How to configure the Asus RT-G32 router? Configuring and flashing the Asus RT-G32 router

This article is dedicated to those who do not know how to configure the Asus RT-G32 router. Following the instructions in this manual, you solve this problem without problems.

Choose a place

The first stage is the correct choice of the place where the Asus RT-G32 router is planned to be installed. On the one hand, there must be a socket with 220V AC voltage nearby. On the other hand, the wire from the provider should reach this place. The third important component in this case is the ability to extend the twisted pair to this location to create a wired portion of the computer network. Where these three components cross safely, there it is recommended to install a router. But the way you arrange the router is your personal business. It can be fixed, for example, on dowels on the wall or placed on a shelf. Here everything depends on your imagination.

Why update the software?

Before configuring the Asus RT-G32 router, we will deal with one very important point. For the correct and correct operation of this router, the latest, current version of the software must be installed on it. This will avoid possible problems, for example, hang-up, during the operation of the device. Therefore, it is mandatory to find out the version of the installed firmware and, if it is obsolete, then it is necessary to update it to the current version at the current moment. The procedure for finding out the current version of the software will be described later in the text.


In the future, it is necessary to properly connect the Asus RT-G32 router. To begin with, the wire from the power supply is installed in a round socket with the inscription "Belt". It should be next to the antenna. The unit itself is connected to the outlet. Then the wire (it should be prepared in advance) from the provider is connected to the yellow socket with the inscription "Internet". At the final stage, the twisted pair is switched, which is bundled with the router. One of its ends is installed in the computer or laptop (on the network card connector), and the second one is installed in any socket of the router, for example, "LAN 1". After that, the switching of the router is completed and you can check the version of the firmware installed on it. To do this, turn it on by pressing the "Power" button. Similarly, we power the computer and wait until the download is finished. Then start any of the installed browsers (for example, "Internet Explorer" from Microsoft). In the address line we type the following combination of numbers and punctuation marks After that, press the Enter button. In response, the query appears. In each of its fields it is necessary to enter "admin" and press the button with the inscription "Ok". Next, a window opens with the settings of the router. At the top of it is the version of the installed software of the router. Remember it and turn it off. Next, we connect the cable from the provider directly and turn on the PC. Then we launch the browser and find, using the search engine, the official site of the company "ASUS". We pass to it. We find the latest firmware version for RT-G32 and compare it with the one that we have installed. If the versions are the same, then we do nothing, just skip the next step. Otherwise, download the updated version of the software of the router and install it. In any case, it is necessary to return the switching of the system to the initial state.

Software Update

After switching back to the initial state, turn on by pressing the button with the inscription "Turn on" the computer and the Asus RT-G32 router. The firmware is installed as follows:

  1. We are waiting for the computer to finish loading.
  2. Open any installed browser, enter in its address line the entire combination of numbers and punctuation marks - "", press the "Enter" key.
  3. In the login and password fields, type "admin" and click "Ok".
  4. The current version of the firmware will be displayed at the top. Click on it with the left mouse button.
  5. In the opened window we find the button "Choose a file".
  6. Next, go to the folder downloads and find the file with the new version of the firmware and click "Select."
  7. Then click "Send". This will start the software update procedure. When it is finished, the router will restart.

Option 1: Configuring the router using a special utility

A CD is included with each wireless network router. It has a special utility that allows it to be properly configured. The order of setting up a network device in this case is as follows:

  1. When the router and computer are turned on, we install the given CD in the drive of the latter.
  2. We go in the window "My computer" by double clicking the left button of the manipulator.
  3. Then we perform a similar action for the CD - ROM drive icon.
  4. In the window that opens, select "Quick Setup" (in English - "Quick Setup").
  5. Further, following the instructions of the wizard, we set the basic parameters of the router. First of all, this is the name of the access point and the password for the connection. It is also mandatory to specify the type of encryption (it is recommended to choose WPA2 - the maximum degree of protection). Another point is the network address and the DNS of the router. By default, it is configured to automatically receive these settings. If the contract for the provision of services specified otherwise, then specify them exactly (for example, static address and CSN).
  6. Upon completion, the router must be restarted.

This completes the configuration of the Asus RT-G32 router. "Rostelecom" or any other provider requires the installation type of connection. At a certain stage, you need to specify it. For this case it is "PPPoE". For other providers, this information can be specified in the contract. Beginners lose sight of this point, which is why they have problems because of this. The advantages of this method are obvious - the user's influence on the configuration process is minimal. But it is not possible to set parameters manually, for example, the channel used.

Option 2: Using the browser

Another way to configure the router is to use the browser. In this case, it becomes possible to configure the network device as the user would like. This method is universal and applicable to all types of devices. The order of its implementation is as follows:

  1. With the router and computer on, we run any of the installed browsers.
  2. We dial the address of the router "".
  3. In the login and password fields, type "admin".
  4. We find the button "Wireless" and click on it once with the left button of the manipulator.
  5. In the window that opens, specify all the necessary parameters. Most of them can be taken from the contract with the provider (for example, network address and CSN). But the type of encryption, as indicated earlier, it is better to choose "VPA2". The name of the network and the password for connecting to it are set at your own discretion. This is the end of the configuration of the Asus RT-G32 router. Beeline or any other provider requires you to set the connection type. Do not forget to specify it. For "Beeline" - this is "L2TP". You can select it from the drop-down list.

Setting up a connection

In principle, this configuration of the Asus RT-G32 router is complete. But you need to make a wireless connection to this device and make sure the correctness of the done actions. To do this, you need to do the following:

  • On the included laptop enter the network management center (the icon in the lower right corner in the form of steps).
  • A list of available connections opens. In this list we find the name of our access point and click on it twice with the right mouse button.
  • In response, you will be prompted for the password that you entered in the previous step.
  • Then, when the network address is received, the network connection icon should become bright. This indicates that this operation was successful.

If everything is done correctly and the connection is not established, then we check the correctness of the installation of the wireless adapter drivers on the personal computer - this is the main problem that may arise at this stage.

Functional Testing

So, we came to the final stage of how to configure the Asus RT-G32 router - it's testing. This operation will make sure you have access to the Internet. The testing procedure is as follows:

  1. We supply power to the router and the computer by pressing the same button with the inscription "Повер". We are waiting for the download of the latter to complete and establish a connection.
  2. We launch any of the installed browsers on the personal computer.
  3. In the line for entering addresses we enter, for example: "", then press "Enter".
  4. After 10-15 seconds (depending on the connection speed) this Internet resource will be opened.

If everything turned out, then now you can browse sites, blogs and other information resources in the global web. Otherwise, we repeat everything again and look for the error.


In this material, a procedure was described in detail how to configure the Asus RT-G32 router. Performing the above instructions, it is not difficult to configure such a network device even to a user who only gets to know this equipment for the first time.

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