How do dreadlocks? Practical tips

A bit of history

From the English language the word "dreadlocks" to the great and mighty Russian is translated literally as "horrifying curls". The inhabitants of Jamaica and Ethiopia were the first to wear dreadlocks. This was not a fad, but rather a belief in a brighter future. The indigenous people believed that one day, at the approach of the end of the world, God Jah, in whom the aborigines believed, would pull out all the faithful for long dreadlocks into the sky, into another bright world. Also preserved some information about people who lived in ancient India. At that time they were called sadi hermits, they lived high in the mountains and comprehended the essence of being in complete solitude. Dreadlocks appeared in them due to lack of any care, and for some representatives twisted locks could reach several meters in length.

Now weaving dread has become more an element of fashion or adherence to any of the subcultures. Bob Marley - the most famous bearer of natural dread - a great reggae musician and freedom fighter. Today dreadlocks apply to other musical cultures and directions.

There is a common opinion: to create the ideal dreadlocks, you just need to give up hair care. But this is definitely not the case. The hair of a man of the Caucasoid race has a soft and direct structure, so without care they are transformed into large, absurd collars, which are by no means dreadlocks.

Modern dreadlocks vary in modification and can satisfy even the most sophisticated taste. Masters know a lot of methods how to make dreadlocks, depending on the quality and structure of the hairline. It turns out that each person needs an individual approach.

Now let's talk about how to make dreadlocks:

1. Natural are just like those of Jamaican Aborigines. How do dreadlocks of this kind? Weave from your own hair! And their length should be not less than 10 centimeters, after all, when curling, the hair becomes a third shorter. Natural dreadlocks can not be untwisted, so if you want to get rid of them, count on a short haircut. Every 3-4 months, your own natural dreadlocks need to be corrected because of the grown hair at the roots. And if you are wondering how to do dreadlocks, then you should know that this procedure is very painful.

2. Safe dreadlocks are an imitation of natural dreadlocks . They wove completely from felt or kanekalon and are attached to their hair. This hairstyle is absolutely safe. They can be removed at any time without damaging the natural cover.

3. De-dreadlocks and ja dreadlocks. How to weave and what is it? In fact, these are the options for African hairstyles. The de-dreadlocks are woven in a spiral and shrink below, and then by the method of eight are attached to the client's hair. JA-dreads are already finished long and very thin dreadlocks, which are sold in specialized stores and have a standard length.


In the first few months, caring for dreadlocks requires a lot of attention, because they need to be twisted a couple of times a day to give the ideal shape and not let it grow undesirable down. The outgoing hairs are weft back into the dregs and treated with special wax, if necessary. Washing dreadlocks at first is best without the use of shampoos and conditioners. For more information, you can always get a specialist in the salon.

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