Jacket of large mating: photo and description of works

Sweatshirts for women (large knitting) - this is the most popular item of wardrobe, which has recently become very popular among women of fashion of all generations.

The seasonality of such jackets is determined by the thickness of the yarn. A pattern can be chosen any. It can be a pigtail or a Norwegian pattern, or ordinary knitting with knitting needles, decorated with knitted flowers. Now you can knit a large viscous sweater yourself. This guarantees you exclusivity. Many brand manufacturers included women's sweaters with large viscous in their collections. It's practically a hit!

The world of knitting is amazing

Today we will talk about how to independently connect the most beautiful sweater with a large viscous, with a variety of descriptions.

So, the first part of the article will be held under the slogan "Women's Sweats - for fashionistas. Large knitting »

First option

This sweater is large knitting needles does not require additional details. It already looks great due to the intertwining of large loops.

For sweaters of size 36-38 (chest volume 83-89 cm) you need:

  1. Beige yarn of alpaca and acrylic - 150-200 gr.
  2. Yarn of beige color kidmoher, wool and silk-100 gr.
  3. Circular and toe knitting needles.

It is necessary to knit with two strands together.

Facial rows are knitted with faces, and the purse rows are omnipetals.

The density of knitting is 7 loops per 10 sq. Cm.

Let's start:

  1. For the transfer and the back we type on the circular needles with two threads 58/62 n. We knit in a circle round the front surface.
  2. After reaching 47/48 cm, separate the hinges so that the back and front of the left on 29/31 n. Then, we knit each part separately.
  3. We'll knit the spine next to the facial smoothness. After reaching the height to 66/67 cm, we close the hinges.
  4. For the transfer we also use the facial smoothness. We reach 60/61 cm. To make the neckline, we will close the middle 9 p. Now we knit each side individually.
  5. In order to round out the cut, we close the inside of every second p. 2 times 1 pt. (8/9 p.).
  6. After reaching 66/67 cm, we close the rest of the shoulder loops at a time.
  7. The second side of the neck is fixed in the same way.
  8. To tie the sleeves, we type a double thread on straight spokes 26 n. We knit the facial smoothness.
  9. We close the hinges to 46 cm.
  10. We collect the jacket. For this we make shoulder seams. Then we sew the sleeves. We make the seams of the sleeves.
  11. To make a collar, we type the loops of the neck on the circular knitting needles, one at a time from each edge loop. We skip the fourth loop.
  12. There must be an even number of loops.
  13. We mark the places where the border of the front and back will be.
  14. Next, we knit in a rounded face 20 cm. At the same time, we add 1 loop from each side of the loop every 4 cm. At the end, we close the loops.
  15. That's how easy it is to knit a large sweatshirt with large-sized knitting needles.

The second option

Now you can find a huge number of descriptions and patterns of knitting. Knitted sweaters of large mating - just a delightful subject of wardrobe. Any girl must have such a thing in her closet. We now consider the simplest. Any fashionista can tie her up. The size of the jacket will be 36-38.

We will need:

  1. Gray yarn 1250 -1350 g of merino wool and acrylic.
  2. Spokes straight No 6 and No 8.
  3. Circular knitting needles No 6.

A semi-patented pattern consists of an odd number of loops.

Front row front:

Crom., 1 persons. Loop., 1 out., Loop repeat without chrome. We finish 1 purl and chrome.

Second row is wrong:

Edge, 1 loop with 1 nak. Remove as if you are going out. Then 1 person. Pet. And repeat everything, without chrome. Finish taking off 1 pet. From 1 nak., As if out. And chrome.

The third row of facial:

Crom., Nakid, a loop taken off, we bind the faces together. And 1 is out. Pet. We repeat everything without chrome. We finish, tying the cape and taken off the faces., Chrome.

Then repeat the second and third row.

For the main pattern, it is necessary that the number of loops be a multiple of 4 + 5. See the description.

