roll.

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