How to calculate the consumption of cement per cube of concrete?

What is a substance like concrete? Its main components are gravel or crushed stone, which fills the emptying voids. Concrete is used in very many areas of construction. Accordingly, such a mixture can be used for different needs, which means that the volume of its constituents, in particular cement, is calculated, which is calculated by the consumption per 1 cube of concrete, which ultimately affects the price of the product.

Concrete has its own classification and different brands. Their symbols are an indicator of its reliability. Accordingly, the more a substance is reliable, the more expensive it is. But the use of concrete, its various brands, is due primarily not to the strength of the material, but to the operational features of the object for which construction the mixture is used.

The concrete itself with a volume of 1 cube consists of about 0.5 cubic meters of sand, gravel and crushed stone and cement. The consumption of cement per cube of concrete is determined by its brand. The most popular of them will be further considered.

"M100" - the mass of cement should be 220 kg per 1 cubic meter. It is used in monolithic concrete structures, curbs, floor, concreting on the ground.

"M200" - consumption of cement per cube of concrete - at a rate of 280 kg. Characterized by high resistance to contraction. It is suitable for use in foundations, the basis of various structures, when creating some small roads (for example, for pedestrians).

"M250" - the amount of cement should be 330 kg. This brand is in low demand, although it has much better characteristics than the previous ones. It is mainly used in foundations of monolithic structures, on stairs, sidewalks.

In concrete of mark "M300" 380 kg of cement are pawned. This type is used in important structures, which must be the most robust and persistent, on which the safety of many people depends. On a fairly large scale, recently such concrete is used in the Moscow region. Without this material collector systems, construction of a blind area, monolithic walls and tracks for cars are not bypassed. Withstands temperatures up to 180 degrees due to additional chemical additives.

In addition, for any foundation concrete should be made in a proportion of 1: 3: 5. In other words, add 1 bucket of cement, 3 - sand, and 5 - rubble. Water can be added to the eye. Proportions should remain as such, the difference is only in the type of cement itself. Strength of the foundation regulates the consumption of cement per cube of concrete. First, you need to calculate the planned design pressure, and then select the desired form. The minimum permissible mark for the foundation is M300, if the figure is lower, then it is forbidden to use such a substance for foundation construction.

The main conclusion is that the reliability of the entire building structure (private house, multi-storey building, school, etc.) directly depends on what cement consumption per cube of concrete will be used. In fact, there are a lot of concrete grades, only the most basic ones are represented in this description. The type of cement is selected for a particular structure, in accordance with prescribed standards.

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