The density of knitting is 14.4 loops per 10 sq. Cm.

  1. For the backrest we type on the spokes No8 81-89 loops. We knit 1 otnan. R. With the help of persons. Loop.
  2. Then we knit the main pattern. You need to start from the loops to the rapport, then again the rapport. We will finish with loops after the rapport.
  3. After you finish 51.5 cm, close on both sides to 3 pet. For the armhole.
  4. Now in every second p. 1 for 2 and 7 for 1 loop remains 57 for 65 loops.
  5. We close for the bevels of the shoulder, from the beginning we arm through 19.5 cm on both sides 5/6 pet. Then in every second river. 3 by 5/6 loops. At the same time, after 2 rows from the beginning of the bevels of the shoulder in order to make a cutout at the neck, close the middle 13 pet. Now we finish each of the parties separately. To round the edges of the neck, from the edge of the cut we close in the next second river. 1 na.
  6. We knit the left shelf. To do this, we type on the spokes No8 37 (41) a loop. We knit like the back, only for the bevel it is necessary to close from the left edge for every 28 rows 5 to 1 pet.
  7. After 23 cm in the front row from the typing edge, we will postpone for the pocket from 8 to 26 a loop. We finish the series.
  8. To make a padding for the pocket, you need to type 19 loops separately. Now we knit 11 cm facial smooth. Further we add these loops of the lining, instead of the laid out pet., On the trail. Out. Row shelves.
  9. As well as on the back, we perform the bevel of the shoulder and armhole.
  10. Similarly we knit the right shelf.
  11. For a sleeve we type on needles No 6 37 pet. Then we knit a semi patented pattern of 24 cm.
  12. You need to finish one face series.
  13. Now take the knitting needles No 8 and knit the main pattern from the first row, adding from both sides in 9 p. 1 pet., For bevel. Then add one by one to each. 6 and 8 r. On 1 pet. In total, there are 53 loops.
  14. We include all the added loops in the main pattern.
  15. Close, for the pellet, after 54 cm on both sides 3 pet., And then in each. Second p. 13 for 1 and 2 for 2.
  16. Then close after 67 cm, the remaining 13 pet.
  17. We make a belt. We type 7 loops and knit a semi patented pattern. Crom. In each row you need to knit people. Smooth. Close the hinges after 130 cm.
  18. We collect the jacket. To do this, we type on the knitting needles No. 6 the pending loops of the pockets' inlets and knit with an elastic band of 3.5 cm for the slats. Close the hinges according to the picture. Sew the ends of the slats. Next we sew on the inside of the edges of the pads from the pockets.
  19. We make shoulder seams.
  20. We type, at the edges of the neck of the shelves and backrests on the circular spokes 203 loops. We knit a semi-patented pattern of 11 cm. Crom. In each row we knit the facial.
  21. Close the hinges according to the picture.
  22. Now we make the seams of the sleeves and the shoulder, so that the last 12 cm are purl.
  23. This is done so that you can turn the sleeves off.
  24. It only remains to sew the sleeves.

The third option

The jacket is of a large mating, the pattern of which is quite simple, is knitted from thick yarn. Knitting this version of the jacket we will paint for the 50th size. But everything can be corrected at its discretion.

We will need:

  1. 950 gr. Yarn of wool and acrylic.
  2. Knitting needles No.10, 12, 15.
  3. Hook No4.

