How to transplant dracauna correctly?

Everyone dreams of making their home beautiful and cozy. It helps us in this furniture, a single design, nice little things and, of course, home plants.

One of the most popular among the lovers of floriculture and horticulture of plants at the moment is Drazen. It is spectacular and beautiful, and can give coziness and beauty to both small rooms in the house and office spaces, it is especially popular to purchase large copies of dracaena in offices.

The main advantage of the plant is unpretentiousness - dracenes (with the exception of several species) do not require special care. However, like any other plant, dracene, elementary care and attention is also necessary, for example, timely watering, dust removal from leaflets, fertilizing with special means and fertilizers during the growth period and giving rest, which is required in the winter months.

It is necessary for this evergreen plant and timely transplantation, because in order for the dracaena to feel as comfortable as possible, she needs to be provided with good conditions. That's why it's important to know how to transplant the dracen and at what time, when it's better to do it. The best time for this is spring (March or April). Young plants can be transplanted annually, and transplantation of the more mature ones is best performed every two or three years, but there are cases when the procedure is needed immediately. For example, if the roots of the dracaena filled the whole pot. How to save the Dracaena in this case? Everything is very simple - it should be transplanted into a larger "room", as this pot becomes small for the plant.

When and how to transplant Dracaena immediately after purchase? Here, the specialists answer fairly clearly: transplantation to a new pot should take place within two to three weeks, no more.

In order for the transplant to be successful, it is important to know how to root the dracenum in such a way that it takes root in a new place. To do this, it is first of all necessary to know that the roots of this plant are located, as a rule, in the upper part of the earth's coma, so that a fairly thick layer of drainage can be dumped safely onto the bottom of the new potted dracaena. As a drain, you can use pebbles and shards. On top of the drain, a mixture is laid on the basis of peat and earth. The size of the new pot should be greater than the previous one by about two to three centimeters. Dracaena does not like stagnation of water, and therefore there is nothing better than to transplant a dracenum into a new soil - its humidity should be sufficient for the first time.

After transplantation, an important aspect is fertilizer. The fertilizing of the plant is required to be carried out during the period of growth, in the case of dracaena this period is considered to be from March to August. You need to feed the dracenum once every two or three weeks.

When you ask the question "how to transplant the dracaena correctly", it is best to contact specialized stores - there you will be able to pick up soils and soil, as well as all the necessary fertilizers and products created specifically for dracen. Thanks to them, the transplant procedure can pass absolutely calmly, without extra effort on your part, and the plant will necessarily take root in a new pot.

As already mentioned, dracaena is a fairly unpretentious plant, and therefore it takes very little time and effort to take care of it. The main thing is to give the plant everything you need, water it on time, take care of the leaves, know how to transplant the dracaena and when, and, most importantly, to love. It has long been proven that plants feel human love and care, but because of a loving horticulturist and a flower grower, the plants fall ill and die very rarely. A timely transplantation will help dracene look beautiful and feel good, and such a plant will please the eyes of the household day after day.

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