How to delete the channel on "Youtube": we leave correctly

Today we will talk with you about how to remove the channel on "Youtube". In fact, you can do this in several ways. Yes, and knowing the consequences of this action is also quite important. If you are thinking about leaving this site, then you need to learn some rules and tips. They will certainly help you in your idea.

What is it?

But before you delete the channel on "Youtube", let's see with you, with which we will have to deal. In other words, we will understand what the given object is. Maybe it's not necessary to clean it up, is it?

The thing is that users who actively use "Youtube" often create so-called channels. This is the place where everyone uploads their videos for viewing. Honestly, the thing is quite useful. True, it requires a lot of time and effort. That's why users are starting to wonder how to remove the channel on "Youtube". Now we will see with you what will be required of us, in order to turn the idea.

Tips and Consequences

But before this, it is worth paying attention to some of the points that users will have after the operation is completed. For example, you will be exempt from the question: "How to delete the video on" Youtube "?" The thing is that if a person decides to rid himself of the channel, he will automatically erase all the data that was only stored on the account. With all this, "Google mail" will remain unharmed. In addition, this action also removes all information from the account.

So, it's worth noting that if the user thinks about how to delete the channel on "Youtube", then he should be ready to ensure that this object is not subject to recovery. That is, all information is irretrievably formatted. However, you will have the opportunity to create a new channel.

Here it is worth noting the fact that we will have to use a different name (to be exact, the address of the "video gathering"). If you are thinking how to delete a page on "Youtube", then you should understand that you will have to use a new address. In addition, we must note one more fact: you can turn this venture now only with the help of a computer. From mobile devices, this is not possible. So let's see with you how to delete the account on "Youtube".

If linked to Google+

Now we will consider with you two options that can help us in our today's business. In fact, if you want to quickly turn the idea, it's better once again to ask how to delete the video on YouTube, and then clear the channel. This will reduce the time spent on the operation. In principle, you can do without it.

To get started, go to the site and log in there. Next, we need to go to your Google+ account settings, then go to the "Manage account" section. Here you need to click on the "Delete Video" button. Wait for a while, then select "I want to hide the channel". Confirm the changes and save. That's all. Now you know how to delete the channel on "Youtube", which is tied to Google+. If you used this method, then you still have the option of recovery.

In addition, you can also try to delete the Google+ account itself. After that, the irrevocable deletion of the channel will be available in the settings. Not the most popular option, to be honest. You can also completely remove your Google Account. Also not a very successful option. Now let's see with you how to remove the channel on "Youtube", which has no connection with "Google +".

Without reference

And here is another rather interesting way, which will certainly help you in the implementation of the question posed today. It is the most convenient and common. In addition, it is suitable for those who did not connect "Google +" with the account on "Youtube".

To begin with, we will have to go to the site and log in there. After that, you need to visit the additional settings of the account, which is tied to our channel. It is here that all actions will take place. When you find this menu, look at it carefully. In order to answer the question about how to delete the channel on "Youtube", you need to find the appropriate line. Click on it.

Before you will be a window in which the system asks you to enter the password for the operation. Who does not guess - it's about the password of your account. After that, the deletion process will begin. It will take some time, after which the page will be updated. Eventually the channel will be erased. That's all. As you can see, nothing complicated. Now you know how to remove the channel on "Youtube" without unnecessary problems.

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