Let's start knitting:

  1. In order to connect the main pattern, we use the description, taking into account that only persons are indicated in it. Ranks. We will knit the purlins in accordance with the drawing. The series are repeated from 1 to 12.
  2. We knit the back. To do this, we type on the spokes No10 53 loops. Next, we knit as follows: 1 chrome. Loop, out of 12 loops repeat 4 times rapport, then 1 first loop and 1 edge. a loop. According to this description we knit 44 cm.
  3. Then close on 7 pet. On both sides, for the armhole. There are 37 loops left.
  4. We knit on the figure. We close the row at a height of 64 cm. This turned out to be the 84th row.
  5. To perform the left shelf, you need to type 27 loops on the spokes. Now we knit so: 1 chrome. Loop, then repeat repeat 2 times out of 12 loops, then 1 first loop. And 1 kr. a loop. We send 44 cm and close 7 pet., For the armhole from the outside. At the same time, close, to cut the neck on the left, 5 pet. Then 2 times 1 pet. In the remaining series.
  6. Having tied up to 64 cm, we will close the remaining 13 pet. Shoulder.
  7. The right shelf will be knitted similarly to the left one.
  8. We proceed to the sleeves. We type on the spokes No10 39 loops. The description of knitting is as follows: 1 chrome. Loop, then 3 times repeat the rapport from the 12 loops, now again the first loop and 1 chrome. a loop. As a result, the length of the sleeve is 46 cm. It is 60 rows. It remains to close the hinges.
  9. To collect the jacket, we make lateral seams and sew up sleeves.
  10. The collar is made as follows: we collect the thread, folded in half, 40 loops from the underside along the length of the neck cut. We knit the next row from the edge loop, then 2 out. Loops, the rest of the loop with an elastic band 2 by 2. Thus, we knit 4 rows.
  11. Now take the knitting needles No 12 and knit the rubber band 2 for 2 4 more rows.
  12. We take the knitting needles No15. We knit to the height of the collar at 14 cm.
  13. Then close the hinges.
  14. To oblige the edges of the shelves of a fashionable blouse, we take a simple hook. Description is: 3 air loops, let 3 cm of the base and 1 connecting column.
  15. On the left shelf of the blouse we sew buttons. The jacket of a large mating is ready! Pugs can be taken absolutely any, at its discretion. The holes in the pattern on the right side will serve as buttonholes.

Sweatshirts for men. Large knitting

In addition to women's, men's sweaters are also very popular. We also give variants of knitting this popular kind of clothes.

Option one

Here is an example of a 50-size male sweatshirt.

We will need for a large viscous jacket, the photo-scheme of which is below:

  1. 800 g yarn of wool and acrylic, Color of your choice.
  2. Knitting needles No4.


  1. With rubber bands. For her we knit in faces. Rows in turn 1 person. Loop, 1 out. Loop. We sew the original rows in accordance with the figure.
  2. To make a pearl pattern, we will knit in accordance with the attached description No 1. Only persons are shown on it. Rows, out-of-bounds. R. We knit on the figure. Height from 1 to 4 rows.
  3. For the back we type 87 loops. Then we knit an elastic band 1 by 1. Having kneaded 5 cm, add 20 loops along the width of the fabric. We knit a pearl pattern according to the attached description No 1.
  4. For the armhole, reaching 50 cm, we close on both sides to 4 pet. And in every second river. Close 1 time 2 pet. And 3 times 1 pet. Next, we knit directly.
  5. After reaching 75 cm, close the middle 21 pet. For the cutout of the neck. Now we knit both sides separately. To round out the cutout, in each. 2 rows we will close 1 time 3 pet., Then 1 time 2 pet. And 1 time 1 pet. Having reached the height of 78 cm, all the way. Close.
  6. We knit in front of the sweaters. You need to get 87 loops on the needles. We knit the elastic band 1 by 1. Having reached the height of 5 cm, we begin to add 20 loops along the width of the canvas. Next, we knit a pearl pattern in accordance with the attached description No 1.
  7. For the armhole, reaching the height of 50 cm, we begin to close on both sides to 4 pet. Then in everyone. 2 rows close 1 time 2 pet., 3 times 1 pet. Next, we knit directly.
  8. To perform the cutout of the neck, reaching a height of 72 cm, close the middle 21 loops. Then we both knit separately.
  9. For the curvature of the cut we close in each. 2p. 1 time 3 pet., 1 time 2 pet., 1 time 1 pet. Then close the hinges, reaching a height of 78 cm.
  10. To tie a sleeve, we collect 37 loops on spokes and knit with an elastic band 1 by 1. After reaching a height of 5 cm, we add 12 loops. Pearl pattern knit in accordance with the attached description No 1. Only in each. 6 rows add 1 pt., To expand the sleeve on both sides.
  11. Reaching the height of 50 cm, close 4 pet. Further in everyone. 2 r. We will close 3 times 2 pet. And 12 times 1 pet., This is for the pellet.
  12. Then, after 68 cm, close all the loops.
  13. The other sleeve is knitted the same way.
  14. Now the assembly. First we perform lateral and shoulder seams. Then we sew up our sleeves.
  15. We collect on the edge of the neck on the spokes of the loop and then we knit with an elastic band 1 to 1. After 10 cm, all the loops. Close. Fold it in half and sew it from the wrong side. The male jacket with large knitting needles is completed.

