How to make beautiful eyes: secrets of originality

Modern makeup is a whole art, which is not easy to master, it is not given to every lady. We have to resort to the help of specialists in cosmetology, consult them: how to make up beautiful eyes, how to make up the lips, to look more, what shade of foundation to use, what lipstick to use. But every time you can not run to cosmetologists (it's too expensive, and not always at that time), so try to sort out yourself. The most problematic in makeup is still how to make up beautiful eyes. That's about this and talk.

There are many techniques, depending on the type of eyes, a lot of shadows and eyeliner pencils for eyes of different color shades. For color types (almost all women know of the existence of several color types - spring, summer, winter, autumn, and only a few know what type they belong to) there are tricks. And do not forget about the season, about fashion trends and other subtleties. Do you really understand this all at once? Let's start with the rules of podvodki.

Now find out how to make up the eyeliner. This is also a lot of nuances. Any oversight - and all the magic of eye makeup will disappear. The type of makeup will depend on how you use the eyeliner: the eastern one (the eyes are completely dyed by eyeliner, a long "train" of shadows and eyeliner extends from the outer eyelid), classical (without padding or with padding soft tones, practically not noticeable), glamorous (Bright eyeliner of different colors), smoky makeup (gray around the outline of the eye).

A different effect can be achieved by a different structure of the piping (liquid liner, pencil, gloss). What is right for you, you can find out only if you start experimenting. For example, liquid eyeliner gives the eyes a clear line effect, which means that it is not suitable for small eyes. She also looks better in business make-up, especially if you are in high office.

You can draw your eyes with a thin line along the line of growth of the eyelashes, closing the upper and lower lines in the outer corner of the eye (classical makeup), and you can arrange different accents: lengthen the eyeliner in the lower eyelid of the inner corner and the upper eyelid of the outer corner; The eyeliner will look nice if the line in the outer corner of the eye is slightly rounded at the top. The eye make-up is considered to be an original one, in which the line of pods from below is prolonged and slightly recedes from the upper line (by 2 mm). If the lower eyelid is not brought along the line of eyelash growth, but slightly higher (inside), the eyeliner is quickly lubricated.

By focusing on the outer or inner corners of the eyes, you can even adjust their distance from each other: to increase the distance, bring only the outer corners to reduce - internal and external, but the interior should be more clearly colored.

Even more difficult to cope with the task - how beautiful it is to make up eyes with shadows. From the number of shadows on the eyelids, the intensity of coloring, the color, the shades will depend on the whole image.

The most important is to choose the shades of shades that match the color of the eyes, to your color. Gray eyes, their depth and fascinating beauty can be emphasized by dark gray shades or bright blue shadows, soft green. And you can correct their color with shadows of the same color as the eyes (the eye color seems more like blue than gray). The gray eyes are suitable and bright pink shadows, look very original. Green eyes are often picked up with different shades of green, as well as gray and purple. Blue eyes are best emphasized with brown shadows, beige hues, golden, with glitter. So they look the most mysterious, fascinating.

With the help of shadows, you can even change the shape of the eyes: small visually increase the play of light shades, create multi-layer make-up, deeply planted - with shadows with brilliance. Eyes with a fold on the upper eyelid, select the line in the upper eyelid, just above the line of growth of the eyelashes. Moreover, the line follows from the outer corner of the eye and a little further from the middle of the eye.

From the way you put the shadows, it depends on whether you match the situation. The fact is that there is a limit depending on the reason for which we are painted. For example, on a date, make-up should be invisible, dim, non-vulgar. At work, you can paint more expressively, but also not brightly. But for the evening, for the holiday, you can make up and make daring.

How to make beautiful eyes with mascara? Modern mascara has a number of advantages, compared to what was produced five years ago. Whichever mascara you choose (if only quality), it will not form lumps, glue eyelashes, drain off them. Select mascara with modest makeup will help mascara with the effect of volume. To look a little more modest, use mascara with the effect of lengthening.

So, having become acquainted with the mass of options, how to paint your eyes beautifully, it remains only to choose and apply a method more suitable for you. Boldly experiment, only so you will find an unforgettable image in your unique performance.

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