How to cut the sound from the video - the old school against online services

Often there are situations where you need to cut the sound from the video - whether you want to put on the ringtone, or listen to it on the player, or maybe just some part of the song like ... And then the uninitiated people are often frightened by the complexity of the process and starts drawing terrible Pictures work in a video \ audio editor. Previously, to cut out the audio from the video, you had to really sweat or at least know that where there is at least one editor. And then often there was a problem of transcoding the extracted file into the desired format, for which additional plugins were downloaded. In short, there was a lot of headache. Well, now progress does not stand still, and there are online editors who can do everything at once, moreover, and a convenient and intuitive interface in the style of "two steps - and finish" have.

Let's start learning how to cut a sound from a video, from old-school methods, i.e. Using the Windows Movie Maker editor, and then go to online services.

So, Windows Movie Maker is a standard video editing program with good functionality and a bunch of built-in chips. For editing, a visual representation of the video sequence is used, with the addition of operations using the clipboard (this is where the copy / paste do). Therefore, in fact, although it looks like a beginner for the beginner, it is very easy to master. In order to cut the sound from the video, you need to perform a simple manipulation: we load the desired video clip into the program, at the bottom, where the video is displayed, there is an audio strip. Copy it, and then paste it there, but a little lower - into a separate thread. Now delete the video, he will drag his sound track with him, and the one that we copied will be alive and well, and it will only be preserved. By the way, by the same method you can completely remove the sound from the video or replace it with another one.

And now let's talk about universal online services, which allow you to produce all the same, only easier and faster without installing additional programs. For example, look at the results from Google's standard output. These services usually have quite a lot of functionality, but we will stop exactly on how to cut the sound from the video. The interface in them tries to keep on the level easier - there are three steps, three buttons and two sliders.

By the way, all the manipulations are done on the server, so your computer will not have to strain much. True, there is, of course, one downside - the limitation of the amount of the file being processed is usually 750 megabytes, but for the majority of video clips this is uncritical. We go further. The first thing you need to download the video to the server. Next comes the simplest scheme of the scale from the video, the necessary piece of which you just need to limit with two sliders and save in the format you like. By the way, the format of the ringtone for iPhone is present in most online editors. After you click "crop", the server will ask you to wait, and then give a link to the result. It remains only to download and enjoy life. Everything is simple and done in a matter of seconds, and there's nothing to be afraid of.

Good luck to you and your player!

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