Option Two

The size of the sweatshirt over the girth of the chest: 87-92.

It is necessary:

  1. 850 g of beige-gray tweed yarn of 100% alpaca.
  2. Needle straight No 4.
  3. Studs no. 3,5.


Knit the main pattern will be as described. Invalid row in accordance with the figure. We execute the first and second rivers. 1 time and repeat from 3rd to 42th row.

For the main pattern of the knitting needle No 4. Density: 24 loops and 27 rows-10 for 10.


  1. Let's start from the back. We dial 128 loops. We knit 1 otnan. row . Iznan. Loops knit basic pattern
  2. To make the cr., Start at the mark "B". Then repeat 20 loops. Finish at the mark "C" chrome.
  3. For the armhole after 44 cm (119 rows), we close on both sides 1 to 3 pet. In each. 2 r. 2 by 2 pet. And 5 by 1 loop. It turns out 104 loops. After 66 cm (this is 179 rows), for the shoulder bevels from both sides, close 1 to 6 pet. Further in everyone. 2 rows 2 to 6 pet., And then 1 to 2 pet. And 2 by 1 pet. Leave 60 loops for the neck.
  4. Before knitting is analogous to the back.
  5. Now proceed to the sleeves. To do this, we take 68 loops on knitting needles and we knit 1 yarn. The row is out. Loops. The basic pattern is knit since chrome. And 19 loops as described. Finish the chrome.
  6. At the same time we will add to perform the bevels from two sides in each. 6 r. 16 per 1 pet. Further in everyone. 4 rows 3 to 1 pet. And in everyone. 2 r. 1 to 1 loop. That is, only 108 loops.
  7. After 43 cm (117 rows), we close the sleeves for the pellet from both sides 1 to 3 pet. And in everyone. 2 r. 3 for 2 pet., 10 for 1 pet., 3 for 2 pet., 3 for 3 pet. And 2 by 4 pet. Now close the remaining 24 loops, after 59.5 cm. We knit 1 by 2 pet. Together persons. On each. Spit.
  8. We collect the jacket. We perform shoulder and side seams and sew up sleeves.
  9. To make a collar, we collect the remaining 60 loops for the transfer and 60 loops of the backrest for the stocking knitting needles. Then we knit a pattern of 6 cm. We close all the loops.


Do not forget that such sweaters are determined by seasonality, that is, the thickness of the thread. Multiple patterns can choose absolutely any. These can be ropes, rhombs, ovals, leaves, or ordinary knitting with knitting needles, decorated with knitted flowers. These popular sweaters with volumetric patterns can be linked independently. This guarantees you absolute exclusivity.


Knitting the sweaters of a large mating process is quite simple and fascinating. One has only to try once and it will be difficult to stop. The most fascinating thing is knitting, big knitting, the jacket turns out to be unique, and the process itself calms. Besides, in each of our creations we put warmth and care.

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