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How to make an organizer of good mood?

What to give a man who has everything is an eternal question. One of the freshest ideas is a good mood organizer. What is it? Comparatively inexpensive and very useful, as well as a memorable gift. It's quite easy to make it yourself.

How to make such an unusual gift?

Organizer of good mood is a folder, the content of which depends on your imagination and the interests of the addressee of the presentation. In this case, the basis can be any, most importantly - dense. A rigid folder for documents, and a folder with a thick cover will do. You can draw two sheets (spread) or make several pages of thick cardboard. Start with the cover design. If the design of the folder suits you, make a caption-title. Print a "good mood organizer" or "good mood folder" in the printer in a beautiful font and in the right color. You can draw a nice headline and by hand. Turning or pages to which you will paste useful gifts, you can also colorize to your liking or decorate with applique. And now begins all the fun - the choice and placement of gifts.

We make organizer of good mood for the girl

The most popular filling of such a gift is sweets. You can paste a bar of chocolate, a bar or a few small sweets. Do not forget to come up with a funny inscription, because in the organizer every gift should be signed. Sweets can be called just a "positive charge" or "food for the mind", or write the most real instructions for eating, calling to eat a chocolate bar at the moment of sadness. Many manufacturers of cosmetics offer their fans products samplers. In the organizer of good mood you can devote a whole page to beauty. Glue probes of different agents, add a package of wet wipes and capsules for the bath. What else to add, decide for yourself, it can be stockings in a package, notebooks, costume jewelery or even pills for headaches. If the pages are dense enough, do not limit yourself to flat gifts, some craftsmen manage to fix in the folder even bubbles with shower gel or shampoo.

How to arrange a good mood organizer for men?

Only at first glance it is easier to make such a gift for a girl. Men can also put a little chocolate, coffee and tea in bags for one-time brewing. If you congratulate a colleague, add stationery, completely any, starting from blocks for records and ordinary pencils, ending with gift pens. A smoker can be pleased with a cigarette lighter and a pack of cigarettes. If you make a good mood organizer for a close male, socks, a disposable razor or even linen are appropriate. You can add a miniature bottle of elite alcohol, if you congratulate a close friend. For the motorist will be relevant little things that help caring for the car - a set of napkins or aromatic suspension. Do not forget that the organizer of good mood is a great way to give money, but in order to preserve the intrigue, paste the envelope on one of the last pages.

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