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How to pass exams in grade 9: features, subjects and recommendations

Studying in grade 9 is a difficult period in the life of a student. After all this year, all students for the first time pass the state final certification, after which everyone decides - to continue to 11 classes or enter another educational institution.

But whatever choice the student has made, it is obvious that it is important for him to pass the GIA well. Let's carefully study the topic "How to pass the exams in grade 9?".

Choice of subjects

As soon as the academic year begins, the student faces an important question about which exams to take in grade 9. First of all, these are the two main subjects - mathematics and the Russian language, which are surrendered by every student.

In addition, every schoolboy must choose two more subjects at will, which he will take. And here it is necessary to reflect - and what it is better to choose?

Choosing further education in school

To answer the question "Which exams should I take after 9th grade?", The adolescent must decide whether he will leave after 9th grade in college or continue his education.

No one can give an exact answer, except for the child and his parents. If the schoolchild has already chosen his future direction for training (for example, medical, technical, humanitarian), then it is already somewhat simpler, it is possible to think about the further system of education.

If the student decides to continue his education after the 9th grade at school, then the question "What exams should I take after 9th grade?" Is not so important for him, since the chosen subjects will be just training for the USE. Therefore, if the child has already decided on a future profession, for example, a doctor, then to pass the exam, he can choose biology and chemistry in order to practice writing these papers and already be ready for a single state exam in the future.

Choosing a College

In the event that the ninth-grader decides to continue his education in college and does not know what examinations are taken after the 9th grade, then he should approach the choice of subjects for the GIA more seriously. To begin with, he needs to get acquainted with the colleges, which he considers for his further studies. What should I learn about the institution?

  • Which college has specialties and areas of study?
  • What are the minimum passing points?
  • What items do you need to pass in order to enter this or that specialty?

After you are fully acquainted with this information, the question of which exams to take after grade 9, will disappear.

Humanist or technician?

An important point in choosing is the student's ability to do this or that science. So, if a child has good abilities for history and social studies, then perhaps it is worth emphasizing the choice of a humanitarian direction in teaching.

But we must remember that the 9th grade is the best time to start preparing for the future of the Unified State Exam. Therefore, if a student wants to master a technical profession, but does not understand physics at all, then for 3 years of hard training he will master this science at a good level.

However, the choice of subjects for surrender is only the tip of the question "How to pass exams in grade 9?".


To prepare for the exams was successful, it is necessary to devote a lot of time to study. And then again there are two ways of preparation.

The first one is completely independent preparation. The child should make up his own schedule of preparation, give time for additional classes, engage in self-study with additional literature, solve trial tests and, most importantly, have the ability to self-control. After all, in school and so considerable loads, and additional classes at home require the expenditure of energy, instead of having a rest and spending time with friends.

Tutor - what are the advantages?

The second way is to study with a specialist. Parents can hire tutors for their child, who will qualitatively prepare the student for the GIA. This method of preparation has several advantages.

  1. Working with a teacher will help to better prepare a child for exams and answer the question "How to pass exams in grade 9?", Because only an expert can point out weaknesses and work them out to the ideal.
  2. Tutoring with a tutor always takes place at the set time, because the child does not need to engage in self-control - this is already being done by the parents.
  3. The teacher makes a special program for classes that can significantly differ from the independent activities of the child for the better, because, for example, the student will not have to decide the question "How to pass the exam in mathematics?". Class 9 will not be easy, but an expert will help ease the training.

Thus, you can choose the most suitable option for preparation for the GIA.

A few tips

But we should not forget about the important factor that will help pass the exams with good results - about rest.

It would seem that class 9 is not the time to rest. It is necessary to study, learn and study again. But this is not so. In no case can overload the growing body of a teenager. Moreover, excessive load can affect not only the physical, but also the moral health of the student. To avoid this, a number of the following rules should be observed:

  1. First, you need to work out a personal daily routine. We will make a reservation - it is not necessary to paint every half hour of your day and live in a barracks mode. It is enough that the disciple adheres to his general routine. For example, after school hours - 1-2 hours of rest, followed by a homework. In the evening - a short walk, after which you can do self-training.
  2. Try to eat, go to bed and get up in the morning at the same time. This will help reduce stress for the body.
  3. Take time to relax in the fresh air. The lack of oxygen for the brain has a worse effect on the ability to learn.
  4. Permit yourself once a week to organize a day without studying. Do your favorite things - reading books, playing games, walking, personal hobbies. After a school week, such a day is simply necessary to restore your strength to your studies.
  5. Pay attention to your food. For active brain activity the body needs a lot of vitamins, and the brain needs glucose. Eat more fruits, but do not abuse sweet. Do not forget about the snacks at school between lessons - it will also help to normalize brain activity.
  6. Do not lose heart and maintain a good mood - it is important to remember that your mood not only affects the moral health, but also the physical. Maintain a good mood - there will be strength for learning, and desire.
  7. The last advice applies more to parents than to their growing up children. Control is important, especially in the 9th grade. But do not go too far with this. Remember that your child is already old enough to control his own preparation. Do not press on the schoolboy, because in this period and so the nerves of even the strongest guys can start to fail. Look for compromises - this is extremely important for understanding in the family.


Only 7 tips will help you reduce the burden on your body. If you are still worried about how to pass the exams in grade 9, then do not forget - not everything is as terrible as it might seem at first glance. If the student does not stay out of school and has positive grades, then he will pass the exams necessarily. It is only necessary to concentrate more on learning - and success will be assured.

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