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How to determine spoilage yourself

When you have enemies and ill-wishers, you can get from them spoilage or the evil eye. Anyone can be exposed to damage, but if it is directed purposefully, getting rid of the magical effect is more difficult. You should know how to determine the damage to yourself and your loved ones, but we immediately stipulate that only the healer correctly and definitively determines what type of spoiling is imposed and by whom.

Methods of how to determine damage, should be considered a kind of self-diagnosis before going to the hospital. You are unlikely to get well on your own or be able to diagnose yourself, but you can determine by some indications that it's time to seek help.

One of the main signs of spoilage is your condition in the temple. A spoiled man struggles to withstand service, he is overcome by weakness and yawning, some even lose consciousness in the church. If you light a consecrated candle and cross it yourself, a sign of spoilage will be a crackle of flame and the appearance of black carbon. Strong spoilage causes the candle to go out.

Since it is not always possible to determine the spoil during a church stay, answer a number of questions:

  • Does it not happen to you that you feel unpleasant smells "out of nowhere", hear incomprehensible noises in the apartment, notice vague figures from the corner of your eye?
  • You suddenly began to lose weight, get sick with unknown diseases, whose diagnosis can not be determined by the doctors?
  • Are you tormented by nightmares, baseless fears and the expectation of something terrible and unknown?
  • Is it difficult for you to look at your reflection in the mirror?
  • Do not you think that you are still doing everything, but has your luck turned away?

Sometimes it is induced by a stranger, or spoiled in a "bad" place. How to determine if you received any damage intended not necessarily for you? Its signs are the same as those of the usual, but appear after a certain event or a visit to a certain place. To protect yourself from accidental damage, adhere to the following recommendations.

First, do not pick up a trifle from the ground. Sometimes small coins even spread out with special words on the ground with a cross or other magical figures to convey the spoiling.

Secondly, near the cemetery or church, you should not turn around when an unknown person calls you. You can not answer questions if the stranger did not first say hello.

Thirdly, observe the rules of conduct near the cemetery or temple. Be baptized at the entrance and exit from the church, do not speak loudly even near these places, do not touch other people's things even to just look.

We only briefly described how to determine the spoil on yourself. There are special rituals and fortune-telling, for example, rolling out an egg, during which signs of spoilage appear. If you sometimes wonder for yourself on the cards, damage will not let you predict the fate - the cards will lie in conflicting or unrelated combinations, the peak suit or suit of swords will prevail in the scenario (if you are guessing at the Tarot).

Turning to a psychic or a healer who knows how to determine damage, you will clarify or refute your fears. Sometimes the presence of spoiling is seen by people where they could spoil their own destiny or accumulate sins.

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