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Institution on the shore of the Gulf of Finland - restaurant "Shelest" (Zelenogorsk)

In Zelenogorsk (a suburb of St. Petersburg), where the Primorskoe highway runs, there is a posh restaurant "Shelest", from the panoramic windows of which you can watch the beauty of the Gulf of Finland and the sandy beach. In its walls there is an atmosphere of peace and comfort; Being here, you feel at home.


Restaurant "Shelest" (Zelenogorsk) is located in a two-story panoramic building, the walls of which are made of glass. Inside the institution there are two common halls and one VIP section where you can hold a small feast or simply peep a large group of friends.

The interior of the main halls of the restaurant is made in the style of minimalism, in a combination of black, purple and white colors. The author of the interior of the establishment is Olga Novikova. Thanks to well-chosen textures and furniture, the premises seem much more spacious than they really are. The tables are made of wood, painted black, the chairs are also black, upholstered with velor cloth. On each table there is a vase with fresh flowers.

The walls of the halls are made in beige color and in some places are decorated with small paintings; The floors are black. The facility is illuminated by wall sconces, floor lamps and chandeliers on the ceilings.

The hall, which is located on the ground floor of the restaurant, can accommodate up to 80 people in its walls, and the one on the second level is designed for 30 people. The main attraction of the small hall is a unique fireplace, created individually for this project.

The restaurant has a small VIP-hall, which can accommodate up to 16 people. Specially for toddlers there is a children's room where parents can leave their children in the company of their peers. In this room there are several comfortable chairs, many toys, educational games and a plasma TV for watching cartoons. Here, the babysitter is supervised by a professional nanny.

Restaurant "Shelest" (Zelenogorsk) in the warm season opens a summer area where guests can dine al fresco, admiring the beauty of the Gulf of Finland and the landscapes of the green forest.


Dishes of European and Russian cuisines can be enjoyed by all those who came to the restaurant "Shelest" (Zelenogorsk). The menu offers an abundance of light snacks (salmon pearl salad, suluguni cheese, rustic salad, Russian raznosoly, boiled lamb tongue, grape snails with garlic butter), salads (from the king crab, Russky, Caesar, Nisuaz, tar- Tare from a fillet beef tenderloin, "Challenger", mozzarella with tomatoes and basil Pesto). Here you can order delicious soups (borsch, lamb kharcho, solyanka, ears, soup, mushroom soup, pea soup with smoked meat), as well as nutritious hot dishes (pelmeni, cutlets, Beef Stroganoff, manti, chicken fillet in almonds, Roast, seabass fillet with garnish of fried vegetables, risotto).

Restaurant "Shelest" (Zelenogorsk) offers in its menu dishes prepared on the grill, in particular, shish kebab from different types of meat (chicken, pork, lamb, veal), lamb queen, king prawns on the grill, and fish (sea bass, Salmon, trout).

European cuisine in the restaurant is represented by a traditional Italian dish - pasta: Carbonara, Tagliatelle and Four Cheese.

The restaurant can offer a separate steak menu, in which there is a traditional steak "Ribay" from the thin edge of veal, beef, and also from the fillet of a calf. The degree of roasting meat can be chosen independently.

As for desserts, in this institution you can enjoy exquisite works of confectionery art - Bonapart cakes, cheese dessert, sorbet, several types of ice cream and a special cake stuffed with hot chocolate inside, which is served with berry sauce.

Separately in the "Shelest" there are children's and lean menus.


The bar map is full of a wide variety of drinks. In addition to classic alcohol and cocktails, here are served tea leaves of different varieties, coffee (American, cappuccino, espresso), latte, mulled wine and grog. There are also several varieties of juice, including fresh fruit. In the menu there is another popular position - the Morse.

Additional Information

The restaurant "Shelest" (SPb) is ideal for holding different kinds of celebrations: weddings, corporate events, jubilees, alumni meetings, and children's holidays.

In the evenings, live music is played in the institution, which is performed by local talented musicians, in the intervals plays background music. The restaurant has a very popular entertainment - karaoke.

For ease of access of visitors to the Internet there is a free Wi-Fi access point, and for those who come to the restaurant on their own car, there is parking. The institution accepts cash and bank cards for payment.

Address and mode of operation

Restaurant "Shelest" is located at: Zelenogorsk, Primorskoye shosse, 572 A. The main landmarks are the hotels "Helios" and "Northern Riviera"; The nearest metro station is Staraya Derevnya.

The institution operates every day from 12 days to 11 pm.

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