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How to name a girl born in November: advice to young parents

Choosing a name for a child is a difficult matter for almost every mother. Think of all the possible options, observe thousands of conventions: for example, someone does not want to call the baby names of relatives, but someone, on the contrary, wants. For someone it is important that the name be included in the Orthodox saints, and for someone, uniqueness matters. And besides that, almost every mother seeks correspondence in horoscopes or compares with the values of names in esotericism. We will help future parents to decide on how to name the girl born in November.

Good to know

In Soviet times this issue was easily solved. November was considered a landmark month, as the 7th anniversary celebrated the anniversary of the revolution. And that is why in USSR often popular names of girls born in November were, respectively - Noyabrina or his abbreviated version - Nona. Now, 23 years after the termination of the existence of this country, the revolutionary meaning of these names has worn off, and today they are again becoming popular simply in connection with the month of birth, how are Marta connected with March, Maya with May, and Augustus with August.

Astrological Board

Most of this month passes under the zodiacal constellation of Scorpio. And this imposes a difficult imprint on the fate of babies born at this time. They get a bright, original and very uneasy character. Girls born in November, are inclined to take all decisions on their own from the very young age, and not rely on someone else's word. They are very purposeful, they know how to achieve their goals in any way. Also born in November, children have a clear and rational mind, they can count money and conduct business. Well, the main distinguishing feature of small "scorpios" - their magical attraction for the opposite sex.

Choose a name

Agree, the personality of such a baby will grow uncommon. So, choosing how to name a girl born in November, take on board astrological advice for people sign Scorpio. And they consider the best names for this month: Anna, Alena, Elizabeth, Gliker, Claudia, Natalia, Cleopatra. All of their well-known owners are endowed with the character traits that are described for the November Scorpions.

Church calendar

Well, if you do not believe in horoscopes and are thinking about how to name a girl born in November, try to contact the church calendar. This method has an indisputable advantage - the same name will be called your daughter after baptism, if you are going to carry it through this sacrament. What does the church offer for the November girls? Name days are celebrated this month by Anna, Irina, Elizaveta, Alexandra, Nina, Claudia and Varvara. And Anna and Elizabeth meet in the saints twice a month. As you can see, just three names also correspond to astrological preferences, and, probably, in your family will grow a small Anya, Lisa or Klava.

Last advice

Well, if the church calendar is not for you, it's best to choose how to name the girl born in November, following the voice of your heart. Choose the name that you feel warm in the shower. And do not forget to look more closely at your little one: it often happens that the name chosen in advance does not fit the already born little man, and after all he will have to live with him all his life.

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